‘Vilar glad. I din famn’ – single release

Vilar glad. I din famn

CD single cover

The release should be available soon online at Bengans.se, CDON, Ginza.se and on iTunes (Sweden). 

The recording credits are:

  • Gustaf Sjökvists kammarkör
  • Storkyrkans kör
  • Kungliga Filharmonikerna
  • Orsa Spelmän
  • Music: Benny Andersson
  • Lyrics: Kristina Lugn
  • Orchestration: Anders Eljas

Recorded at Konserthuset, Stockholm, June 2010 by Bernard Löhr. Technical assistance – Peder Blom, Mats Lundgren and Linn Fijal.

Mixed at Mono Music Studio, Skeppsholmen, June 2010.

Producer: Benny Andersson

MMCD-S 136 (P) & © 2010 Mono Music AB

With thanks to Stefan.

Mono Music – with sound samples


  • BRILL is there any other suppliers like ABBF ABBASITE etc i want to buy it !!

  • @Graeme – you can guarantee that the Official ABBA Fan Club will have the single available! Don’t worry!


  • cheers Ice have stopped worrying now ::: just emailed Helga 🙂

  • Excellent news – thanks Ice !

  • Can’t wait!

  • Lovely :o)

  • Looks like the single will have two versions, one ‘a capella’. There are snippets on Mono’s web site but they are very short!


  • I dont often buy singles but I will have to get this.

  • I ordered mine at the ABBF shop.
    They say delivery starts at week 26.
    Does anyone know if this single is a limited edition?

    Chris, Netherlands.

  • You can buy from CDON and bengans but you need to select the EU flag to purchase outside Sweden or rest of Scandinavia. I’ve bought from both before on line from UK.

  • @JD: How did you succeed? Trying to detect any hints for the single, I couldn’t find anything at Bengans or CDON, even after selecting the cdon.eu site. They told me it’s not known yet when the single will be released. Again, what did YOU do?

  • I find it a poor composition,boring to say the least.

    maybe the very first time i do not get moved by a Benny Andersson composition.

    won’t buy it.

  • Hi
    with Bengans and CD-ON, type in G SJÖKVISTS and you will find it, its not exactly under Benny Andersson. But of course it is available in the Fan Club already also.


  • oh dear, polite smiles all round. Sylvia’s face is a picture. Not one of his best in my humble opinion!

  • …While I do find it a beautiful piece on some level…I’m afraid it left me cold…I mean wether it’s mamma mia…or You have to be there,I got a feeling,and sorry to say didn’t here….but hardly a bad piece by any means!!! (Only my opinion!!)

  • It seems a bit ordinary, to be sure, but I expect there were some rigorous boundaries imposed on Benny when this piece was commissioned. When long lines of tradition are involved, I doubt blatant innovation is much prized. I’m guessing it needed to be majestic without drawing attention away from the bride and groom and the solemnity of the occasion. If I’ve guessed right, Benny did a bang-up job on this one.

  • Such a beautiful song! Many writers seem to be quite unimpressed but I’d say: Benny is back! I often fall asleep to the sound of Benny Anderssons Orkester (first two CDs) but this piece is really moving. After the lengthy beginning it turns into great emotional music.

  • Has the single "Vilar glad" been released yet? I don’t see it on Itunes.


  • I was completely blown away – really beautiful piece. I actually prefer the acapella version.

  • Found it on youtube.


    Beautiful. Couldn’t find it at iTunes though. Wrote a mail requesting it. Will see what they say.

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