Benny Anderssons Orkester – Live at Globen (video from the archives)

Hearing BAO live reminded me that I have some video on the site, taken at Globen, Stockholm back in October 2007, which was incorporated into a story about BAO’s 2009 Swedish tour dates published in December 2008.

I thought I’d dig it out of the archives to brighten up the start of my working week and share it in anticipation of more BAO music and hopefully more concerts in the not too far distant future. Enjoy!

31 October 2010. Please note: This video is currently unavailable. I hope to have it online again soon.


  • Thanks Ice, a great way to start a week viewing this. Looking forward to the new CD and hopefully a tour.

  • Thanks Ice,
    I was out running just this morning with a "Best of BAO" playlist on my ipod, lost in thoughts of a possible new album/tour for 2011!

    Well they say great minds think alike…

  • Very nice indeed ! Thanks Icey !!

  • Great to see this again. Looks like a wonderful time was had by all. Thanks for sharing and yes, thoughts turn to more BAO…

  • Being in Stockholm last week I noticed that Benny will be playing with Orsa Spelman at Skansen on august 7 Solliden stage). This seems to be a festival of a cultural nature around folkmusic. Kalle Moraeus is speaker and the minister of Culture shall attend.

  • Thanks for this – just found it. Love Helen’s voice.

    Much appreciated.


  • Hard not to smile, it brings back great memories of 4th July last year!

  • Thanks Ice…
    Is that Tommy Korberg on the drums?
    I love the girl jumping up and down in the audience as the xylophone player is performing. She looks like she is going wild at a rock concert. BAO is wonderful. I was truly blessed to see them when they were in Minneapolis.

  • Oh, for a BAO-concert DVD :o)

  • "Is that Tommy Korberg on the drums?"
    Yes! He plays the guitar and drums. He always says that he is very sad that he can’t play the piano…

  • I LOVE IT thanks a lot for posting it! There is no day in my life that I do not listen to at leastone song by Benny or Björn, which is quite lovely. LIstening to BAO always brings me back to last years concert at Skansen, 1st row, I´ve had the time of my life and I´m looking forward to celebrate an event like this again next year! Hurry up with the new album, I can hardly wait ;O))) hope we will hear the new instrument which Benny got around xmas?
    Love from Germany

  • I was there at Stockholm’s Globen that Friday, October 26, 2007 as well as Friday, August 6, 2004 at Galejan (Skansen). Both concerts outstanding – so good !!!

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