ABBA inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Benny accompanied Faith Hill on the piano as she performed The Winner Takes It All. Benny and Frida both attended the black-tie event. I will post any links to reports as and when I find them. I hope you will too!

Benny and Frida at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Benny and Frida in New York. Photo: Thomas Nilsson – Expressen After "Waterloo" started them off winning a European songwriting contest in 1974, ABBA released a string of pop hits such as "Knowing Me, Knowing You," "Fernando" and "Dancing Queen." Members Benny Andersson and Anni-Frid Lyngstad drew salutes for that work on Monday. Partners Bjorn Ulvaeus and Agnetha Faltskog weren’t there, the absence unexplained.

"These songs have brought us all the way into the great Rock and Roll Hall of Fame," Andersson said, "and I speak for all of us … we are deeply, deeply honored."

Lyngstad pointed out her grandson in the audience, noting that while he was a heavy metal musician he still appreciated grandma’s music. Also cheering from the audience was actress Meryl Streep, who starred in the recent "Mamma Mia!" movie, which, along with the Broadway show, has helped keep ABBA’s music alive since the band’s 1982 breakup.

That’s final, too: Lyngstad told the audience ABBA would never perform together again.

The Waldorf-Astoria hotel audience got one-fourth of ABBA in performance. Andersson took to the piano as country star Faith Hill sang "The Winner Takes It All."


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  • My sister sent me a link from ‘The Sydney Morning Herald’ (in Australia), but by the time I was able to look at the article this afternoon, they’d taken it off, as they’d confused Frida and Agnetha with the recent pic of Frida & Benny with a pic of Agnetha & Benny from 1976.

    Anyhooo… nice photo here of Frida & Benny (reminded me of a lovely pic of them toasting with glasses of champagne from the late 60s [or was it the very early 70s].). I’m looking forward to seeing more pix from this celebration.


  • there’s another clip of Benny and Frida collecting the award taking the stage to the music of Dancing Queen…

  • there’s another clip of Benny and Frida collecting the award taking the stage to the music of Dancing Queen…

  • have a story on the main page
    and also Fox news had a little segment about the awards in general but did play the Dancing Queen video in part also.
    Intermezzo have two great pictures on the news page.

  • Frida and Benny’s speeches are also online (poor quality), at

  • Nice speeches it?s , it would also have been nice to hear what the Bee Gees introduction speech was like,
    Incidentally my second name means melancholy apparently.

  • Bee Gees gave a very nice intro, it was full of lite heart jesting. They are ABBA fans, that was apparent and it was nice to see them again. I thought that the whole show was well done. This is the first time I’ve been able to view the inductions live and ABBA going into the Hall made it that much better. Frida looked and spoke beautifully and Benny was Benny, to the point. Faith Hill did a nice job on one of ABBA’s hardest songs to sing. Frida did say that it was to late for a reunion, so that’s that. But, did we really think after all these years that they would? Only in my dreams.
    Good luck.

  • Abba and Genesis are the two (musical) loves of my life…

  • I stumbled across this tv channel (wyff?) doing a short news feature on the ceremony. Whilst it shows Genesis (another of my favourites also)the news readers actually chat about Abba most of the time. Quite fun:

  • I wouldn?t mind watching the whole ceremony , but it doesn?t seem to have been televised.

    I also wonder if we will be seeing the Rock and roll hall of fame award as an exhibit in ABBA WORLD before it heads for Australia.

  • It was so nice to see Frida and Benny together there. Most often we get Bjorn and Benny, or sometimes Bjorn and Frida (in the last few years sometimes), and twice (in Sweden) Frida and Agnetha, it is nice to see Frida and Benny accept it together. Now to see Bjorn and Agnetha side by side again, and then all 4, yeah!

  • I’ve only had the chance to see one of these YouTube examples (thanks Gerard), but I think Faith does a great job of The Winner Takes It All. I’m looking forward to seeing the other YouTubes. Cheers.

  • Radio Sweden quoted Bjorn Ulvaeus from his interview with Svenska Dagbladet comparing Abba’s Hall of Fame induction with retirees getting a gold watch for long and faithful service.

  • theres a photo of frida and benny featured in today’s Daily Express newspaper highlighting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees. hopefully, there will be a bigger feature in some of the glossy magazines too…

  • Considering the fuss seemly made about whether ABBA were Rock & Roll enough for the hall the event seems so straight laced it could be set in the 1950ths – black tie, formal dress and in one of New York’s top hotel it hardly screams on the edge living does it

  • I thought Frida speeches was touching. I loved it when Frida mentioned Stikkan Anderson. She also thanked the fans. Backstage she joked about Madonna getting before ABBA did.

    Benny’s speech was almost like a dissertation, His main conclusion was that ABBA did not have the typical blues underpinning of American based Rock& Roll, but instead was rooted in the melancholia of the North, the common depression of people who live near the Arctic Circle. Although I have heard some of the ideas expressed by him before, it was done in an a highly original and well spoken manner.

  • If anyone hasn’t seen the whole ABBA induction including Barry and Robin’s intro it’s here:

    B & R goof around a bit but Barry describes ABBA’s song as including: "…pathos, romanticism , social commentary and sensuality."

    It was the first time I can remember hearing anyone outside the fan community remark that ABBA’s songs did contain "social commentary". Very good to hear this said publicly when so many comments are still being posted around the world on a daily bases by those who think that ABBA is purely about "Mamma Mia!".

  • Wow these speeches of B and F are just wonderfull, they look so relaxed, you just want to hug them!

  • What honest, heartfelt speeches from B&F.

  • Have just watched the youtube clips. Fantastic. Does anyone think, again, that there is a feeling that Frida would do it all again at the drop of a hat. Not only is she so appreciative of the fans, but I think she is always genuinely moved by what was the Abba experience. I feel there is a slight sadness in her talk of the past and Agnetha. I was so touched when she said she had spoken with Agnetha. Or is this just all my wishful thinking? Frida, thank you for your ususal graciousness.And Benny for your humour and acknowledgements. Having read reports that Benny had "announced" they would never perform again in the speech, he did not. And even Fridas statement was not the finality Ihad thought had been reported. I still live in hope. After all, they COULD have made the definitive, final statement there and then when the world was watching…Hopefully can meet up with some fans at Kristina soon.

  • Loved seeing all the footage from this. I loved Frida’s speach and how touching that she spoke to Agnetha that same day. It was lovely how she said Agnetha and Bjorn were there in spirit. She seemed very touched by this award. Also she said now that the time has passed for a reunion. Benny, well, he looked very serious most of the time. Not sure what I made of his speach?
    So no reunion but wouldn’t it be wonderful if all 4 would sit down together for a TV special – The memories of Abba – and hear them chatting and laughing about those 10 years. Now that would be something!

  • I didn’t really get a chance to sit down and look at all the items on the internet about ABBA’s induction until today. I feel tremendously happy about the group’s achievement. I know that some people may have reservations because they class ABBA as ‘pure pop’ rather than ‘rock and roll’ but I think that ABBA deserve their place there. There are now many versions of ABBA’s songs, performed in all kinds of styles, including rock, and I believe that ABBA have influenced more rock musicians than they (or we) know about. Also, take a track such as ‘Does Your Mother Know’ – in my opinion, the perfect rock / pop meeting place. I don’t know many other artists who could have achieved that.

  • As one of ABBA’s biggest fans from the USA, I was elated when ABBA was finally inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The group is now forever immortalized in Rock and Roll history. Benny and Frida were wonderful throughout the induction ceremony, and were obviously humbled about the entire experience. ABBA was a perfect group whose talented members produced creative and influential songs that had a unique sound, and their beautifully arranged songs has inspired the world throughout the decades….. even up to the present day. It took the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame a long time to acknowledge this, but at least all four ABBA members are still alive to enjoy the great honor.

    We love you ABBA!!!

  • Bronx, that’s exactly what I mean. A tv special to say bye bye, reminisce, laugh, and that final new song "Departure" (or album…;0)

  • As a Canadian living in Berlin,when I went to the magazine shop to check out the latest issues of Us magazine and People mag. (assuming! How stupid of me!) for pictures or highlights from Rock & roll hall of fame…or something!!! I couldn’t believe when all I saw was a small picture of Faith Hill & husband ,just to mention they were there! What the$%^&!!k What a slap in the face to the awards and Abba !! I guess Hollywood babies ..and political sex scandals ,beat out something as trivial as artists who have brought happiness into so many peoples lives! Maybe I’m making a big deal out of nothing,but how often does abba make ANY american magazines these days! I know in Europe these awards are not as big a deal…so wasn’t expecting too much from here. Anyway just wondering if anyone else feels the same…cheers Y’all!!

  • Great music adopted as their own – Australian’s have always loved ABBA. Fernando still holds the record for being number one on the top ten for twelve months. One in four Australian’s had an ABBA Album. The only band to ever have 6 singles on the top ten at the same time! Astounding. Recognition at last and well deserved. Chess and Kristina after ABBA show their greatness an talent

  • I was thrilled to watch the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony live on the Fuse network here in the United States. It was perfect to have Barry & Robin Gibb be the ones to induct ABBA, and I thought they did a fabulous job in their presentation. To be inducted in to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is a great honor designed to celebrate the culmination of a body of work and impact of a career for future generations to see. I wish all four of the group members would have attended the ceremony–if not to perform, at least to have accepted the honor as a group for one final time.

  • Congratulations to ABBA on their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
    The Music of ABBA is the best export from
    Sweden ever. I have friends and co-workers from several countries, and they all know and love your music, as I do.
    To Bjorn and Benny, awesome song writing!

  • As a fan since early childhood, I was ecstatic upon hearing that ABBA would be inducted… however, my excitement was tempered by the strange antics of Robin & Barry Gibb (whom I also admire)- their ducking back and forth seemed a bit loopy. And to get a performance by Faith Hill?! Why not have Frida sing "Fernando" or "When All is Said and Done?" I also felt the audience did not give ABBA enough credit- they seemed an afterthought. One last thing- anyone know why Bjorn didn’t make it? I hope he’s ok!
    Despite my griping, I’m so glad my favorite band got the recognition (if not enough of it) they so truly deserve!

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