Kristina från Duvemåla, Helsinki, 2012 (Updated)

The director will be Lars Rudolfsson. Anders Eljas and Robin Wagner from the original production will also be involved.

Casting was not announced nor was an opening night date announced.

Benny and Björn will temporarily relocate to Helsinki when rehearsals begin. "Helsinki is such a beautiful city and so close to Stockholm", said Björn.

Group ticket bookings will commence in February 2010.


  • Kristina kommer ti’ hemstaden min! Kristina is coming to my hometown! I thought I’d never see the musical and now it is happening…Thank you Benny and Björn from bottom of my heart! Tusen tack Benny och Björn och alla ni som har medverkat att få Kristina till Svenska Teatern!
    Can sense some envy over there?? It’s just to pack your bags and come over! Looking forward to see you all Kristina fans in Helsinki 2012!

  • And you can bet on that Petri.
    How to get there is no problem but tips on hotels will be welcome.
    Finally I will visit your beautiful town.
    And to see Kristina again, oh I’m thrilled.
    Tack Benny och Björn vilken julklappar.

  • WOW!

  • FINALLY chance to see Kristina!!!!
    Benny and Björn were in Helsinki today, did anybody knew they were coming here? I didn’t…damn…

  • I am sure I will be going!! What **GREAT** news!

  • Great news, but the ticket booking will be a full 2-and-a-half years before the event?? Have I got that right??


  • Benny was interviewed on the Finnish YLE2 news last night but I only caught the last second or so of the broadcast. Presumably it was about this Kristina production.

    You bet I’m going to be there! Now to get some Swedish lessons…

  • The release of the Kristina concert from SEP 2009 in NYC on CD in 2010 will have to tide me over until 2012…

  • This is a video clip with an interview, possibly the one you have seen, Robert?
    Scroll down a bit to see the video.

  • Im assuming it will be in Swedish or will i tbe the English version?

  • Your assumption is correct David.

  • i saw it twice in stockholm and once in the park in Gothenburg- fab music-missed the one in New York as was travelling to Vegas- so must make the Albert Hall concert- do you know when the tickets are on sale yet!!

  • I found this information about Kristina fran Duvemala premiere in Helsinki on Swedish Theater website, does it mean it will premiere in Spring of 2102?

  • There’s a short video interview of the boys in Swedish with Finnish subtitles at:, which is embedded in an article: The gist is that they are looking for the cast, auditioning.

  • hello anyone – when do the tickets go on sale for this production of Kristina in Helsinki
    Please send me a link


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