Björn and Frida open ABBAWorld – Pictures

As well as speaking about the pleasure in being honoured by way of this fantastic experience, Björn and Frida both thanked the organisers for their work over what has been "some time now".

Frida revealed that she and Björn had been on a tour of the museum during the afternoon and had great fun. Frida seemed particularly fond of the interactive elements and said that both she and Björn had taken part "Not as good as we once were, but not bad!" she said.

Chief executive Universal Music International Lucian Grainge introduced the pair with a glowing tribute to ABBA’s professionalism. He also talked of the fact that they were so easy to work with. Then, he revealed a trophy to celebrate 375m record sales. "Not another one!" joked Björn.

Magnus Danielsson, president of Touring Exhibitions seemed very relieved that the opening night had finally come and again thanked all the former members of ABBA for their commitment to the project. He also made a point of saying what a pleasure the offices of Görel Hanser and Mono Music had been to work with.

Björn and Frida at ABBAWorld's opening event

Björn and Frida at ABBAWorld’s official opening in London.


  • Frida looks fab (as usual)

  • Looks like Bjorn & Frida had fun too!
    Any other celebrities – how was the exhibit tell us more…..

    when is it coming to the USA??

  • Sky interview with Björn and Frida:

  • Hi George, not too many celebs unless I missed a gaggle…Stephen Baldwin, Boy George, Heather Mills are three you may have heard of.

    No mention of the USA but definitely Australia in the European Spring according to the organisers. They will then have covered the "two biggest markets" for ABBA, as they put it.

  • THANK YOU SOOO MUCh for posting pictures and Videos so quickly! I couldn´t be there so it´s nice you let the ones at home share this evening at least with pictures! It´s so great!

  • Hi, Ice….
    Thanx for the fab photos… Do you know if the exhibition will come in Italy???

  • Really nice photos!! Any word about the exhibition coming to Greece?

  • Hi! Yes we stood in the cold to see our idols, Frida waved and said she was cold and got in the car with her partner Henry Smith..of WH Smith’s -uk leading stationers( I missed this as was in pub but saw her arrive and wave) , and we returned later and then Bjorn came over and was so charming and friendly as always, and signed our items . He said he thought the exhibition showed A8BA really well..and he really was impressed he said! We all started singing Thank You For The Musuc..and Neil with me asked Bjorn if we could be in the choir for Mamma Mia and he laughed and said "I don;t think so!!" Ha ha ha!
    Thanks everyone for sticking out in the cold with me!And in the pub,hope you all got home safe and sound,
    Terry 😉

  • Frida and Bjorn talk to BBC Radio 5 live:

  • Great photos and well done to everyone got a word or an autograph from Björn – it was an ambition of mine too, but frostbite set in about half-an-hour before and I never made it until the end! The most exciting things always seem to happen in cold weather !


  • Wow! Lovely big pic of fabulous Frida on the front page of the Daily Express newspaper today (Thursday 28th). Guess it’s been around 30 years since she was last on the front page of a UK paper. Just found it online – shame I didn’t go into a newsagents shop today, would have been blown away to see that!

  • Thank you for the pictures, Frida looks absolutely gorgeous, Bjorn seemed to have a blast! I wish I could have been there !!!

  • Yes- great to see Frida on the front of the Daily Express- a nice surprise today! It made me laugh that they make a point of her being blonde now- when she’s been blonde for at least six years?!And they call her Anni! She was actually on the front of the Metro paper in 2004,-the M.M anniversary-I’ve still got that. Thank you Ice for putting up all these fab photos-great for those who couldn’t go.

  • I don?t normally buy the Express but I got it today for that reason , there is a big article inside about ABBA world , apparently it could tour north America and could go to places like Korea as well , I couldn?t find the article online ,I don?t know whether its just in a London edition.

  • Hi Ice, Michael Salkeld, Australians and North Americans.

    Ice… Thank you so much for this coverage. Great pix… Bjorn looks suave and magnificent, and Frida looks fantastically fabulous.

    Michael… I think that this may be the online article that you’re looking for:

    Australians and North Americans… the above article quotes Magnus Danielsson of ‘Touring Exhibitions’: "We?re launching exhibitions this year in Australia and North America".

    Yay!!! :o) :oD !!!

    Cheers, Tony.

  • You wonder if Bjorn ever gets tired of spending so much of his time celebrating his past.

  • I must say I tried not to watch it on TV or in the papers as I know that I would be reminded of my disappointment of not going to the original Abba Museum in Stockholm as I had Platinum tickets as they were gifts fot my 40th birthday. BUT I couldn’t resist taking a look at your great site to see that you have covered the opening and the fabulous photos. Thank you. I will now hope I get good tickets when it comes to Australia!! Your website is great!!

  • Wow, great pictures! Thank you so much, Ice. Frida looks beautiful! I wish I was there…

  • Have to say in what has been a fairly slow mid week news wise in the UK it has been sad to see the lack of coverage the launch got – apart from the Express coverage there doesnt seem to have been any coverage in the Sunday papers where they often review the new exhibitions which have opened – I didnt even see any new adverts for ABBA world. With Frida and Bjorn in town for the opening and such an iconic celebration of Abba its should have got major press in the UK of all places – just wonder if the press editors just decided readers have had enough Abba news for the moment or if the ABBA world PR people need to be more active as it moves around the globe – apart from the ABBA fans will many UK people even know its on?

  • Yes, ABBA World’s opening was mainly
    ignored by most UK newspapers. However,
    Sky News covered it.
    Despite the attention that ABBA did get
    last Week, it had no impact at all on their
    UK Record Sales – with ‘Gold’ actually falling
    from No.87 to No.97 in our Top 100.
    Things are rather slow for ABBA in the UK,
    at present. Personally, I think there are signs
    that people want a ‘rest’ from ABBA. For
    example, it is the first time, that I’ve seen
    ‘Gold’ fall in the UK Charts, after a major
    ABBA ‘Event’ has taken place here. It has sold
    about 4,727,000 UK copies, & it looks like it
    has reached the peak of its UK Sales.

  • Benny Anderson was appearing in every chat show / radio show between the Hampstead heath concert and the thank you for the music concert (which was also promoted by the BBC ), which is why ABBA gold went up the charts , apart from the opening night of ABBA WORLD the promotion of the exhibition was left to the organisers of the event ,
    I?m wondering if they are going to tie it in with this years song for Europe /Eurovision song contest some how as it?s the right time of year.

  • Woah! The Melbourne venue looks amazing.

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