icethesite voted ABBA site of the year 2009

The Top 3:

  1. icethesite – 609 votes
  2. ABBA The Site – 303 votes
  3. ABBA on TV – 276 votes

Huge, huge thanks to everyone who voted – I literally couldn’t have done it without you! And thanks to Robert at ABBA Plaza for organising the competition.

Special mention must also be made to each and every one of the ABBA website owners who help keep the ABBA legacy alive and energetically kicking. There are certainly plenty of sites out there that I frequently visit in order to get my ABBA-fix and without all of us, the internet would not be such a rich and varied place for ABBA fans to visit.

To my mind, we all deserve an award!

ABBA Plaza – the full list of results


  • BRILL NEWS i knew you would win !!

  • Congratulations! I voted for you. Your my reference and a source of information. And always interesting. Thanks.
    My own spot on Abba and others:

  • Fantabulous start to 2010! And so well deserved my friend. Mxxx

  • Congratulations! You’re doing a brilliant job!

  • A well deserved win! Congratulations.

  • Well done again mate. Great news

  • Congratulations…excellent result. Regards, Mark (Aust)

  • Hey Ice

    It is a well deserved win!

    Thanks for all the immensely hard and accomplished work!

    What would I do without icethesite?

    Probably go insane!! (Maybe it’s true.)

  • Congratulations Ice,

    Well deserved for all your hard work to keep us fans up to date.

  • Congratulations! I also voted for you, because I feel (as would the rest of your fans) that you do such a magic job for us. It’s magnificent that you have won. We learn so much from you with your up-to-date information. Your website is always very enjoyable to visit.

    Cheers mate!

    …And best wishes for a very Happy New Year!

  • Hey Dude

    Congrats on the award, just shows that all your hard work pays off and is appreciated
    all the best for 2010 matey


  • Congratulations Ice,
    Very well done, you deserved this.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Congrats on the award!!

    You deserve it for providing such an high quality, informative & professional service.

    I, like many I know really enjoy visiting your site & rely on it for our Abba news & opinions so thanks for all the hard work you put in.
    It is seriously appreciated.

    A great start to the new year for you & all your site users.

  • Congratulations! you really deserve it :D:D

    you always keep us up with the very last news 😀

  • Congrat… You really deserved it. Thanks again for your work!!

  • As we say in Holland,”Van Harte Gefeliciteerd”
    Ice with your great victory.You got mine vote,and really well deserved.All that info that you give us.You really keep ABBA IN THE PICTURE.Just wait for the congratulations from ABBA??Who knows.
    And for all the readers,have a wonderfull 2010.

  • Well done Ice.

    I knew you would win it by a mile, and the degree of your victory says it all……the professionalism you put into the site reaps its own reward….


  • Comgrads, you deserved to win if only for breaking the news that ABBA is being inducted into the RnR HofF. I never thought that the "Hall" would elect them, glad to be wrong. Your site is the first place I look for any new ABBA news, thank you and may 2010 be even better for all us ABBA fans.

  • congratulations on the win.

  • well done indeed . . .

    and huge thanks for all YOU do in keeping us informed – keep it up – please!


  • well done
    Clearly a measure of the frequency of the updates.
    ABBA the site looks very nice but isn?t updated very often, and it ran a vote last year for best ABBA song and never published the result.

    Wonderful site, very informative and always update!

    I wonder why I did not see another excellent site:
    ABBA Intermezzo.

    I highly recommend Icethesite and ABBA Intermezzo as the two best sites.

  • Well done Ice! Many thanks for all your hard work!

  • Congrats Ice and well-deserved – a fan-tastic site, with frequent, highly informative and bang up-to-date bulletins. I check the site at least once every single day, with "a sense of expectation", never knowing what goodies are going to appear, and you frequently exceed all expectations. What would we do without you? Thanks.

  • I’m fairly new to the site and just want to take the opportunity of congratulating the site on this win. I have been very impressed and thank you for a job well -done !!

    Johannesburg, South Africa

  • Thank you very much, all.

  • Congratulations x

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