First journalist to be taken around ABBAWorld shares his thoughts with icethesite (Updated)

"In many ways incredible. It’s stuffed with memorabilia, like costumes and gold discs. But I was taken by the sheer devotion with which it is being put together. The rooms that recreate scenes from the band’s life could have been crass, but they’re rather touching…the veranda on which the boys recorded in Sweden in Summer, Stig’s office complete with address book…it’s almost entirely one for the fans."

You can read Paul’s full review in the Daily Telegraph on Thursday 14 January. Or online here.


  • Everything I’ve heard about this so far sounds great. And the fans will be there on the 23rd! Cant wait … X

  • Sounds so exciting…love this stuff Ice.
    Just hope it comes to Australia sooner than
    later…can’t wait.

  • I’m going one quiet Tuesday morning. I want the place to myself. Can’t think of anything worse than sweaty obsessed and frankly dangerous fans swooping on the place on the 23rd. Watch out! ;o)

  • Please ABBAWORLD…..come to Italy!!!!!!!!!!

  • @ Nick, "sweaty, obsessed and dangerous" gosh that sounds so terribly exciting just not sure that its going to happen at Earls Court. Still we can but hope – heres to those that live on the edge!!! xx

  • Hi Mark (…from Australia),

    I’m assuming (as well as hoping ;o) that the exhibition will come to Australia, though I guess it’ll probably tour Europe next, then perhaps Asia, then USA after that, then perhaps Mexico, South America, New Zealand …and then Australia ;o)

    When it does get here, I feel that it will go to quite a few cities. Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum would be a good venue, and Melbourne has quite a few good exhibition venues that I could see it appearing in.

    Whenever it arrives here, no doubt it’ll really be worth the wait.

    Cheers from a fellow Australian (and ‘Happy Australia Day’ for the 26th of January).


  • I’m with you Nick! Also going when it’s quiet and the obsessives are nowhere to be seen. Just my preference that’s all.

  • "With new interviews from all four members" reads part of the full article. That’ll be interesting…

  • Oh dear. I got tickets for the first day. Ive never classed myself as a sweaty obsessive, so will keep my head down, lol. Im also going on the second day, hopefully will be a bit quieter, less sweaty obsessiveness going on!
    Love to you all

  • We have tickets for 1st day (27th) plus we are going back on the 30th, I wonder how many people they are allowing in at each 20 minutes, as tickets purchased are for entry within 20 minute windows, We are there for 12pm on opening day, I wonder if any of the ABBA members will be there? with there being 25 rooms I will imagine it will be a long and fantastic day.

  • Sounds brilliant! I hope it will be longer than just 28th March, so I can connect it with tickets for "Kristina" :O))))

  • It sound, brilliant,Does any one know if tickets will be available at the door,

  • Frida definitely down to attend. The boys, a "maybe".

  • gooooooosh! sounds so exciting! ^^ just hope ABBAWORLD will come to south America… (more specific to argentina xD) ohh and its great that frida will attend 8D! the boys said "maybe"??? ohh that’s a bit desillusioning :S

  • Anyone know which day Frida will appear yet?

  • Is it possible to find out where Frida will appear so I can catch a glimpse?

  • Can someone confirm what day they think Anni- Frid and the guys maybe attending. I thought it was the 26th VIP day with public day being the 27th. Now confused with the 23rd being mentioned. Really dint want to miss anything.

  • Rumour has it that AW is coming to OZ early next year, not necessarily the same exhibition as there is enough stuff for two….

  • I have one spare ticket available for the 27th 12pm slot. All I’m looking for is the face value of the ticket. Please text or ring 07779 046901.

  • Just had an email (as I’m sure many others have) that "living legends" Frida and Bjorn will both make a personal appearance on the red carpet at ABBAWorld on Tuesday 26th.

  • Can`t wait to be there…but whats with the "Sweaty, obsessed and dangerous" Abba fans!!….NEVER met one..well obsessed maybe….guess this is now the infamous Agnetha quote…

  • So Frida AND Bjorn on 26th looks like i jumped the gun a bit getting a ticket for 27th i,ll be selling it at ABBAWORLD on saturday.I take it the premiere will be an evening event?

  • Ever since I watched Abba win the Eurovision Song Contest back in 1974 in Brighton, I can say I’ve been ‘hooked’ ever since. My first live expeirence of ABBA live was in London Royal Albert Hall in 1976, and I will never forget that night.

    Have been looking forward to this Abbaworld Exhibition in London since it was announced over 9 months ago after the failure of the ‘ABBA The Museum’ that was due to be in Stockholm last year in the week that was also to celebrate Sweden day.

    Roll on Wednesday 27th January 2010 at 12.00. Will be there with many other ABBA fans from around the World and the country.

    For those coming for the World Premiere on this day come dressed for the occassion as it will be a day to remember.

    Finally, it will be nice to meet up again with Vaughan Davies from Guernsey who was the pioneer of the Abba Fest in Brighton which i also attended over three days in 2004 to celebrate Abba 30th Anniversary in winning there.

    Will be staying in London for the first two days of Abbaworld to see the legends that are ABBA in Anni-Frid Lyngstad and Björn Ulvaeus at 7.30pm i have been informed. It will be a shame that we cannot see them together for one more time on this great occassion.

    – John Pyper, Luton, England

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