Björn Ulvaeus keeps up pressure on illegal file downloaders

Björn paid a visit to EU Commissioner Neelie Kroes, responsible for the Digital Agenda in Europe. Ms. Kroes was quoted saying: "It was a gloomy message." It was also reported that the Commissioner was not surprised at receiving such a famous guest. In her previous role at the European Commission, when she was responsible for competition, she had met the likes of Mick Jagger and Steve Jobs.

Björn and CEOs from the music industry visit the EU

Björn and CEOs from the music industry visit the EU to take on the illegal file downloaders

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  • I?m still getting used to Cds , never mind down loads ,

    I do think though that You tube is probably more damaging to the music industry,
    As its one gigantic jukebox.

  • I absolutely agree with Bjorn. I know his music has made him rich. So what? He’s extraordinarily talented and he’s worked very hard.

    As to YouTube, I’m of two minds. If you just want freebies, it’s not so good. But it’s great for sampling music. If the goal is to find stuff there you like and then buy it through legitimate channels. great. And sometimes you find music there that’s not available anymore. For instance, I’ve been trying to find where I can buy the Hep Stars’ "Sound of Eve." Until I do, I’m happy it’s on YouTube.

  • While I totally agree with Bjorn, he is not the best face for this issue.

  • John – I so agree with you on that point. It would be miles more effective if, say, Agnetha was making the statement !!

  • Many recording companies don’t seem to get it. You Tube is a social network that enables human interaction. It’s in everyone?s DNA to socialize. You Tube is the conduit and the artist of choice is the tool for the social connection. You Tube is a tremendous marketing tool for all artists. I heard "Story of A Heart" on You Tube and I knew I had to have it. So I purchased the cd because the ABBA bloodline was all over that song. There may be many illegal downloads I’m sure, but what You Tube has done for ABBA I believe you’ll find is nothing short of a miracle for recording sales. It’s a two edged sword, maybe a middle of the road approach could be a solution.

  • I also agree. I think that what is forgotten/conveniently-overlooked is that an artist’s work is their income. And unless anyone volunteers their work for free, then they should be paid, regardless of wealth.

    I assume that all of us who work (or want to work) would also expect to be paid for the work that we do; so why should creative people be discriminated against getting an income?

  • Bjorne, I agree with Tony,

    June & Clive of Henley !

  • I totally agree, I work in the needlework industry and it is impossible now to make a living due to file sharing. I do however have to support Youtube. I would not have discovered BAO without Youtube or Chess pa Svenska and have since bought albums and the DVD because of it. I also have a long wish list that I will buy when I can.

  • I am a fan of the Dutch band Maywood (inspired by Abba) and I have a problem: I cannot get their albums legally in the Czech Republic. So I downloaded them. I did buy a 2CD compilation though because I wanna support them. But then in some cases the download is the only chance to get some music. By the way, downloading in the Czech Republic is not illegal, while sharing is. But back to Maywood – the moment iTunes or Google play release their albums, I will buy them.

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