Benny and Agnetha record video for ABBAWORLD Melbourne


  • ACE 🙂

  • How long time ago is it we saw these two together, and clearly fond of each other? This is a nice moment! Thanx to both of them!

  • WOW!
    And now let’s cross our fingers for tommorow-night; ‘dancing queen’ for a royal wedding in Stockholm…. (solo, duet or all 4???)

  • Brilliant! What a real treat for everyone. I love how relaxed and comfortable they are with each other. Brilliant! Oops I already said that.

  • Special indeed Ice!

    Agnetha, still slightly shy and uncomfortable in front of a camera (aware that people will be out there watching/judging etc) and Benny, cool as a cucumber as usual.

    Kudos to them both for recording it. And it’s no less than the Ozzies deserve – they had it massive in the 70s and have missed out on so much since.

    A wonderful clip.

  • Oh how fantastic to see these two together and with such affection. Thank you Agnetha for doing this. Don’t they make a gorgeous looking couple?!

  • How wonderful! Nice to see the other A and B for a change! Really sweet!

  • Just had a thought and it makes perfect sense – we had Frida and Bjorn in London and makes sense Melbourne have got Agnetha and Benny so they have all four of them endorsed ABBAWORLD now. How utterly utterly fantastic.

    I’m on cloud nine after seeing this and seeing Agnetha so happy. Benny is so cool as Kai said.

  • Thats really something special to see Agnetha and Benny doing the promoting of A8BAWORLD.A rare treat for fans all over the globe.God bless them.Long live A8BA.

  • This is great. Glad I watch this site like a hawk!!

  • Agnetha looks FANTASTIC!!!!!!! I am so happy to see her!!!! Benny looks great, too…ICE, thank you as usual for bringing us the absolute latest…this is very exciting!!!!

  • Wow wow wow

    Agnetha is so cute and funny, oh what a great moment. We love you Agnetha, and Benny of course too!!!

    Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Something special ! Big smile on my face tonight !!!!!!

  • That is utterly fantastic to see Agnetha and Benny together. Because it is so rare it makes it even more fantastic and I really cant believe my eyes that it happened! Wonderful

  • Agnetha’s attitude has softened somewhat in recent years. It’s really nice to see her finding peace with this wonderful part of all our histories…..makes me feel all warm inside!

  • Great to see them together – a really nice touch for the fans!!! Judging by the background, it looks like this may have been recorded just outside Benny’s Mono Music studio. Maybe Agnetha was in recording something!!! <ah we can dream, can’t we?>

  • Wow! I was just thinking about how often we see Bjorn and Frida together at some event, but never Benny and Agnetha. This is neat!

  • Just fantastic!!! I love Agnetha’s giggle and seeing her and Benny so relaxed together is a real treat……..Benny even has a supportive arm over Agnetha’s shoulder showing real affection….a special moment for us fans!!!!!!!

  • Wonderful….thanks for putting the clip up Ice..
    The film made me smile but also made happy tears appear….a joyous surprise.

  • So fantastic to see Benny and Agnetha tonight!! Really surprised and delighted to see Agnetha looking and sounding happy, relaxed (if a little self conscious) but really enjoying Benny’s company and the whole thing!! Fab, fab, fab!!

  • Wow! Agnetha looks happy and stunning, what a delight!

  • Me again! The first few seconds shows that when they feel their careers have dried up they can always announce the results of the Swedish jury for Eurovision … "Hello Australia! Stockholm calling!"

    Can’t stop watching this, it’s just wonderful.

  • Yes what a suprise to see Agnetha en Benny together. Nice to see how the two of them get along with each other.(Benny’s arm around her.)
    But I wonder if it’s a strategy of ABBA to never see all four of them close together.I know we saw all four of them in Stockholm on the balcony for Mamma Mia,but all the actors were standing between them.I Don’t think that there’s a photo or movie shot where all four involved,since ABBA split up.Or I’m wrong?Photoshopping not included!!But as said by everyone else to see Agnetha is just wonderful,but to see all four together would be………!!!!

  • seeing this really makes me happy.

  • A very special moment indeed….I was there last night at the gala in Melbourne where this shown at the after party on large screens and let me tell you, you could have heard a pin drop, followed by rapturous applause and cheering – an amazing experience!

    Thank you Agnetha and Benny – thank you ABBA!

  • The talk about the movie and the whole Melbourne thing suggests that everybody was out to see Abba. Good to see they do know it was Moomba. Ive always thought it was a little silly.
    Great memories, cant wait to see this.
    Agnetha looks so good and even a lot more relaxed these days, despite the fact, that yes, she looks a little uncomfortable for the camera.That might be coz of her english abilities. Great vid tks Ice.

  • This is the most relaxed I have seen Agnetha for a long long time.. Infact I didnt recognise her at radiant, and fantastic to hear her speak in English… nice frizzy hair too 😉 Makes a change to see Benny and Agnetha record something together.. its clear Australia is close to their hearts!

  • Well they are looking very happy , and I must say I can feel the excitement of the Melbourne ABBA world opening from London.

  • The video was shown (twice!) during the party at the gala opening last night. Very special 🙂

  • Well, who would ever have thought …..
    How wonderful. Of course the fact that all 4 had recorded interviews for ABBAWorld meant that they were all supportive of the project, but I never thought we would see this. However it does continue the trend of only having 2 members show up at various events. Still, we can keep dreaming.
    I hope everyone going to Melbourne enjoys themselves. Would love to see some reports.

  • I’m so touched. Thanks to Benny and Agnetha.

  • OMG!!!
    Imagine my surprise this morning when I opened the site ……..
    Agnetha & Benny….Benny is always out & about, but to see Agnetha promoting ABBA….WOW
    Agnetha looks good & her english sounds so good…
    Thank you Agnetha & Benny 🙂

  • Thanks Ice :o)
    It’s lovely that Agnetha and Benny made this this recording.
    I agree with Finnesse. It is lovely to see Agnetha happy and relaxed.
    Cheers from Oz :o)

  • Firtsly, Thanks Ice for this. It took my breath away. I check here every day just about, just in case…..
    Then something like this happens. Wow! It’s as if the last thirty years of ABBA-Agnetha stories have been a bit like Bobby Ewings visit to the shower! She looks so happy and relaxed – as we might have expected to have seen see her, if we had’t heard any of the anxiety stories etc down the intervening years. As if the last time we saw or heard anything of them was say, at the time of the last single release – The Day Before… and now, here they are for the first time since then. As if there should be no reason for their not saying to each other, ‘shall we do another album? It’s been so long, maybe not, who would want one after all this time?’

    Thanks Agnetha and Benny for this. It’s made my day. You look fantastic!

  • I just watched again. I have to say – I don’t think Agnetha looks at all uncomfortable! I thinks she looks thrilled to be there and to be doing what she’s doing. As we say in Cornwall – Get on!!

  • This is so amazing and a wonderful surprise. I am always amazed when I see Agnetha,she is such an enigma.We hear how shy and reclusive she is,but when she does appear she is so kool and comfortable infront of the camera.She speaks in the most wonderful English accent an has THE sexiest laugh. Agnetha and Benny look very happy in each others company – the way old friends do – sorry but they really do. They are very fond of one another,just as Bjorn and Frida are…mmm maybe they married the wrong partners? Thank you Agnetha and Benny for this wonderful video.

  • Lovely! *Deep sighs*

    Great clip. I think Agnetha looks really happy to be doing it. What’s ironic is how Benny gushes about Australia yet we all know what Agnetha said about the fans there in her book. Perhaps she a) didn’t know what Benny was saying (we know her English isn’t great) or b)her memory of it is more positive these days.

    Who the hell knows or cares.. a real delight to see them.

    Nick LONDON

  • Viewing again….I like Benny giving the Peace/victory sign at the end with his fingers and also love how Agnetha makes a click sound as she gives the thumb up…… pure magic and very relaxed.

  • So fantastic to see! You just got to love them! Agnetha looks happy, full of energy and personal charm in a totaly infectious way. Just like the star she is and also dressed like a true rockstar! As well as Frida was during the rock and roll hall of fame. ABBA 2010 would be so cool compared to the old days. Can’t they see it?

    Make a new record and get on stage with the best musicians, choir and sound the world has seen. Everyone would be completely astonished. Perhaps it has been missing for some time but no doubt it’s there now. They have it. The energy and the magic!

  • Agnetha has it….the energy and the magic.

  • I´d love to see the song from B&B tonight, I wonder if Helen will sing it? Maybe with Tommy???? And I hope it´ll soooone be online….Thanks for posting this lovely video and I´ll check in later again :O)

  • So nice to see Agnetha and Benny!
    Agnetha, all our Love to you too!
    A,B,B, and A, You are very special and We are still here!
    Love for you all! I’m really happy!

  • Lovely, lovely. Could it be that something’s cooking? Hmn, probably not but Great to see them both so relaxed and happy. Somebody was doing something to make Agnetha giggle!


  • Ok I’ve watched this video for the umpteenth time & it’s still wonderfull. Agnetha is just such a beautiful person & I don’t mean just her looks, she has such beautiful way about her…sigh. I think it’s time that all 4 of them get together in front of a camera & talk about their ABBA years together. How amazing would it be to hear about not only the good times but the not so good times in the crazy ABBA years. I know that Benny has suggested it to the others before,so come on guys how about it for old times sake. Did I mention how beautiful Agnetha is?

  • Awww, they are so, so cute!! What a fantastic surprise – this has made my night

  • Woooooooooooooow – that´s really special to see Agnetha and Benny together – Agnetha look so cute and relaxed and Benny is so charming. They both look like good old friends and I think both love to see each other.
    The video was made in front of Mono Music Studio – maybe we can hope that tomorrow on the wedding from Victoria and Daniel SOMETHING SPECIAL
    happens :-)))
    greetings franz

  • WHAT A BEAUTY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oooh i’m a bit excited now!!!!, lolol. Ive got a funny feeling that took a few takes to do!!! Great to see Agnetha & Benny for a change, and that giggle!, so cute, lolol

  • What a lovely surprise 🙂 When talking about an ABBA reunion Bjorn always say the energy is not there like it was 30 or so years ago, bit I disagree!! Many artists keep going way past their 60’s and can you imagine as Jonnie has said a new album and a show with a bid choir and amazing band. They all seem to have the energy, the girls always seem so bubbly. Why can’t they see what a massive thing it would be for ABBA to return to the top one final time. Music is not all about youth.

  • I just got back from ABBAWORLD in Melbourne (I live in Sydney) – it was AWESOME!!!- there are new interviews with Agnetha, Frida and Benny. – BUT THIS MESSAGE from Agnetha & Benny warms my heart in a way I can not explain.

    THANKYOU AGNETHA AND BENNY FOR DOING THIS FOR US. We will never stop loving you..

    Alan xxxxx

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