Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus’ Kristina, Royal Albert Hall tickets on sale from today

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The concert features amazing Swedish singer Helen Sjöholm (who originated the role of Kristina) and also stars popular UK-tenor Russell Watson, rising-talent Kevin Odekirk and Broadway star Louise Pitre backed up by a symphony orchestra, choir and supporting cast.

Helen Sjöholm

All four principals performed this incredible concert over two evenings in New York’s Carnegie Hall in 2009 and now it’s London’s chance to share in the majesty of this incredible score by two of the world’s most beloved songwriters.

Kristina is the inspiring story of one woman and her family’s struggles in Sweden and their subsequent emigration to America in search of a better life. With stirring music by Benny Andersson and lyrics by Björn Ulvaeus of ABBA fame and Herbert Kretzmer, this moving musical production has won awards, critical acclaim and is the most popular theatre piece in Swedish history.

Call the Box Office on 0845 401 5045 (open 9.00 – 21.00 UK time) or buy tickets online using the top link below. 

Ticket prices: £17.50 – £72.50.

A CD from the Carnegie Hall concerts is due to be released in April.


  • Björn and Benny were dressed smart casual at Carnegie Hall. I’m sure the same will go for the RAH. And yes, at Carnegie Hall some people were in tuxedos and some people were in jeans. Wear what you feel most comfortable in I’d say.

  • Hi Eileen

    A reliable source has confirmed that Benny and Bjorn will, indeed, be at the concert. It would be great to see them both again!

    Enjoy your evening, everyone


  • The only people I saw "dressed down" at the Carnegie Hall event were a handful of fans in ABBA T-Shirts, caps and badges.

    I found that terribly embarrassing, but maybe that’s because I’m a bit of a snob!

  • I see that the standing only balcony has not been made available for the performance – do you think this hints of the event being filmed?

  • Hey Elaine, thanks that sounds god! I called them that evening and said I wanted the best seas! Wow great! Yeah folks, is there a lovely and big location just across the road where we can meet afterwards the show to party on and chat about the lovely evening?? I´d love to meet you ABBA Fans from all around the world!
    See you soon :O)

  • @ Nick – a user from the ‘Russell Watson UK’ forum wrote this: "I phoned RAH and booked a seat in stalls as only rear arena available. The ticket agent said some of front arena seats were being held back due to filming."

    One can hope…!

  • The Box Office told me the balcony standing area and choir are were not being used as well – I suspected for filming purposes.
    Fingers crossed for a TV programme and/or possible DVD release.

  • I see via the interactive booking system on the Royal Hall website that the concert is now virtually sold out. So, when are they going to announce the second concert ?

  • This really is quite something, considering that the concert has barely been advertised beyond this and other fan sites and the booking only started 5 days ago!

    This must show the depth of feeling amongst us of how great this masterpiece is.

    I am beginning to wonder if I am obsessing over this musical so have tried listening to other music for a few days (i.e. non B&B stuff) and I just keep coming back to Kristina! I really do hope that the English CDs due to be released in April live up to expectations.

    I hope they also include the libretto in the booklet that accompanies it …

    Of course they are *bound* to be recording the RAH concert as well, aren’t they?


  • Hi Neil

    When the booking first opened, there was no interactive booking system on the RAH website and the system only selected the ‘best’ seats for people which I discovered were not any good at all as the seats were at the other end of the hall, having been given a detailed seating plan of the RAH a few years ago.

    I had to call the RAH and specify a particular area, to which the Box Office Clerk said there were seats there at that time and I questioned why the system did not choose those seats for me. She did not know the answer as she believed that the allocation online was the same as when people call the RAH.

    And I agree with you, when is the second concert going to be announced, taking into consideration that this is almost sold out?


  • If B&B add a second Kristina concert at RAH, I believe it would be on the 13th as Louise Pitrie has a concert in Canada on the 16th and Russell Watson has a concert in Dublin on the 15th. It would be great to have 2 concerts since many travel a long distance for Kristina! Martha

  • A few extra seats appear to have been released in the arena and the circle having just checked the Albert Hall seat plan again.

  • Elaine Paige played ‘A Sunday in Battery Park’ on her show last Sunday and was plugging the concert. She says that she will be there!

  • Just booked seats for Kristina this saturday, managed to get 2 seats on the 2nd tier, a bit more expensive than rear arena seats, does that mean they are better seats? booked our tickets through SEE tickets. Looking forward to the show, we have been listening to Helen on you tube and saw her at Hampstead Heath, she is brilliant.

  • Only 60 non obscured view seats left in the Gods at £36.00
    About 200 with barriers obscuring view left but I would imagine these will be difficult to shift now.
    Mind you not bad to sell all but 200 ish seats from 5000+ on sale.

  • The cast recording from Carnegie Hall is now available for preorder on, due out on 5th April.

  • There is a link at the bottom of the official site to a letter from B&B.

    In it they say they hope a full theatrical version of Kristina will follow …

    Only 5 weeks to go before April 5th and the CD release!


  • If you’re wondering why you’ve not got your tickets through the post yet I was informed by the booking office that the promoters have not yet decided/approved on the art work for the ticket designs.
    You can if you want collect in person from the box office a bog standard computerised standard ticket if you’re desperate to ensure you’ve got your tickets, although the box staff said the release of the tickets is imminent in the next few days.

  • Mark,

    Thank you so much for the last comment – I was getting worried about having no ticket yet! I was starting to look with suspicion at my postman!

  • I’ve just been told that they have released the Choir seats for sale, behind the stage, for £17.50 each.

    There are very few restricted view Circle seats still available. Looks like a sell out!

  • Tickets were printed on Friday – arrived at Box Office today – in the post tomorrow onwards – shuld be with everyone by Friday.

  • Got my tickets today.
    Not sure why there was such a delay as they’re literally bog standard RAH tickets. I’d imagined some art work on the ticket like Chess had…..

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