ABBAWorld publicises Björn’s book

Little White Piano by Björn Ulvaeus

The book is available exclusively at ABBAWorld with Björn’s royalties going to Nodhoff Robbins – musical therapy charity.

The story is centered around the piano, now on display at ABBAWorld, that was used for writing so many of ABBA’s hit songs. Ulvaeus found the inspiration for the book when visiting the writing hut that he and Benny Andersson used to share in the Stockholm archipelago during the ABBA years.

"The little white piano was just standing there gathering dust in our old cabin, and after all these years it was now about to go on this amazing journey together with ABBAWorld. The story just begged to be written," says Ulvaeus.

Magnus Danielsson, president of Touring Exhibitions, the company behind ABBAWorld, says the book adds another dimension to the exhibition: "When we learned that Björn was going to write a book about the piano we have on display, exclusively for ABBAWorld, we were delighted. The story reflects the humble origins of ABBA and their music and it complements our recreation of the writing hut at the exhibition in a very moving way."

The Little White Piano is available at the official ABBAWorld store at the exhibition. A copy of The Little White Piano, signed by Björn Ulvaeus will be auctioned off at All proceeds from the auction will be donated to Amnesty International.

For more information on the auction, please visit


  • I noticed the book on the piano yesterday, I also noticed not everything in the shop is expensive. I bought two post cards for £1 each each which came in a nice ABBA world carrier bag.
    I was also able to access my exciting interactive videos, as soon as I got home last night,
    I put one of my videos on youtube but have decided I need more practice dancing with the holograms , before I can put that up.

  • The shop on the ABBAWORLD site doesn’t appear to have the book but they have the new Japanese ABBA style dolls and the new bears.

    Hmmm just an imaginary idea but didn’t Bjorn or Benny mention a new musical possibly something for kids?? Bjorn does say the story was begging to be written…ok just a pie in the sky notion from myself. Can’t see Meryl as a piano 😉

  • I bought the book and think that its worth buying to help someone with music. But, the shop wasnt cheap at all

  • @ Darren. Have you read it?
    A delightful and very touching tale but I am not sure that even the mighty talents of B&B could stretch it to a full scale production!

  • Good one, Björn! :o)

    It’s great that the money from this book will be going to that musical therapy charity, and the auctioned book’s monmy to Amnesty International.

    Does anyone know why the ABBAWORLD shop doesn’t have the ABBA iconic t-shirts for men? It’s a pity, because I’d love to buy one in a men’s size with the ‘ABBA the Album’ icon, and the one with ABBA’s faces and the 5 logos. I also like to buy the one on ABBAWORLD’s home-page with it’s brown background and the ‘Greatest Hits Vol 2’ cover image. Or are they just not available via ABBAWORLD’s web-shop, but available in the tour’s shop?

    Cheers, Tony.

  • Tony, the brown one and a few other ABBA t-shirts are available from and other places such as HMV. Apparently there are no "ABBA" mens t-shirts in the ABBAWORLD gift shop either, just ABBAWORLD branded ones.

  • Thanks Ian :o)

  • Oh no, I just read the book has now sold out,
    They had loads of them while I was there,and I didn?t get one
    grrrre now its to late.

  • Got my copy and I fix pianos for a living, if only pianos could really talk lol I thought it was very well done and made me smile at the end. 😀

  • @ michael;
    Be patient, I’m sure there will be more!
    @ chris;
    Pianos are like women, they only respond if you know which keys to stroke..

  • That?s good, I want to go back anyway for further meditation in the room where the white piano is.

  • lol @ anne trust me the pianos I have to deal with are lovely ones and as I play I can make them sing lol but I dont think they like the way I play. Its fun playing ABBA on a 9ft concert grand after I finished regulating them 😀

  • I just had an e mail from Touring Exhibitions saying the Melbourne exhibition will be open till 11pm on some nights 8pm on the others , I have to say I thought the 6pm closing time in London was far to early, travelling to Australia would also be a along way to travel for a book, but I have to say If I had the money I might be tempted.

    The exhibition is that good.

  • I visited the exhibition and the shop and the people told me, that the book, "The Little White Piano", was sold out….. Does somebody know if you can buy it somewhere else?

  • Well they are auctioning one to be signed by bjorn on the abba world website.

  • @ Annemarie: apparently the Official ABBA Fan Club will have some copies available at the ABBA Day in Roosendaal in April.

  • On Sat 13th March there were quite a stock of them for sale and as its published via dewynters who print most brochures for the west end shows I should imagine they can reprint quickly and easily – the copy I picked up had no mention of a reprint so maybe it was just a stock out on the day some people went. As its for charity I would presume they will reissue as many as they can.

  • I?m now glad they didn?t plug ABBA WORLD on Britain needs you, with the exception of the last three finalists the contestants were terrible they did sing abba though and nearly murdered it.

    I like Swedens song this year though.

  • I went back for a third visit to this amazing exhibition , before it departs for Australia.

    Even though I had been twice before it was just as exciting to visit each exhibit and listen to the commentary on the head phones and see things I missed the first two visits,

    The Book was no longer on the white piano in the room with the panoramic view across the sea,
    But I did get my copy of the book from the shop. I haven?t read it yet , but browsing through it, the illustrations alone are the stuff in which one can let ones imagination run riot regardless of what age you are, I did read the first page which was delightful .

    I said good by to my favourite exhibit?s the Grand prix de la chanson medallion , the Mandolin in the recording studio , that may have been used in Thank you for the music and One of us , the Little White Piano with a final contemplation of the serene view, and the Cat and Fox costumes, which will in a couple of days be carefully packed up and shipped to Melbourne.

    And had my last dance with the holograms, I could have done that all day its that much fun.

  • I noticed the book now has Bjorns name as the author and not the fictional name. Has anyone else noticed this and does anyone know why it was changed?


  • i work at abbaworld in melbourne, we have two copies left!

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