Limited edition ABBA necklace to be issued (Now SOLD OUT!)

Featuring the ABBA logo, it’s similar to a necklace worn by Agnetha and Frida during the ABBA years.

The necklace has been manufactured in a strictly limited edition of only 350. The silver necklace measures 45 + 5 cm and will only be available for purchase through ABBA – The Official Site on a first come, first served basis.

The price is USD 69.99. "Get them while you can…!" urges the Official ABBA site.

ABBA Site – ABBA Necklace


  • Is this the same as the neclace that they used to sell through the Abba fan club in the 1970’s for £3.00 I wonder.

  • A must have. ABBA blocks and figures and now necklace – it’s no wonder I am always broke.

  • Beautiful necklace, I love ABBA. I should save money*

  • Yay! – been trying to get an original on eBay for sometime but now have just placed my order for a shiny brand new one!

    It’s fantastic – the ABBA goodies just keep flowing this year!!

  • Yes this is indeed a very nice collectors item.
    I’ve just ordered the necklace,and hope that I’m still on time to get one.The payment went well,so I will be crossing my fingers until the package arive.An edition of 350 pieces woldwide that isn’t that much!!

  • my payment has come out of the bank so i should be getting one:-)

  • I just saw at the ABBA the Official site that the necklace is sold out allready.So hopefully my order is recieved on time.It’s a pity for all the other ABBA fans who wanted to order it but are now too late.It’s also a shame that most of the times you have to pay by creditcard.P.E. Here in Holland due to the financial crisis you have to have a certain income on money ,to even get the possibility to get a creditcard.Wich means if your income isn’t high enough you just don’t get a creditcard.And so there go’s your opportunitie to buy such things as this necklace.
    It should be better if the webshops had also other ways of payment for people outside their countries.But I think they go for SAFE,and that’s why they go for a creditcard.I speak for myself because I have a creditcard now for almost a year,and before that time I also was unable to buy such goodies as this.

  • Am I the only one slightly surprised that the edition was such a low number – I hope they think there were more than 350 ABBA fans around the world an edition of 500 to 1000 may have covered better.

    It certainly looked better than some of the things they sell on the offical site – possible for future issues could be cuff links or tie pin for us gentlemen?

  • Just been comparing the picture of the new necklace with the picture of the original 70’s version – as seen on the ABBA For The Record website. The hoops that connect the chain to the letter A’s appear to be much smaller on the original version. My first thought upon seeing the new necklace – was the hoops seem a little too large. Also, the shape of the letters seem to be slighty more true to the real ABBA logo on the original necklace. The 70’s one just looks better to me. Just as well I have an original one already – though it needs to be cleaned badly with silver polish. I’m still waiting for the new one to arrive.

  • The Thankyou for the music box set was originally a limited edition and look what happened to that! How many million did that sell in the end.

    I for one won’t be at all surprised if this necklace is reissued on an unlimited basis now that the first run has sold out.

  • mines arrived 🙂

  • Hi just got my ABBA necklace and it looks so good ,i have wanted one of these for years , and now i have one thanks ABBA, So happy i was one of the 350 world wide that got one and i love it xxx conan Ireland , thanks xx

  • Finally got hold of mine today. Arrived at my work address so will compare it with my 70"s version later at home. Generally I love it – very shiny. But as I suspected, I feel the hoops which attach the chain to the letter A’s area bit too large. Also, I thought it came in a black presentation box. But it’s just a little envelope – which I didn’t want to open as I feel it spoils it a bit. So there’s me with a scalpel opening it as carefully as I can. A box with a lid would have been much better. I guess I will only wear it at ABBA related events – though I can’t imagine what they might be. But I’m continually suprised.

  • Yes the necklace has arrived today.I’m very happy
    to be the owner of one of the 350 pieces.It looks
    very nice and shiny.Indeed it’s a pity that it only
    came in a black envelope instead of nice black box.
    It’s also a pity that the envelope or the plastic bag didn’t have a limmited edition number.
    So who knows,maybe there is more to come,now that the first 350 pieces were sold out so quickly.

    Chris, The Netherlands.

  • Three for sale on eBay now. Two by same seller. One is "Buy It Now" for £249.99. Mine cost about £53.00. At least I bought mine for the right reasons. I guess you can do what you like with what you have bought – but it doesn’t seem right somehow. I remember wanting the 30th Anniversary picture disc of Waterloo. But I couldn’t get one as people had bought them all up and put them on eBay for much more than they were in store. It was disapponting to say the least. I still don’t have a copy.

  • Has anyone necklace started to lose it’s shine? I have been wearing mine. Taking it off to shower etc. Now i find mine is losing it’s sheen.
    I’m so annoyed!

  • Hmm! Mine is still in the envelope it was posted in and was deposited straight into the cupboard. It will probably never see the light of day again until the ABBA reformation concert at Wembley Stadium!

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