Benny Andersson with Ane Brun at No More Lullabies (Updated)


  • Is this a new Benny composition?
    There’s a clip on youtube of them performing SOS as well.

  • @Mark: Not a new Benny composition. It’s actually a cover of a song by Antony and the Johnsons. I hadn’t heard of them, but the audience seemed to recognize the name. Are they popular in Sweden or something? Anyone?

    Great cover of SOS, too. Different, but refreshing. It’s nice to hear the song done acoustically.
    And if anyone’s interested, here’s a video of BAO and Ane performing together, covering her song "Humming One of Your Songs":

  • Antony and the johnstons are a New York band. They’ve had a couple of uk album successes. Antony has a very unusual voice. Glad to see Benny doing something like this

  • I love Antony and the Johnsons – Anthony Hegarty is a real talent. Very original.

  • Beautiful. Another World is one of the best songs written in recent years.

  • SOS performed acoustically, and in acapella, always sounds so beautifully haunting. A gay men’s chorus from America (I can’t remember which one, as I can’t find my copy of the CD) also does a magnificent harmonised version of SOS, which captures the dark depths of melancholy very well.

  • What a weird voice this girl has!

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