Frida and Agnetha attending Mamma Mia!

The first clip features Frida joining Benny and Björn on the stage at the Prince Edward Theatre, London on the night of the show’s 5th anniversary (April 6, 2004) and the second one is Agnetha’s entrance to Cirkus for the premiere of Mamma Mia! på Svenska (February 12, 2005). Of course, we saw her inside the theatre as well, but this is the extent of my video of her on the night.

31 October 2010. Please note: This video is currently unavailable. I hope to have it online again soon.

I hope you enjoy seeing these clips as much as I have enjoyed seeing them again and putting them together…and publishing them on icethesite for the first time.

I’d also like to say a big ‘Hello’ to all those people that I should see more often, who shared those two special evenings with me – you know who you are – thinking of you also!


  • i bought the dvd off ebay was that you i bought it off ? loved seeing this again thanks a lot

  • Nope, nope – not me! There was a chap…Diego something or other, if my memory serves correctly who wanted to make a video of clips from the Mamma Mia! på Svenska opening in order to have them collated in one place. I had no idea he later sold them on ebay. C’est la vie, I guess!

  • Beautiful collage…awesome..

  • Thanks for bringing back those happy memories- I was also at both events….where does the time go?

  • It’s fantastic to see the ladies out in public again. Frida losing her shoe incident was used in Mamma Mia the movie also, but I think only true ABBA followers (fans) picked up the significance of the scene. Thanks for the repost, Ice.

  • That was great to see.

    Many thanks


  • I was there at the London event-Frida signed my ticket-oh if only Agnetha would have been there!

    I really enjoy this site-its much more interesting and very informative

  • comme on Benny Andersson Bjorn Ulvaues
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    is one of us could amore in mamma mia musical italian in rome richard

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