Björn and Benny’s trip home from the UK

" …But the most determined celebrity travellers were Abba’s Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus. The songwriters launched their new musical, Kristina, in London on Wednesday.

But when all UK flights were grounded the following day, Benny and Bjorn decided to take the long way home.

A coach was hired to take them to Dover, where they caught a ferry to Calais. There they boarded a bus to Copenhagen and a train took them to Malmo and on to Gothenburg in Sweden.

Yesterday they were due to board another train home to Stockholm, their spokesman told Swedish paper Aftonbladet.

A flight from London to Stockholm would take two hours – but their gruelling journey took 30 hours. Mamma Mia!" 

Thanks to Gary, Sara and Kaarin for details of the article.

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  • How the cold wind blows
    How the distance grows
    When we are apart

  • We also took the "short" way home to the Netherlands; by train and boat, instead of the plane. We didn’t mind, we saw Kristina!!

  • Hi there! I´m also home by now, it took me three days longer than usually planned, but it does not matter, because I was there and the show was worth it!! It´s been soooooo great! Thank you! I´m just glad the vulcanic eruption started after the show ;O)

  • No train for me over the ocean , I am still stranded in London,almost a week later no flights to the US ,can`t go home to America,maybe tomorrow, maybe not,I hope my journey home won`t last like Kristina`s almost 3 months

  • Hiya, just as I did! I caught a coach (via ferry) to Germany as well. 2 nights extended London-Trip included Kristina. We’ll never forget this event! Never! It was so great and exciting. Respects from Petra (Germany)

  • I hope everyone who went to see ‘Kristina’ makes it home eventually! But beware boats with lice and scurvy if you possibly can 😉

  • I hope everyone manages to get home who are still on UK shores.
    It does seem a little appropriate/ironic that Bjorn and Benny go hemma/home after Kristina using a boat and train.
    Can it really be a week already since Kristina?

  • Hi everyone

    Good to hear that everyone enjoyed "Kristina" despite the poor acoustics. I certainly did!

    I was supposed to leave for Singapore on Friday, 16th April and managed to get a new flight for Sunday, 25th April but have almost a day’s transit in Dubai and similar scenario in Colombo on the way back in mid-June!

    Hope that all the fans who came from abroad manage to get home soon (if still stranded in the UK) and wishing them all a safe journey.

    Take care, everyone!


  • I just got back home to America from London after being stranded there for 5 extra days

  • I’m back in Denmark now. Tonight. What should have been merely a one night stand (more or less) ended up as a "forced" 10 days vacation and lots of plays and musicals in London West End – also "Love never dies". But KRISTINA stands out from it all. I’ll never forget that Wednesday night in RAH.

    Happy to report that no lice was observed on flight FR5178 from London Stansted to Billund this afternoon.

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