You Have To Be There played on BBC Radio 2


  • just listened to it and cant wait for the 14th now

  • That sounds spectacular, can’t wait for the RAH…

  • Benny is a master. And it’s almost april 14th!

  • Agree with the comments above, sounds fantastic!! Helen is wonderful. Can’t wait for London!!!

  • No wonders..Sounds great…can’t wait to fly to london, straight from milan on the 14th!

  • @Andrea – someone else coming from Italy, great!! I’m also from Italy but flying from Pisa – see you there!

  • You have to be there… finally I will be too, after seeing the show three nights in a row in Malmö ages ago…

  • So great to hear these songs on UK radio at last, and like everyone else I am popping with excitement over the 14th. My only niggle is that although Elaine did plug the RAH concert she didnt mention the forthcoming CD release.
    NB. She also played "I Know Him So Well" (although not my favourite version) immediately before "You Have To Be There". Double Easter Treats!

  • No complaints about this one!

  • I will never be critical of this song or of Helen Sjoholm as they are both outstanding, however on first hearing the recording did not seem to capture the emotional power of Helen’s Carnegie Hall performance. Maybe I need to catch it live again at the RAH…

  • Actually, Anne, this time Elaine did say "from the forthcoming cast recording"…
    Listening to Helen’s renditions of this song at Carnegie gave me goose flesh – I am looking forward to see and hear her and the others again at the RAH.

  • Seems a bit strange but the Albert Hall site today (8th April) is showing several rows of seats available for purchase in the middle arena seating. Earlier this week they were saying this area was fully sold out but theres a good 150 seats for sale. Maybe they reserved them for stars, investors or press who have now said they are not coming but a bit galling to see such prime seats now on sale after the way the site seems to state these were all sold almost as soon as booking opended. Happy to to have my ticket but I could have got a better seat by booking this week!

  • Loved it! Hope there is an OZ concert sometime in the future. Helen is the most amazing performer! (I agree with TonyG, this one works pefectly whereas "Gold Can Turn To Sand" seems corny lyrically – pity, as the Swedish version is breathtaking!)

    As for Barb’s version of "I Know Him So Well" – truly awful! Stick with the melody, Barb! It’s perfect the way it was written. Lesson to all who try to sing any B&B songs – sing ’em straight! B&B songs DO NOT need embelishment!

  • I only wish I could be in London on the 14th. I listened to EP’s show and thought the composition and the performance were both wonderful (You Have To Be There.)

    Incidentally, I have to agree with Michael. Barbra Streisand’s rendition of ‘I Know Him So Well’ was a disaster. I like Barbra but she does murder modern classics at times.

  • Stephen I agree. There is a huge block of tickets available in the arena just behind where I am sat and now seem available a bit late in the day! I did read that the Hair revival opens on Wednesday in the West End too but I also understand that the last night preview (Tuesday) is being targeted at critics. Mark Shenton (Sunday Express critic etc) has written on his blog that he was glad to oblige as it now means he can get to Kristina. I am however still somewhat confused at the lack of current promotion either for the CD or concert. Where are the recent newspaper adverts and tv / radio appearances that we have come to expect? Look at all the promotion that took place in New York in the days preceeding…..

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