Benny Andersson: The chances of an ABBA reunion are zero

Here we go again…? Er no, says ABBA’s Benny:

ABBA’s Benny Andersson has backtracked on hints he made last month that the legendary Swedish band could re-form.

Andersson made headlines all over the world when he suggested there could be a way back by saying: "Yeah, why not?" After a performance of Kristina last night at the Albert Hall, he said: "It was a misunderstanding. Probably my fault. If you were to say to us, ‘You know, I have this good idea, why don’t you start the old band again?’ I’d just say, ‘Yes, what a great idea.’ It was irony. I didn’t mean to upset people. The chances of a reunion are zero."


  • Maybe just one or two songs, Benny? Waterloo in your original costumes? Go on. Don’t be a miserable nuch of old toads.

  • I’m not convinced it was irony. I think the interviewer hit a weak spot that I don’t know why others don’t exploit – they love recording, not performing. Though the chances even of a CD recording without cameras probably are next to zero, that’s the line to throw to them…

  • I really think that ABBA getting inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame may be the last time we see any of them do anything "ABBA" again. Maybe that’s okay, we can’t expect them to do something together, just because we fans would like to see it. They gave us some of the best pop music of all times, how much more do they have to give? We have been lucky to see them together more times in the last couple of years then we have in the past 30 years. With the movie reunion, all four, and the induction, Frida and Benny, I think we?re just going to have to live with that. They?ve moved on, we should also, after all, their music is just a DVD player away.

  • "I really think that ABBA getting inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame may be the last time we see any of them do anything "ABBA" again."

    I kind of agree with you there, sadly. All the opportunities for them to be together have gone given Agnetha’s reluctance to travel outside Sweden. The ladies have moved on. Agnetha loves being a grandmother. Sad though it is, and as much as ‘one more album’ could be the last plea, it’s not going to happen. Fans need to get over it. We’ve not had the proper closure we might have expected so we will have to thank ourselves for their fantastic gift to the world.

  • Can you imagine the intense pressure they’d be under if they even attempted to record a new album?

    No, leave it as it is, lads and carry on as you are with BAO and world-class musicals.

    Though, I have just had a really crazy idea. Taking nothing away from Helen and Louise, can you imagine Agnetha and Frida singing ‘Miracle of God’ from Kristina? Agnetha singing ‘You Have to be There’? Ooohhhh. They could always get together to record their versions of some numbers from Kristina and, perhaps Chess …

    No, as I said – crazy idea. Forget it.


  • Im with you Lee. I suggested something similar a couple of weeks ago. Along the lines of the girls recording their version of songs written by B&B but recorded by other people, after the ABBA days i.e. I know him so well, Story of a heart etc etc. Now that would be something…

  • No to an Abba reunion. Remember the music and the band for what it is.
    Although I love their music and constantly what old videos of them, they have all moved on in their lives. We still have the music!

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