Benny and Agnetha record video for ABBAWORLD Melbourne


  • Wow how great it was to see Agnetha and Benny together, relaxed, laughing having a great time together. Agnetha looks fantastic and I love how Benny has his arm around Agnetha supporting her.

  • It really was a special moment to see Agnetha & Benny’s video for the ABBAWORLD Opening in Melbourne. When we knew that no members of Abba were coming to Melbourne, we were all disapointed…but that changed when we all saw the special greetings on the screen. Thank you Agnetha & Benny and of course ABBAWORLD!
    Brenda (Australia)

  • She’s a rockchick :-), abbasolutly adorable!!!

  • What a surprise. It’s been so quiet recently and if you think about it, the last time Agnetha was photographed in pubic was June last year! Then there were no birthday photos. I was beginning to wonder what had happened. And here she is. absolutely delightful, sexy with a new hairdo just as I’d got used to and like the new look as shown on her video for abbaworld – the last time we’d seen her. brava

  • WOW what a surprise,to see Agnetha out and about with Benny,making this vid for the Aussies.She looks so relaxed and enjoying herself doing it,just like the old Agnetha we all know,also nice to see the two of them so friendly and supportive. Dont know how you got Agnetha to do this vid Benny,from what we hear about her..but lets see more of you both,maybe even with Bjorn and Freda on same vid…Fantastic.
    Just a word to Agnetha,Im a taxi driver in UK,I`v heard you say your english is not too good….don`t worry about it,I pick up Swedes,Norwegians,Dutch,many whose english is not as good as yours,we english tend to talk very fast at times,I guarentee you 1 thing Agnetha….your english is far superior to my Swedish,I`m ashamed to say,I cant speak a word of Swedish. Hope to see many more pictures of you all together,happy and relaxed…Best wishes to all

  • Agnetha looks so happy ( I had a wee cry) and confident and great fun!! She’s looking great , and I bet she’s great fun to be with!! Her and Benny together are so friendly and loving!! Awesome!! Thanks Agnetha n you!!

  • Agnetha looks absolutely incredible. This has cheered me up no end. Her video at AbbaWorld in London was the highlight for me – this is just as good

  • That laugh. So sexy!

  • I saw abbaworld in London – you aussies have something wonderful to look forward to. I wish I could go again and again!

    Love from England xx

  • I like the fact there are people walking in the background seemly having no idea that a major reunion is being filmed in front of them. Great clip and I hope Agnetha gets comfort from the delight she has given people by filming this clip.
    To the members in OZ who have seen ABBAWORLD – any online photo albums yet? any costumes or items which didnt show in London?(The white jumpsuits must exist somewhere) Anyone been to the evenings times , any reviews etc? Judging from the photo it does seem centrally located and has advertising which really does highlight the Abba show has arrived.
    I hope they picked up that many fans wanted to see more ABBA memorabilia and OZ had bucket loads of ABBA items – I can still remember the feeling of envy seeing all the posters, t-shirts and badges in ABBA the movie when we were lucky to get a new poster here in the UK!

  • WOW this is ABBAsolutely fABBAulous!
    They both looked so happy.
    I love Agnetha’s laugh!
    Its always great to see any member of ABBA and its always a real treat to see our beloved Agnetha, and she looked so happy and gorgeous! A great tribute to Australia, the country that started it all for the fab 4.
    Thanks Agnetha & Benny.
    With love Always…Australia.

  • Agnetha and Frida both seem to be sporting the rock chick look this year wearing leather jackets etc.

  • any costumes or items which didnt show in London?(The white jumpsuits must exist somewhere)

    I noticed they have the yellow cat costume.
    I wanted to see that in London.

  • Wow! Nice surprise to see Agnetha. God bless her! Always a delight to see them together.

  • I saw Abba in Adelaide in concert many yrs ago loved every second,congrats to Agnetha on video to Melb and benny of course
    Luv ABBA JUST LUV ABBAS music & Agnethas My colouring in Book as well
    All the best

  • I am also just back from ABBAWorld in Melbourne. It was so good, I went back a day later to soak it up again!

    I am also from Sydney, I nearly died when I saw this video of Benny and Agnetha… such an amazing exhibition, the original costumes and items from the past were a pleasure to look at… sigh…

    We had the yellow cat costume but wanted to see the blue one which I think is in the UK exhibition as are the 79 triangle outfits… the whole this was awesome, I highly recommend a look….

  • To Agnetha. this is the first time I have been on this site. What an awesome surprise to see you with Benny. Talk about a familiar face, this has made my day. Yes and the laugh. Take care of her Benny she is one in 6 billion.

    P.S. Miss your voice.

    Take care. XX

  • Looking at pictures of the rooms for the Melbourne abba world exhibition(on the abba4ever forum) they seem to have done mirror images of some of the set ups like the recording studio,
    May be they went for the water going in the opposite direction down the plug hole principle.
    To add an southern hemisphere twist.

  • Well … what can I possibly say that has not been said in all these postings. Well done Ice, you literally took my breath away. LOVELY CLIP, just so rare. I have teared up at the clip and at the postings and what that means is there are so many of us all over the world that hunger for ABBA, one more time. We have ALL aged – I can’t bop as much to Voulez Vous or Dancing Queen as I once did. I don’t think we can expect Agnetha and Frida to. But those voices – they’re still there and we want to hear them again…….

  • Definitely think it’s been a strategy of the past few years to only ever appear together in tantalising combinations, but NEVER all 4 – they just keep teasing us!! Aside from the usual B & B, we’ve had now Frida & Bjorn, Frida & Benny, Frida & Agnetha, and now Agnetha & Benny. Who’s going to open the American ABBAworld? – Agnetha and Bjorn??!

  • I just noticed form pictures on abba4ever forum that they have a Visitors room at Melbourne set up like the album cover .
    They will have to bring the exhibition back to London now.

  • @Michael Salkeld: it’s not really a Visitors "room", just a large photo of Kronberg’s studio alongside the usual blow ups of the LP sleeve and displays of gold records and international singles.

  • What a shame , it would be a good idea to do a 3D reproduction of that album cover.

  • What a treat to see such beauty and genius.
    America salutes you and appreciates the best that has ever been.
    North Carolina boy – USA

  • Hmmm

    I want to re-visit ABBA world but I cant because its on the other side of the world.

  • To see Agnetha and Benny together again, what an amazing treat for fans. I was smiles ear to ear. So happy Agnetha is out and about, what an embraced superstar she is. I wish the fabulous four would think about a gift they could wow the world with. That’s what dreams are made of.

  • how lovely to see these two together…we see benny and bjorn, benny and frida, frida and bjorn…its nice to see them "the way old friends do"

    to benny – "story of a heart" is amazing song!!! everytime i hear it i want the girls to sing it though!!!

    agetha – get back in the studio, your voice brings so much joy…i think you and frida should do a cover of "enough is enough" originally by donna summer and barbra striesand…with your vocal ranges and the lyrics it would be unforgettable!

    love to you

  • It was an HONOR to see these two together, What would be the Best would to see all 4 together singing one last time on a tour. I am 59 years old from Missouri, USA and they are Still #1 in my heart and in my Music that I listen too. I would die happy tomorrow just to say HI to them each. ABBA FOREVER! David Cathey Poplar Bluff, Mo. USA

  • Loved the video- yes Ms Faltskog is an enigma, I cannot believe we have only heard her amazing voice once on a CD in the last 20 years!! She is still the sultry swede with beautiful eyes and a perfect smile. I love her most when she looks shy and awkward (a little in the video- but so natural), Her vunerability is always just below the surface these days. Great way to open Abbaworld Melbourne. I loved it, just would have liked more rare videos, most I had previously seen. An awesome trip down memory lane. Agnetha’s video interview was my favourite- her vunerability is on show again. Thanks to everyone for the vision to create an amazing exhibition!!

  • I agree with all of the comments above. Isn’t she just gorgeous and that laugh so infectious. Saw Abba world here in the Uk and loved every bit of it especially Agnetha’s one on one interview.

  • it s wonderful to see Agnetha and Benny together .They are very happy .
    I hope to see them together in may 2013 att the museum from abba in
    stockholm and Björn and Frida too.
    ABBA is wonderfull .


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