Voulez-Vous Deluxe – your verdict?


  • well,I’m very happy with this deluxe version,because I love all about "Voulez-Vous" album,I live in Argentina and always wait this 30 th. anniversary edition, but is a shame not includes spanish song,I believe this loser because very prompt release "Gracias Por La Musica" CD/DVD edition.
    But, the same The best of this release is the special of Switzerland!!!.

  • I nearly came on here and had a big old moan – largely about the fact that the DVD selections (like ABBA In Switzerland) were not cleaned up and restored versions – as we have been accustomed to with The Movie and all the videos.

    Then, I thought to myself, this isn’t an official DVD or Blu-ray release, it is a bonus DVD that comes with a CD that costs £8.99!

    I would have paid £30 – £40 in the past, just for ABBA in Switzerland on VHS, with grainy images, copied from machine to machine and distortion on all the high notes!

    Once I told myself all this, what is there to moan about?! These are the best quality reproductions of the ABBA TV performances that I have ever seen in my life, even without being restored and remastered!

    That Swap Shop clip is great to see. I remember so well watching it first time around (and phoning in of course, so jealous of the kids that got through). I watch it now and all I can think is, was Björn hungover?! That husky deep voice was either due to a stinking cold or too many drinks the night before! No wonder the girls didn’t show, they were probably still under a table somewhere ;-))))

    I put the album on to my iPod and played the new remasters alongside the old ones and yes, there is no doubt, this is the best that Voulez-Vous has ever sounded. It is not as loud as previous remasters (thank goodness) and doesn’t seem to just have the bass and treble turned to maximum but appears to be a far more rounded sound. Congrats to Masters of Audio, Stockholm.

    I’m still hearing sounds I have never heard before, BVs that I’ve missed before and an even deeper appreciation of ABBA’s studio mastery.

    The booklet/liner notes by Carl Magnus Palm is a ‘doggone beast’ of info (sorry!)and is well laid out and obviously compiled with care and attention.

    So, to sum up, this IS a GREAT BARGAIN release and one that should be in every ABBA fan’s collection.

    Thanks for reading/ Si

  • Got my copy today – have listened to the CD, and whilst I am not audiophile, it sounds superb. The "new" ‘Dream World’ certainly takes some getting used to, and I actually jumped back from the speaker when I first played it, LOL ! Superb !I’m so glad that ABBA can still surprise me after all these years. Watched ‘Abba in Switzerland’ and the 2 (very brief) GHV2 commercials which I don’t think I’d ever seen before, even in 1979. Perfectly happy with everything I’ve seen so far, and both the BBC and the Daily Express issued fairly positive reviews today, which is great. Need to concentrate more on the DVD and send in another post soon though ! To anyone undecided, I reckon this is a ‘must-buy’ purchase.

  • I imagine the tracks on "Switzerland" that are unique mixes were only mixed to mono given they could only be broadcast in mono and weren’t for potential release (unlike the recordings made at the Wembley 79 and other live concerts).

    So to have restored only the tracks that weren’t unique mixes may have sounded odd.

  • I have watched the whole DVD now. Love it. The Swap Shop interview really took me back, I remember watching that live on the day, I was just 13!!!! Love the Switzerland prog. Great to have I Have A Dream. I have seen this version on one of the music channels before so it’s great to finally have it on DVD. All in all I am ultra impressed with this deluxe edition and I think the packaging and liner notes are of a very high standard once again. Not yet listened to the CD but will do soon.
    I really hope that the Super Trouper deluxe is already being planned and hopefully a special ed of Gracias may be considered.
    A very happy fan 🙂

  • I concur with all the positive comments and really love the rounded nature of the CD sound. The GH Vol 2 videos are so cheap, there’re fabulous!
    I recently bought the Beatles Box set (for cheap mind!) and it made me realise how fantastic the quality of the Abba re-releases are. I know there’s always more we could seek but I do feel that the folks at Universal try to come up trumps and Carl M-P is superb! And £8.99 for Voulez Vous Deluxe is incredible value!

  • Is it just me or does Gimme, Gimme, Gimme! sound absolutely fantatsic, folks?


  • The overall presentation and layout is simply marvellous. Amazing essay by CMP, among the best he has ever written, with exclusive quotes and surprising information which was unknown to me. This is the real quality of such essays, not just re-write commonly known information, but reveal unknown aspects. And this is prominent with this essay. Marvellous unseen photos as well.

    The remastering is indeed fantastic, better than either 1997/2001 nor CSR. Although it can’t beat the Polydor CD of the album intsel, it provides excellent if not the best versions of Lovelight, Voulez-Vous extended, Summer Night City full and Dream World (full). They never sounded as dynamic.

    The DVD is and has been widely reviewed, and to sum it up, it’s fantastic.

    After the weak The Album Deluxe, this Voulez-Vous Deluxe is up to high standards again. Great release!

  • I think that "playback" performances are boring, but, guys, it’s ABBA – nothing get boring with ABBA.

    I’m a little sad because In The Arms Of Rosalita won’t be released with this Deluxe (so I think this song will be never released – unfortunately).

    I almost can’t wait to watch and listen it.

  • Well Im pleased with it. For what it costs, I think its damn good value. Of course it would have been great to have had The Switzerland special totally un cut, but it isnt as bad as I imagined it was going to be.
    Sound is great, visuals are great, and yes, theres loads missing but for less than a tenner, what can you expect?
    All in all, not bad at all.
    Now for Super Trouper…

  • Got mine yesterday. Couldn’t wait to get it home. Ripped it open and pushed it into the car CD player. What a lovely sound. Even on my basic car system. Never heard the extended VV track before, and the drum on Dreamworld , along with the way the girls voices have been presented/mixed, is gorgeous. Why ‘If it wasn’t…’ a single i don’t know – well, I do, having read the accompanyinmg booklet, which was a real pleasure to read. But what a great track. Seen 1/2 the DVD looking forward to the rest of it.

    Thanks to the guys that made it happen. It’s easy to always want more. I know B&B just want the best to be heard, but….
    I heard Dreamworld the first time on the box set, (1994?), and thought, yeah, that didn’t sound as ‘together ‘ as the released stuff.
    I heard it ‘freshly’ yesterday, and thought – you know, it’s not that I would need to hear completed songs that didn’t make it, I just want to hear those two voices together, singing something, and if I haven’t heard it before, even better. Heaven isn’t necessarily a finished piece of work……..

    Thanks to all the guys that made this happen.


  • Am I missing something?
    Listened to the CD 3 times now and can’t seem to detect any difference with Dream World from the 94 mix.
    Great job with the booklet and packaging – real clarity on the cover photo. Never seen it look so good.

  • Arrival Album released 11-10-1976
    Arrival DELUXE EDITION 09-10-2006
    The Album released 12-12-1977
    The Album DELUXE EDITION 15-10-2007

    Voulez Vous Album released 23-04-1979
    (i bought it on that day.., my first album)
    Voulez Vous DELUXE EDITION 31-05-2010

    Next year Super trouper DELUXE, 2012 the visitors DELUXE! But let’s not forget:

    2013 Ring Ring DELUXE? on the DVD Sommerlørdag, Spotlight, DISCO and Television City all from 1973.

    2014 Waterloo DELUXE? on the DVD eurovision songcontest (full show) and Señoras y Señores (full show) and Studio B with Waterloo in German

    2015 ABBA DELUXE? on the DVD The Eddy Go Round Show (full show, you have it, mister EDDY Becker!!!)Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert (full show)

    2016 ABBA Oro DELUXE? On the DVD all the spanish performances 300 miliones and Aplauso!

  • Nick, maybe it’s just that I’m listening to it (D/world) on another system / different pressing, I don’t know, but, and I listened again to make sure, it sounds as though there’s been a bit of a ‘gap’ put between the girls voices. You can here them in thier own right as opposed to a unified sound. Sort of a cleaner presentation. anyway…

    looking forward to Supertrouper Deluxe!

  • Nick, the difference in Dream World is it doesn’t fade in, it starts cold.

  • I’ve been waiting for this moment so long!
    Got mine on 1st June and listened and watched all straight away.
    Voulez-Vous its been my favourite ABBA album.
    The sound is clear, updated and full version on Dream World, oh what a gift.
    So good to have those surprises.
    ABBF are awakened that those little extras make our year happier than ever!
    What is next? We want some more, Voulez-Vous!
    Thank you all for this great work, good packaging, well presented, selection of materials and remasters!

  • Listened to the album on surround sound and compared to the last reissue on CD.
    Overall much crisper with strings, drums and some backing vocals mixed slightly differently – different on As Good As New, Voulez Vous and Chiquitita but most noticable on Lovers Live A Little Longer and Kisses of Fire in particular. But then you can tell that the bonus tracks haven’t been remastered at all.
    Over all sounding great.

    Looking forward to Super Trouper having the same treatment. What would you think would be the bonus tracks?
    1. Elaine
    2. Put On Your White Sombrero
    3. Lay All Your Love On Me (single remix without live fade in)
    4. The Way Old Friends Do (DVD In Concert version)
    5. On And On And On (with 2nd verse)
    6. Spanish version of Andante, Andante
    7. Spanish version of Happy New Year
    8. Super Trouper (live)
    9. On And On And On (live)
    10. Me And I (live)

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  • hello,

    finally got my VV yesterday! Have to admit that I found the ..in Switzerland Show a bit boring at first, especially showing all these people skiing,
    BUT then loved the performance of Chiquitita (the audience went crazy), loved Does your mother know (never heard that version before) and of course Thank you for the music. Alltogether great fun though!!! I loved the performance of Chiquitita (Unicef). Loved how the american Audience started getting into the song, clapping along. But my favorite has to be the Swap Shop, it really took me back to the 70’s, what a (short, but sweet) delight! The guys really seemed kind of tired though (understand. with all those promos and shows to be done). On a pers. note, those Abba gifts on the table: I have those 2 cups (ABBA, and the one with the musical notes) WOW!!
    Inside the VV cd cover it says: ABBA in Sw. to perform 12 of their greatest hits (6 from their latest album….was that a missprint ??

    Love the layout, pics and of course CMP at his best!!!!

    We want more (lol)

    Thank you for the music!!!!

    Greetings, Markus

  • Just bought a copy in HMV for £12.99. But still worth the money, beautifully packaged and sounds great – DVD to watch next…

  • Can anyone here tell me more about ABBA in Switzerland? I’m buying this box because of that special actually and I would like to have some more info. Can the skate-clip and ski-clip be seen? Is there an interview? Please tell me more.


  • @Renee:
    The special ABBA In Switzerland originally featured 11 ABBA-songs and 3 guest performances, while the special on the DVD only contains 10 of the ABBA songs and none guest performance. "Eagle" is incomprehensibly missing, but this is less important because you can’t see ABBA performing to this song (it’s only footage of balloon race over the studio version).
    ABBA perform 7 songs to playback in the studio, 5 of them from Voulez-Vous, and the skate- and ski-scenes are included (songs: The Name Of The Game, Mamma Mia and Hole In Your Soul).
    There are not literally interviews with the ABBA members or with anyone else, but sometimes they are talking to the audiences introducing the next song (they also can be seen talking during the outside-scenes).
    The songs The King Has Lost His Crown, Kisses Of Fire, Lovers and Does Your Mother Know are featured in their original alternate / early mixes as they were performed back in 1979. The complete special is NOT remastered in screen nor sound, the soundtrack is the original from BBC archives. Hope I could help. More infos to the special can be find on http://abbaontv.com/1979/description-switzerland.html

    Julian, Germany

  • Julian!

    Thank you so much for your explanation. This certainly helps me out!
    I will buy the special edition. Do they say funny things? I like that, haha. I also like the way Frida keeps on singing about the squirrel in ABBA in Japan. I like them when they’re relaxed and casual.
    Thanks again, mate!

    Greetings, Renée

  • You’re welcome 😉

    Well, I personally think that A,B,B,A on this special are not as relaxed as in the Japan documentaries. The most comments or jokes act quite simulated and rehearsed, but they still can be rather funny. 😀

    While the Japan documentaries featuring ABBA relaxed behind the scenes, singing improvised songs and so on, the Switzerland show is fairly studied, especially when Agnetha try to make jokes by telling her memorized text ;D but anyhow – or simply for that reason – it’s quite funny and I just can suggest you to buy the deluxe edition.

    Greets 🙂

  • There is a fair bit of material missing from the Switzerland special but what we have is better than nothing.
    The Eagle soundtrack is indeed missing as are the horrendous dancers at the begginning of the show. ABBA IN Switzerland was was recorded in tandem with the same production crew and values that the Seaside Specials and Snowtime Specials had been.
    The two Guest acts are missing, Roxy Music and Kate Bush, which is a great shame as ABBA introduce them and the Kate clip is itself quite a rare clip.
    ABBA do appear a little tired and preoccupied but remember, this was recorded during Agnethas and Bjorns break up and if you look and watch carefully, you can see how Agnetha completely ignores Bjorn as much as possible. As he introduces Chiquitita, he tries to cuddle up to Agnetha but she isnt having any of it. It must have been quite difficult to do.

  • Thank you for the explanations. I felt the same way, about ABBA appearing a bit tired, bless their hearts. Was the special filmed before the Concerttour or after.

    Anyway, so great to have another TV Special, wish the 70’s would come back (lol)

    Greetings as always,

    Markus & Elvis

  • why oh why wasn’t If It Wasn’t For The Nights" released as a single? Perhaps it could be released NOW!
    I haveen’t received my VV yet, it’s in the post from HMV apparently.

    Before it arrives can someone say why it wasn’t released? Please.

    love from A dumb englshman.

    I remember in 1992 when the cd singles werew released and I was NOT surprised they never made the charts in a BIG way. DQ obviously made it, but they could have re issued the memorable winner takes it all again and again and again. Even in todays current pop trends, that song would outshine every artist going.

    And never mind looking forward to other releases like ST, WHAT ABOUT REMIXING ABBA GOLD FOR TODAYS MARKET? Madonna gave a GREAT beat to the riff from Gimme. Why not remix the LOT

  • ‘Voulez-Vous’ has entered the latest UK Top 200. In the Chart of Week Ending 12th June:

    148 [re] VOULEZ-VOUS – ABBA (Polar)

    However – only the Top 75 is counted, as regards an Album, being said to be a ‘Hit’.

  • About ABBA In Switzerland. Do you think the original title of Does Your Mother Know was Does Your Mother Know That You’re Out – or Does Your Mother Know (That You’re Out) – as Bjorn says "That’s a new number called Does Your Mother Know That You’re Out. They never do – do they!" The new album was still two months away. Also, surely there should be a question mark at the end of this title. Just a random thought.

    Someone asked if ABBA performing 12 songs was a misprint. They performed 5 from Voulez – Vous & 5 from The Album (if you count tracks being played over skiing footage and being mimed to in the snow) plus Mamma Mia – mimed to in the snow and Money Money Money – which was skated to in the ice rink by guest ice skater Denise Bielman. That’s 12 ABBA songs.

    Plus special guests Roxy Music – Dance Away, Kate Bush – Wow! And for the Swedish version – Ted Gärdestad – Take Me Back To Hollywood, filmed in a cabin.

  • Canada had the release date as yesterday, June 8th, however it looks like Universal Canada may have messed up (again?) as nobody seems to have it in stock. The HMV flagship store in downtown Toronto had several on backorder and Amazon.ca is out of stock too. Has anyone in Canada been successful in getting a copy? This is worse than when they released the 1 disc and 2 disc versions of ABBA in Japan with the exact same packaging and there was no way of telling them apart aside from feeling which one was heavier!

    Kinda bummed, I really wanna see ABBA in Switzerland!

  • Thank you Richard. I wasnt quite sure.

    I remember seeing an article in Bravo about that special, that showed Liz from the group Boney M., and Bjorn in a picture together during filming of Abba in switzerland. I dont recall if Boney M. and Abba ever did a show together? Was there another "Snow" Special Abba did, during that time??

    Greetings to all Abba fans,


  • At the same time the BBC filmed a programme called Disco in the Snow – in Leysin Switzerland. Artists were filmed performing in the same big top tent as ABBA and outside on the slopes. The Jacksons sang Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground) in front of the giant snowman that features in the Chiquitita video. Acts included Boney M, Eruption, Leo Sayer, Bonnie Tyler & Leif Garrett among others.

    At a party ABBA met Boney M. Bjorn and Liz Mitchell spent the evening chatting – probably about their experiences of being in the two biggest pop groups of the time. They were photographed and the next day in the press they were apparently having an affair. Agnetha & Bjorn had recently announced their divorce plans. However, Bjorn was already living with Lena. So if course it’s wasn’t true.

    Also, filmed at this time was Snowtime Special to be shown at Christmas ’79. ABBA were filmed in the hotel reception sing Chiquitita – as seen on the Deluxe Edition DVD of Voulez-Vous.

    For full details look under the 1979 section of Sara’s brilliant ABBA on Tv website.

  • There was a Easter special with other artists all performing at the same venue as ABBA which also featured Boney M. Several of the artists also recorded songs for a Christmas special at various alpine locations which was hosted by Dame Edna Everage.
    I read in the papers in 79 that Bjorn supossedly had a quick fling with one of the Boney M Girls.

  • Thank you Richard and Nick.

    You guys really know your ABBA History!!!
    Very impressive and interesting. I remember now, well I was very young at the time (smile)

    Thank you so much!!

    Love to all ABBA Fans around the world,

    Greetings Markus


    Mind i absolutely HATE the king has lost his crown, the worst I’ve heard from Abba


  • I too am frustrated by Universal Canada’s delay. Why announce that June 8th is the release date when it’s obviously not? I am sick and tired of reading about official release dates from record companies only to discover with my usual "shock horror" that of course it’s not on the shelf at HMV, Future Shop or Amazon.ca at all. Even trying to get a UK copy over here within a week hasn’t worked this time. God, I hate being an ABBA fan so far removed from the epicentre of ABBA and fandom. It truly sucks. I seem to have spent 34 years waiting for ABBA stuff that takes a million years to arrive.


  • Rob – The King Has Lost His Crown is my absolute favourite on the V-V album. Especially the chorus. Though never quite understood " the world is all around" lyric. Didn’t really make sense.

    It’s true though – every track is a winner and could have been an A side on this album.

    The weakest track is Angeleyes. I like it, but there’s something not quite right with it. It just seems a bit forced on the chorus. Depending on my mood – Angeleyes & I Have A Dream are the ones to skip. A bit like I Do x 5 on the ABBA LP.

  • Also paid £12.99 at HMV- I know it’s a fiver less online but I’m kind of old fashioned in thinking it would still be nice to have record shops you can actually visit in the future, so I pay up. RIP Borders. Gripe over!

    Haven’t listened to this Deluxe Version and my other remastered CD side-by-side, but it does still manage to sound fresh and inventive 30 years on. Dream World is great played loud, even though it is basically an early version of Does Your Mother Know. Love the dramatic extended beginning of Summer Night City. Maybe it would have made #1 if that had been the single?

    All these years later, still charmed by the way Abba adapted the English language to meet the needs of their songs. "I’m at the point of no returning". But did anybody really mind? Kisses of Fire must be the greatest closing track on a pop album ever. Shame it faded and didn’t end with a massive cymbal crash or something. Never feel happy when a great album has a fade-out as its final track. Maybe I need a psychoanalyst to understand why.

    Abba in Switzerland is a pure slice of 70s nostalgia which amused my 11 year old (so £12.99 well spent just for that!) but I think it’s a shame that two of the best vocalists in pop history (sorry, not you Bjorn!) and one of the best keyboard players were expected to simply mime to playback. Sometimes they almost look bored with the idea (as I know Frida has said in interviews was the case, compared with the aderenaline and sweat of live performing). Does anybody know by the way what the audience hears during mimed playback? Do bands make any sound at all? Is the piano muffled in some way?

  • I must admit that the release is quite disappointing to me. I even prefer the 2005 CSR remastering. I don’t quite get the fact that "Just A Notion" and "Rubber Ball Man" are missing – as they were left at a similar production stage as "Dream World". The explanation – that the reason for not releasing them is that parts of these songs were used in other songs – is for me not really logical – as "Dream World" also has parts that were used in "Does Your Mother Know". The alternatively mixed VV-songs on the DVD are interesting, though. Otherwise for me not so interesing as it could have been. Why not give the fans something REALLY interesting – that makes this "Deluxe" Edition something really special? The material is gathering dust in the vaults…

  • To Richard Knight: Doesn’t the line of The King Has Lost His Crown lyrics you mentioned go "the WORD is all around"? Because that does make a perfect sense, doesn’t it? 😉

    By the way, I like this Voulez-Vous Deluxe, but Arrival is the best in the series so far.

  • Great event! Thanks for Universal! If it would be the same for Super Trouper, I’d think, all of my life won’t be spent by such a fool silly manner, but probably will come back for the same clean, shine and bright events that it used to be back to 1980-s… Love ABBA forever and would be dye for ’em…

  • To Isil: OMG! Don’t tell me for 31 years I have been singing the wrong lyric. I’m going to have to check the inner sleeve of the original LP for the lyrics. I always think that line doesn’t quite make sense but they are Swedish! Now it makes complete sense. Thank you. What an idiot!

  • First – I’m very happy to find two more – never seen – alternative shots from the VV-photosession presented!

    Then – it’s all about Switzerland. Frida and Agnetha must be the best looking pop-girls ever in spandex tights – they’re just sparkling fabulous!

    The album is great and fun to get a restored mix of "Dream World".

    I’m of course looking very much forward to the following deluxes…. as a fan from 1974 – we’ve had to wait a long time for these glorious releases… but they’re certainly worth the wait!

  • I love this album. I loved it from the minute I first bought it, back in 1979. And the remaster is great, it really does ABBA justice. I’m planning to audition some new speakers for my hifi system over the next couple of weeks or so, and this album is definitely coming with me for a tryout!

    And as an indicator of just how much I’ve listened to it over the years – at the end of The King Has Lost His Crown, I got up to turn the record over and then remembered I was playing a CD. 🙂

    I don’t really understand why some people are complaining about things that are missing – it doesn’t really seem to matter any more. What matters is that ABBA have left us a phenomenal legacy, and their continuing popularity is truly a joy to behold. A new WH Smith ABBA magazine – what a surprise! The ABBA necklace, Kristina in English in London… So many goodies to enjoy even all these years later! We should be grateful, not carp about what we can’t have.

    Oh, and I’m pretty sure the V-V inner sleeve says "the WORLD is all around". 🙂

  • Still waiting for my copy from Amazon 🙁
    Was really looking forward to it but they seem to have let me down.

  • So Glad the dream world thing has been explained, i thought the cd was jumping!!!!, lolol

    This album sounds fantastic, and i think B & B would be proud that all their efforts in the studio, are now being heard how they should of been!!!

    As good as new, and Angeleyes sound fantastic as do the all the others!!! I still get tingles when you hear something you’ve never heard before, even listening to these songs all these years!!!

    Just waiting for Super Trouper now, although we all know they did less promotion for their last 2 albums, so wondering what will be on it!!, and also, is it wrong to think they maybe a sneaky chance that just like that, maybe on The Visitors!!! we can Pray and hope!!!, lolol

  • @Glyn, better stop dreaming about ‘Just Like That’… 😉 I have been dreaming about it for decades now! When I heard that ‘Just A Notion’ might be on the VV-Deluxe-Edition I thought there might be a chance for other unreleased gems. But it seems that the two gentlemen are not willing to release the stuff at any price. Their explanation is that parts of these songs were used in other songs. I don’t quite get that – as that is the case with ‘Dream World’ as well. In the VV booklet, Benny says that the only good thing about ‘Dream World’ is the middle eight (used in ‘Does Your Mother Know’). But they released that tune nevertheless in 1994. So why not release the other gems? ‘Just Like That’ is much better in the ABBA-version than in the Gemini-version. So why not just mix it properly and finally give it a release. The fans know the tune by heart – and they adore it the way it is – so why not give them the real thing? Not logical for me!

  • I always assumed Just Like That was mixed and finished, but just left in the can, and yes your right, Gemini version is slow and boring, lolol!!

    Spose sometimes we can come accross as a little greedy always wanting more, but its just a shame that we know there are such good songs in the vaults!! And in a way, its their fault for giving us those little snippets on abba undeleted!!!, lool

  • I love this thnough I think it’s a shame they cut out A8BA’s chat between the songs. Such classic lines like Agnetha," Its alweays cold in Sweden by the way" to which Benny says " gives us a chance to cuddle up and do what we like doing best" and Frida says " like writing new songs" …all that abba hunour is lost unless you go youtube or bootleg..But a worthwhile purchase! 😉

  • RICHARD- Isn’t that King Has Lost His Crown line " The World is all ERUPT??" ( LIKE BLOWING AROUND THE GUY) Thats what I;ve been singing for 31 years!! LOL!!!

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