Chess tour website updated with cast and creative team


  • What a wonderful website , and we do have part of the thunderous Choir from Chess in concert playing the Russian Daniel Koek. Its an incredibly strong cast with the likes of James Graeme and should be a rip-roaring production.

  • I really like this version of the Chess artwork :o)

  • I am really excited about this! The cast sounds great apart from ‘The American’ James Fox. Who although he plays the piano beautifully and is a ‘nice’ sounding pop singer, he does have a long history of vocal problems and only one acting credit to his name.
    Daruis Campbell would be much better suited for the role.

  • Great! Nice to see more information at last. Looking forward to seeing this unusual production.

    I disagree that Darius Campbell would be appropriate as The American – his voice doesn’t lie in the upper range needed for the role, as was demonstrated by the transposition of some of his arias in "Popstar to Opera Star".

  • darius????????

    no no – he has a completely different vocal range! stick with james fox – hopefully all the past touble has been sorted

    i’m just wondering how many places i can visit during the tour 🙂

  • I take back my comments about Darius Campbell, I was trying to come up with another ‘reality Tv pop star’ for the role, clearly that is the route they decided to go down.

  • …I echo what many have said about the artwork. I think it is really good, and at last we’re back to a "white on black" version of artwork for the show which far more suits the mood and sombre tones of the plot.

    Black on white (based from Chess Pieces album version) never looked right to me.

    Back to basics!

    I really hope this version of the show uses the 1990 UK tour version as the basis of their re-write. I thought Nobody’s Side as a finale with full ensemble was a fantastic ending, as the song never really worked in Act 1.

  • Hey Alex, I was a dancer/singer in the cast of the 1990 UK tour of chess and i agree with you that Nobody’s Side as a finale worked really well, although its such a great song that i think i could survive if it were moved around.

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