Benny playing Elton John’s piano at Kristina after-party


  • My partner and were very privileged to be invited to this party. We are the two guy’s just behind Benny. Bjorn left early as he had a migraine but we both spoke to Benny and Helen and and some of the cast. We had photo’s taken with both Benny and Helen-they were just so gracious and wonderful!
    We are so grateful to have been invited and we will treasure the memory of it forever. It was just completely magical!

  • Super! I wish to be there! 🙂

  • Brilliant version of I know him so well. it sound fantastic as full harmonies.
    And Benny?s piano playing is so emotive.

  • This is amazingly beautiful, so lovely! What a privilege it must have been to have been a part of this.

  • Very, very, cool!!! Thank you Stephen!!!!!

  • Great! Thank you for sharing this :o)

    ‘I Know Him So Well’ is amazing with all of those harmonies. Lovely.

    And Benny looks quite cute while he plays the piano surrounded by all of these people.


  • What amused me was how the crowd got the words of the first verse to Dancing Queen wrong. you can hear a lady commenting and laughing about it.

    I do that. I need that tiny first-word prompt to get the line right sometimes, even though I’ve heard this song hundreds of times – perhaps because of that.

  • Thank you so much for these. Absolutely stunning. Absolutely. Wow!

  • It also has to be said that if that version of I know him so well is any indication of how the new touring version of Chess may sound, its going to be a sensation.

  • Why do I always feel I’m missing out when I’ve left one of his performances.There’s me thinking he’d go the Queens Arms where some of the band congregated before the performance!

  • Anyone knows why this reminds me of I-forgot-whose quote of so many years ago that Benny can’t pass by a silent piano without laying his hands on it ?

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