Free Kevin Odekirk song from ‘Unheard’ for icethesite visitors

Kevin Odekirk

Kevin Odekirk – ‘Unheard’

I just wanted to reach out to the icethesite community and all of the great ABBA fans that have supported Kristina.  

Almost without fail, ABBA fans have been some of the most supportive and friendly people I’ve had the privilege of meeting. I feel really lucky to not only sing such amazing music, but to have met some pretty great people as a result. 

I wanted to give back just a little of that kindness. Please accept this free download of one of the songs from my debut CD Unheard.

This song, Where You Go, is a special one to me.

While the rest of the CD consists of previously unreleased, or very rare songs from major composers like Stephen Schwartz, Stephen Sondheim, Jason Robert Brown and more, this song was written by me. I really hope you like it.

If you do, there’s more at my website and on iTunes.

Again, thanks so much for your awesome support and I look forward to seeing many of you at London’s Royal Albert Hall!

All the best,

Kevin Odekirk signature 

Kevin Odekirk

For a limited time only:

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Free Kevin Odekirk MP3

With special thanks to Kevin.

Kevin Odekirk’s Official website


  • Thanks a lot for this just listened to it

  • What a sensationally beautiful and delicate song? Thank you Kevin and thank you Ice.

  • Great! Thanks guys.

  • What a beautiful and haunting song — amazing lyrics, and it all fits your voice so well! A great songwriting debut. Thanks so much for sharing it with us, Kevin, and of course, for sharing your talents with us in Kristina too.

    I recently watched a cast interview from before the Carnegie Hall concert — your enthusiasm and love for the piece is so apparent, and that means so much to us as fans. Add in your wonderful voice, of course, and we know the role is in good hands! 😉

    It’s been a joy sharing this journey with you! Best wishes for next week’s concert and all your future endeavours.


  • What a very kind gift from Kevin. I will looking to buy his CD and enjoy all the tracks….

    Hopefully see many of you at the RAH !


  • Very nice

  • Dear Kevin thankyou for this gift your voice is unique and has a special softness that appeals to my tastes….I had the great honour of hearing you live in september in NY it was an amazeing and special night for me too see and hear the live performance of Kristina…I was so touched first as an ABBA fan and secondly for opening my ears to a new type of music a modern day opera if i can say that …you all performed so wonderfully your performances really literally touched my heart i was so overwhelmed (i was the mad scottish guy in kilt clapping hystericly at the front of stage on the first night hehe.., you actualy looked down at the kilt i was wearing and put your thumbs up at me …im sure lol )so thankyou Kevin for the music and thankyou Ice nice surprise ……..


  • What a smashing gesture Kevin, wishing you all success for your future career.

    See you at the RAH on the 14th!


  • Beautiful! A cross between Carly Simon and Simply Red. Very touching – thank you so much for sharing Mr. Odekirk! I look forward to purchasing your music. (Ice, you rock!)

  • That’s really beautiful Kevin – thanks very much indeed. I shall buy the album and look forward to seeing you perform again next week!
    Thanks to ICE too

  • Thanks you so much Kevin for this song.I wish you every success.Looking forward to seeing and hearing you at Kristina.

    Ice thanks again..

    ps Kevin….loving the photo taken at the railway station on your official site…reminds me of one of my favourite ABBA videos.

  • Truly beautiful song, thank you Kevin… Looking forward to hearing and seeing you next week!!!

    Thanks Ice!

  • Wow Kevin! Saw you at Carnegie Hall – travelled all the way from Turku, Finland to see Kristina at Carnegie Hall and vowed I would follow your every move from that moment on. This is a wonderful gift and thanks to you and icethesite for bringing it to us. I will be getting your album when I am London to see Kristina again 🙂

  • Thank you Kevin. I can’t stop playing it.


  • I came across this site while looking for info on the Abba Voulez Vous deluxe edition and discovered Kevin Odekirk. I am currently previewing the album in itunes and will be buying it. I was rather hoping to be able to order an actual cd, but a download is better than nothing. From the preview I know I will love the album, some of it brought tears to my eyes. Hope this is the start of more to come, beautiful flawless voice. Thank you!

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