ABBA’s Voulez-Vous Deluxe Edition now available for pre-order (Updated again!)


  1. As Good As New
  2. Voulez-Vous
  3. I Have A Dream
  4. Angeleyes
  5. The King Has Lost His Crown
  6. Does Your Mother Know
  7. If It Wasn’t For The Nights
  8. Chiquitita
  9. Lovers (Live A Little Longer)
  10. Kisses Of Fire
  11. Summer Night City (Full Length Version) (Bonus)
  12. Lovelight (Bonus)
  13. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) (Bonus)
  14. Dream World (Bonus) – Previously unreleased full version
  15. Voulez-Vous (Extended Remix, 1979 US promo) (Bonus)


  1. ABBA In Switzerland (BBC Television Special)
  2. Chiquitita (Music for UNICEF)
  3. I Have A Dream (Extended promo)
  4. If It Wasn’t For The Nights (Mike Yarwood Christmas Show, BBC)
  5. Chiquitita (ABBA Snowtime, BBC)
  6. Björn & Benny Interview (Multi-Coloured Swap Shop, BBC)
  7. Greatest Hits Vol. 2 Television Commercial I
  8. Greatest Hits Vol. 2 Television Commercial II
  9. International Sleeve Gallery



  • How many times have you paid for the Voulez Vous album?

    Jose, you made me think there and I had to go and check, over the years I’ve bought the LP, the CD when first available, the remastered CD (mainly for the liner notes)and I’ll now get the Deluxe, so that’s 4 in total.

    Going back to the discussion I guess there’s lots of different opinions about what should have been included. But going forward let’s hope that Universal continue the series with "Super Trouper" and "The Visitors" 30th editions, after all, up until a couple of weeks ago it seemed unlikely that they were going to release any more.

    Ice, appreciate your comment, and really enjoy your site.

  • I have to say I am not sure why anyone thought anything rare would be on the VV deluxe edition, neither Arrival or The Album had anything rare (unreleased) on them. I am thrilled to be getting this edition as I thought it would never happen once 2009 passed. It is a lovely collectors item and it will be great to see the DVD ( we even get to see the TV ad for GHV2).
    Considering ABBA finished in 1982 I think we are very lucky to still be getting quality products. I really hope they continue and both Super Trouper and The Visitors get the same great treatment.
    A very happy Abba fan 🙂

  • A lot of good points,but as hard core fans I guess we always know the more obscure stuff….but is it suitable for c.d. ? Yeah I guess I could have wished for a slightly different result,but my god who knew that all abba fans would still be going on about this since the early 90’s of revival! Surely abba must have set some record alone as longest running revival alone! And I do look forward from more recordings of Benny and perhaps one more c.d. from Agnetha …and Frida! She led us on "so to speak" that she was getting closer to recording a full c.d. with Jon Lord (Berlin interview ,Mamma Mia premiere,Oct 2007)…..and then nothing!..BIG sore spot for me personally!!Anyone else agree with me on that one? I got my hopes up! I’m a Canadian by the way living in Berlin,cheers all!

  • perhaps gracias por la musica will be re-released with bonus dvd of spanish performances who knows

  • Well did wonder if they were going to label it the dance or disco album but from the updated picture they have gone back to Classic as per Arrival.
    I have looked on these deluxe versions as a ways to bring the albums back into public view and would hope they appeal to many of the people who brought the original LP/Tape but only have ABBA Gold on CD/download. We all know Arrival/Voulez Vous/Super Trouper really are bursting with top quality songs where each and every track could have been a single and as a collection of songs there is not a weak or filler track amongst them yet. All are musically inventive and timeless yet ABBA still get labelled as a singles band and these multi million selling albums don?t get the recognition they deserve. Arrival got a 5 star review in the Times for the deluxe version and really with a dedicated push there’s no reason why these albums shouldn?t be charting.

    I really am looking forward to this release as while I could dig out one of my several copies I admit to tending to listen now to ABBA via compilations released CD’s and it was great almost rediscovering Arrival/The Album/Waterloo via the released deluxe version and I really am looking forward to this new release of Voulez Vous.

    It has already brought back many great memories of 1979. After waiting months between singles in 1977/1978 and the shock of SNC only just getting into top 5 we had five singles in the Uk plus our first 7" picture cover for VV/AE then the special Gatefold special for IHAD, Abba in two major TV specials, the Abba magazine was in full regular issue, we at least two fold out poster mags and of course the ultimate treat of ABBA live in the UK. Both the UK and Australia fan clubs were providing great information in the days before the internet and ice. We had Dick Wallis photography selling ABBA photos and Adrian’s the record store offering mail order for loads of previous impossible to get foreign picture sleeves, 12" singles , coloured vinyl and even VV Picture discs and to top it off Woolworths carried a large range of scandour ABBA posters – what a year! the only thing missing despite the sheer power of the VV album was a number one single in the UK. I have still have not forgiven Blondie and Pink Floyd for denying ABBA two additional number ones. One tiny admission is that I am sure I am not the only fan who much preferred the Love light b side of Chiquitita to the main song?

  • I’m really looking forward to this one. After ‘The Album’ deluxe edition I had wondered if we would get this one given the wait.

    I too thought Lovelight was great. I used to play this one on the jukebox at the local pub when I was about 14. All that pocket money !

    It would be a really great thank you to fans around the world if ABBA were to issue something new or ‘lost’. I can understand them not wanting to have a reunion as such or tour, but their music is timeless.

  • I’ve interviewed Benny twice in the past year (, and on both occasions I’ve brought up the thorny subject of missing/unreleased tracks.

    Both times he has said that there are none. Of course, we know that’s not the case, thanks to bootleggers. The cupboard was cleaned out when they compiled Abba Undeleted – so his story goes.

    So officially, there are no tracks that were sufficiently polished at the time to warrant a full release today.

    It’s galling I know, but I can understand that neither Benny or Bjorn have the appetite to return to the studio thirty years after Just Like That was recorded to bring it up to scratch.

    However, perhaps Universal could be persuaded to release the elements of track – vocals, instrumentals, etc – so that fans could finish it off for them?

    It’s not so far fetched a notion, given that fans were invited to do something similar with a couple of existing tracks at Abbaworld. A couple of hours on Garageband and the track could be completed…


  • Finally the Voulez-vous Deluxe Version is on it’s way. But the bonus DVD is a HUGE dissapointment(!,)apart from the fact there’s no unreleased material from the recording sessions. Yes the spanish TV performances should be on the list and as a special treat, the american documentary of tour in the States which is only available non-commercially in very bad quality, but absolutly brilliant.
    I’m sure, there must have been have be more unreleased stuff during that period, to satisfy the fans. But what can i do, i’m a huge Abba-fan and i’m gonna buy it!
    Knowing they where always very selective about what they gonna put out (which is to a certain point fine), i feel they should be at this stage a bit more giving to the fans! Shame!

  • Too bad the dvd can’t contain OR a new dvd contain all ABBA’s appearances….they were great when VV came out & were guesting on the Raes show in Toronto. ABBA emitted from the stale TV signal so much adrenaline & fun & love when they did Does Your Mother Know I think….Gosh it’d be great to see all their appearances & re-live my abba days in my own inner abbaworld….in abba’s name …ABBA!

  • I wonder if its the unseen "If It Wasnt For The Nights" from Mike Yarwood, that’s never been shown…..

  • I too always preferred Lovelight to Chiquitita!!!And the long entro especially!!!

  • Humph…I knew the rumours about Just A Notion being included were too good to be true. My money stays firmly in my wallet for now, I fear!

  • ABBA Voulez-Vous trailer:

  • i hope they’re going to make Super Trouper Deluxe Edition and The Visitors Deluxe Edition

  • @ Terry Boultby

    I agree. It’s strange that none of the performances of the Spanish tracks are included (either of the CD or DVD) and, although I’m usually pretty pessimistic about forthcoming releases, I am wondering whether these might form an expanded 15-track CD/DVD. If ABBA in Japan was a fairly successful release, then I’m relatively hopeful of a Gracias Por La Música Deluxe Edition. Famous last words 🙁 !

    @ Paul Clements

    I’ll eat Frida’s Shine gloves if Björn and Benny allow the release of Just Like That to fans as an unmixed recording. It’ll never happen. Admittedly, I’m beyond caring passionately about the release of any more rarities. We’ve got the bulk of it and ABBA themselves are clearly bored of talking about it.

    Having said that, I guess they could make a lot of fans happy by releasing Just Like That as a download or fan club special, with all royalties going to charity.

  • Has anyone been able to pre-order this yet???

    It’s not showing on searches on Amazon, Play or HMV yet (at least unless I’m being dumb). Or (does anyone know) will we have to wait until the 31st before it can be ordered? Seems strange that it’s not even showing on those sites yet. Hope it’s not a bad sign! Can’t wait though!

  • Hi,Kevin says The If It Wasnt For The Nights HAS NEVER BEEN SEEN BEFORE- BITS OF IT ARE ON THE RELEASED "ABBA – The Winner Takes It All" docu.dvd. And Youtube! Just thiought I’d mention nit! Cheers, Terry

  • I’m on the fence with this. Yep, it would be lovely to get something new or extra special on this release, but remember Benny and Bjorn are such perfectionists, there’s no way anything in demo form is going to make it to a deluxe version. "Just a Notion" however lovely is poor quality, even sung out of tune in places. No way would I want people hearing it on a major release! As for other gems, the original "Does your mother…" and "…Nights" could easily be mastered for the CD, so it’s a bit mean for the die-hard fans when you hope there’s the possibility of a real rarity released, but I guess the vaults have just been exhausted. Most tracks were never completed. I’ll buy it cos I’m loyal and love all the packaging etc, but I am disappointed with the potential track list.

  • Confirmed release dates so far are:-

    Germany – 28 May 2010 – orderable via

    Sweden – 31 May 2010 – orderable via

  • I’m looking forward to this release – especially with the Mike Yarwood Christmas Show Version of If It Wasn’t… I’ve been thinking perhaps we should have a campaign to get If It Wasn’t For The Nights to the UK #1 spot! I always think of it as the greatest Abba Single that never was!

  • Where can I buy the Voulez-Vous Deluxe edition in the U.S.? I have checked all the major retailers.

    Much love to all ABBA Fans around the world ,


  • Phillip, I completely agree re ‘the greatest ABBA single that never was’. I would place as second ‘Just like that’. I think a double A side release would be dynamite.

  • Remember this: for all the die-hard fans, this DVD is nothing new, but for all the other "normal" fans, this DVD will be very special. My sisters are ABBA fans to, but they are not interested in bootleg or demo’s etc.
    ABBA in Japan was very new to them. So this release is for a non diehard-fan very special!!

  • Ps
    There is so much more that waits for an official release:
    ABBA in Studio 2
    ABBA down under
    The complete Dick Cavett
    Don Kirshner´s rock concerts

    But remember± ABBA doesn´t own the copyrights of these TV shows, only the songs and performances.
    So there´s a lot of work to be done!


  • Is the DVD all regions?

  • As for what’s on it and what’s not on it … well the guys behind it know what the potential inclusions are and I’m sure they’ve done whatever they can to get as much as they can. So while some seemingly obvious omissions are glaring, I don’t suppose it’s for the lack of trying!

    Aren’t we just so lucky to continually have a drip, drip, drip of fabulous things coming our way?

    Top of my wish list – Top Club from French TV 1978.

  • Apparently the version of ‘Dream world’ is a previously unreleased full length version without the fade in.
    It was discovered on the master tapes…..

  • My only gripe is the alternative version of Does Your Mother Know isn’t on the CD. The DVD track listing is excellent.

  • regardless of whether there will be a Super Trouper delux version is there any way we can lobby for the 12 inch version of Lay All Your Love On Me to be included on a CD because it is even better than the original?


  • @john b – Any 12 inch version of Lay All Your Love On Me that is different from the album version would not have been anything to do with Benny and Björn as far as I know. The 12" version released as a single was, in fact, the album track (without the fade into The Way Old Friends Do.

  • Yes – the 12" if LAYLOM was a realy disappointment. Around the time, 12" extended mixes were becoming all the rage… why, oh, why did ABBA (B&B?) think it acceptable to simply put the standard album version onto a 12" single? There was some word at the time that it would mean better quality but that only made them look like they were fishing for a decent excuse, if, indeed, it came from them.

  • The official 12 inch was the album version as stated but there was a remix version that was circulating at the time / little later. A Dj had obviously spliced up the original version and extended it. I have a copy somewhere but have seen it on bootlegs over the years.


  • @Nick: it wasn’t ABBA or B&B that made the decision, it was the record companies. Sure, B&B didn’t want to make a remixed extended version, but it was Epic, Polydor and Vogue that put it out as is.

  • I’ve got mine! It just arrived at work. The packaging is exquisite and there are several alternative shots to the cover picture photo-shoot. Probably all seen before but not in this great quality. Can’t wait to be able to play it and watch the DVD later. Thank you Universal!

  • hi
    should have
    put full versions of just a notion,under my sun,rubber ball man and i am still alive on the voulez vous dexuce cd thanks rich

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