Kristina, Benny, Björn, Helen and BAO footage featured on SVT

A fascinating Swedish TV documentary called A year on stage with Lars Rudolfsson features Kristina at Carnegie Hall rehearsal footage, interviews with Benny and Helen Sjöholm as well as Benny Anderssons Orkester footage from their 2009 Swedish tour.

The show which was first broadcast last night features Kristina director Lars Rudolfsson’s work in 2009 and will be available to view via SVT’s website until Sunday 23 May 2010. The link is below this montage of screenshots.

You can see Kristina in New York: at approximately 28.45 to 36.15 and BAO at approximately 43.15 to 46.15. Enjoy!

A year on stage with Lars Rudolfsson

Special thanks to Niclas.

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