Kristina at Carnegie Hall 2CD available for pre-order (Update)

Release date is given as 12 April, 2010.

Number of Discs: 2

Format: Double CD

Label: Decca

Featuring: Helen Sjöholm, Russell Watson, Kevin Odekirk, Louise Pitre.

Recorded live at Carnegie Hall, September 2009.


Live in the US? Have an Amazon account? have Kristina at Carnegie Hall for sale as an import.


  • Try Dress Circle in Monmouth St.They might still have some.

  • Ordered mine from today and dispatched 30 minutes later. Cancel your orders from Amazon and do it via HMV… much better service!

  • Has anyone tried Dress Circle (

  • After Amazon put my delivery date back to 27th April, I went to my local HMV shop, and found two copies of Kristina!

    As for the performance itself-excellent is an understatement. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow night at the Royal Albert Hall.

  • The CD was released in Ireland on Friday which was a little frustrating as I was in London working that day, but I bought it as soon as I got back to dublin. It’s WELL worth the wait. The production in so immaculate it sounds like a studio recording. I haven’t digested the whole ‘masterpiece’ yet but it far outshone my expectation. Helen’s voice is even better than on the original recording (if that’s possible)and the English versions sound as beautiful as the Swedish. It actually brought tears to my eyes!
    Declan (Dublin)

  • Had also ordered from Amazon weeks ago and received an email yesterday evening, revising the delivery date by a week or so. Went to my local HMV in Ealing, but they had already sold the one copy they had ordered! Managed to buy the (also solitary) copy from HMV Hounslow in my lunch hour today. Hurrah, cannot wait to listen to it this evening.

  • I’ve been looking forward to this release for ages like most people. I was very disappointed when HMV at Lakeside knew nothing about it and said they weren’t even getting it in!! I tried at my local ASDA as they have it on their website, but no!!!I was thinking of heading up town at the weekend but Neil is saying that Oxford Circus have sold out so maybe this will be a wasted trip. Oh well!!! Anybody got any clues?

  • Thanks Saphie got it in Dress Circle in Monmouth St, £14.99. They said they had 117 copies at 2pm yesterday – even had it playing in store…

  • Neil – Great! Bet the rest go like hot cakes. I got the Chess In Concert CD/DVD from them last year.

    Does Decca really think this release is of such limited interest? Very odd. Even on Breakfast News this morning the report didn’t mention the Cd …

  • Anyone who can’t wait to get hold of the CD can hear short samples at Mono Music:

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