Story Of A Heart to be released in the USA

Press release: "The legendary Benny Andersson of the world’s greatest pop band ABBA, has been charting history and unforgettable music for the past thirty five years, from 380 million albums sold to the record-breaking musical and blockbuster film Mamma Mia!

For the past twenty years he has also been leading the Benny Andersson Band, a group of sixteen exceptional musicians and singers who share his passion for the Swedish folk tradition, big band, Bach, polka, waltzes, Celtic folk, Fifties standards – and straight-ahead pop music. The Benny Andersson Band’s first U.S. release, Story Of A Heart, will be available everywhere on March 2nd (Decca).

Story Of A Heart is a return to the musical roots of ABBA, with Andersson once again collaborating on all of the songs with long-time song-writing partner Björn Ulvaeus. The title track is the first new pop composition written by the famed duo in 15 years; a fitting occasion on the eve of ABBA’s induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on March 15th. 

The 14-track album captures highlights from the three already released albums in Sweden by the Benny Andersson Band – or Benny Anderssons Orkester as they are known there – along with some brand new tracks. “I wanted to make music based on the Swedish folk tradition, but with new songs written by me,” says Andersson, who also plays accordion on the record – something he has done since he was a six-year-old boy with his father and grandfather in Stockholm. 

Vocal duties on the album are shared by Swedish stars Helen Sjöholm and Tommy Körberg, with select tracks translated into English for the first time for this recording. All the lyrics on the album are written by Björn. The additional musicians play a multitude of traditional and non-traditional instruments including the violin, flute, crumhorn, mandolin, bouzouki and the banjo to name a few.

The Benny Andersson Band is a huge live draw in Sweden, touring the country each summer with their own stage and dance floor. The band was appropriately described by the UK’s Daily Mail as “a Scandinavian version of Cuba’s Buena Vista Social Club.”

Story Of A Heart to be released in the USA

Story Of A Heart to be released in the USA

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Decca Records – Benny Andersson

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  • Great news — thanks! Surprisingly, I haven’t bought a copy yet, so I’m now conflicted as to where to buy it from: ABBASite (for Sommaren du fick) or (for the Billboard chart!). Might need to do both!

    While we’re on the Story of a Heart topic, I recently re-read one of Popjustice’s articles about the Story of a Heart single, and it seemed to hint that the song had a video. Does anybody know anything about it?

  • I take back that last part. I didn’t read the story closely enough, and I didn’t notice that Popjustice only listened to "Story of a Heart" while visiting Polydor to watch a particular video. So I’m guessing that the video they saw was for Lady Gaga’s "Paparazzi", which was released a couple weeks later. Sorry for the confusion.

  • Good news. I must admit that I didn’t realise a US release was still due.

    Although I would be very surprised if the CD made the US Top 100, let’s hope that one or two music fans discover it and love it!

  • Story of a Heart is a beautiful song/album and Helen Sjöholm does awesome vocals. This album has B&B DNA all over it. Glasgow Boogie is another favorite on the album. Just a great album and in one word "festive". A "must have" for collectors.

  • This week’s U.S. Magazine "ENTERTAINMENT" gave the album a great review, grading it a "B". My favorite part of the review? The last sentence that says "Now gimme gimme gimme a real reunion!" Love it!!! Congrats Benny – can’t wait to buy it! See you on March 15th in NYC!

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