A brand new Frida interview about her latest recording and future plans

Anni-Frid Lyngstad
Frida: "You need reassurance"

Dagens Nyheter published a fantastic new interview with Frida yesterday conducted by Georg Cederskog who visited Frida in Zermatt.

Thanks to Maria Nehro for helping me complete the translation.

After six years of silence, Anni-Frid Lyngstad sings again on the guitarist Jojje Wadenius’ new album. Dagens Nyheter’s Georg Cederskog asks the ABBA singer about her new recording, her future plans and whether she will sing together with Agnetha again.

It has been twenty-nine years since ABBA released a studio album, fourteen years ago solo album “Djupa Andetag” and six years since she sang at all on disc. But the voice is intact.

– Frida has a clean, clear, very special, almost unique voice with edge, a large range and a fine sound at the lower register. She sang in unison with Agnetha a great deal and had to make efforts to reach Agnetha’s pitch. There was the metallic element significantly, and there, I think, created a lot of Abba sound, ” says Bjorn Ulvaeus when DN ask him to describe her vocal assets.

Anni-Frid Lyngstads glossy mezzo-soprano has darkened, of course, but not slowed. She begins Jojje Wadenius new album “Reconnection” with a particularly brilliant shot in the four sections of “Morning Has Broken”. It takes a real pop queen – her formal name is now Anni-Frid Prinzessin Reuss von Plauen Gräfin – to revive Cat Stevens worn campfire song.

– The origins of this project is that Jojje and I are are very good friends, I’ve known his wife Brit since the 1970s, she is definitely one of my closest friends, explains Lyngstad when DN reaches her home in Zermatt, Switzerland.

– We have long talked about doing something together, and in this context, when you don’t carry it all on your own shoulders as a solo singer, feels great to be involved in.

She praises the musical outcome. In addition Wadenius characteristically smooth jazz guitar plays scat style singing “Reconnection” with guest appearances by Helen Sjöholm, Nicolai Dunger, Peter Jöback, two Kleerup songs and Nina Persson breathes new life into Dire Straits anthem “Brothers in Arms”.

Anni-Frid Lyngstads decision to participate was not without anguish. The decision was preceded by an active spirit: – Brit came and visited me here. We sat at night and drunk some wine and I played an album by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. I began to sing along a bit to it and she said: “But you can’t just turn that voice off! Your voice sings to the angels, you must continue” (big laugh).

So, she inspired me to take the first step. You always need to hear that reassurance that it is good enough.  Recording the song, however, was simple. Not just because she always liked Cat Stevens.

– When I married my husband Russo, who passed away ten years ago, we had  “Morning Has Broken” as our ‘wish song’ in the church. So it represents a fine memory for me, not just a Cat Stevens song.

ABBA may be a distant chapter of Anni-Frid Lyngstad’s life. It is twenty-six years ago she moved to Switzerland. But she’s still alive with music.

– My musical taste is very wide, but I do not listen to the likes of Lady Gaga and that sort of music much, I’m still playing music based on my past tastes: I love soul and R & B and at the moment I’m very much in a Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young phase, they are my absolute favourites, and Chicago – and TLC, they are phenomenally good.

Are there other musicians and songwriters that you would like to work with?

– I do not dream that way anymore, but I have many international friends and musicians it is clear when we’re talking about music that it would be fun to do something together.

Mick Hucknall (lead singer of the British soul band Simply Red) is a close friend and sometimes we have joked about doing something jazzy together.

Can fans of Anni-Frid Lyngstad expect live performances or can they stop hoping?

– No, no I will not do it any longer, I can say.

It would be too stressful and I would be too nervous. It’s like with any job, you lose the routine, and in music this creates stage fright – and that would not be a happy experience (laughs). Then I would rather let it be.

How would you describe your voice today? How has it evolved?

– What is happening is well known, the voice drops a few notes, and it is less full than when I was younger, but of course it happens to all the singers. But at the same time it has a different depth and maturity that might be attractive.

When asked if there is one singer with a quality she wished she’d had, Frida immediately selects Agnetha Fältskog.

– It is the same with all singers, that when you listen to each other there is always someone else who you think is fantastic. I can only select Agnetha’s voice. Since I am a mezzo-soprano, I’d never be able to sing like that.

Mine is much lower and that is why we balanced each other so well. Our voice was very successful combination, it is hard to find elsewhere.

Have you ever spoken about singing together again?

– We talk and laugh about it sometimes, but life is changing, we’re getting older and there are so many other things that may be more important and which take up our time. It is clear that it would be great to do something with Agnetha. It is difficult though. If we would do something it would be so hard to avoid all the incredibly pretentious context that it would bring and all the associated pressure. There is such a fascination and curiosity that we could never do something simple and low-key, just because of that I do not think it will come off.

She is aware that there have been long gaps between her public singing efforts. Though it does not mean that she has no desire or will to sing.

– There is always a light that burns within, that you would like to do something more. Jojje and I have actually talked further about things after this, so you never know.

The title of Wadenius’s disc “Reconnection” speaks especially to her and her relationship to music.

– A consequence of age is that you go back to the music that you’ve loved all these years and might want to make your own somehow. There are more opportunities around that theme I think and Jojje and I have talked about it a little bit. But we shall see, a decision has not been taken yet, but it is close at hand.

How do you view the ‘Abba Fever’ which prevailed in recent years? Your discs have been hailed by the critics and new generations of listeners find your music.

– When everything is truthful and falls into place in the way that our music did, even though we were not really aware of it then – then that music will have a power and energy that will not expire but which will live on in many different ways.

It is a quality that is difficult to pin down and difficult to imitate. Sometimes the music rests for a while, but then something happens, like Mamma Mia!, which I love, and then the music is brought back to life. It is now taking off among the younger generations. The music becomes a legacy. I have a strong feeling that there will always be ABBA music.

Dagens Nyheter – Sjunger igen efter sex års tystnad


  • Thank you so much for this wonderful interview and translation! I just love Frida so much. When I was lucky enough to meet her in New York in March at the "Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame", she was so beautiful, kind, genuine and just incredible. It is so exciting to hear anything she says or records. If she were to do something with Agnetha, it would be simply incredible. It would be a dream come true. Thank you again, and thank you ICE. You are the best!

  • What a very grounded "realistic" lady she is. Despite many years of avid attempts by the press and a variety of so called informed biographers claiming feverously that there were long standing rifts, mistrust and plain unpleasantness between the voices that were ABBA, we can clearly see a true admiration of her friend.
    The interview gives me a sense that this was an honest recollection and finally puts pay to many stories of reformations, solo albums.
    Anni-Frid’s voice has always had a rich velvetness, mellow and earthy. Age has not withered her…. Her voice now sounds richer holding your ear.
    Thank you for the opportunity to share this moment.
    I’d like to raise a glass and wish her continued contentment, happiness and good health. "Thank you"

  • Great read. Lovely woman. Fabulous site. Thanks. Marian.

  • A wonderful interview. I love her openess and honesty about how she feels about music, performing and recording. I think it’s incredibly moving to read that she sights Agnetha’s voice as being one she’d like to have – that’s an enormous compliment and so respectful.

    Thank you for posting.

  • It’s coming up to 1am, and this weary publican just thought he’d take a ‘goodnight’ look at his favourite website,before turning in, just in case….

    And what a ‘just in case’!!
    What a cracking interview. I felt very emotional when I heard Frida refering to Agnetha in the way she did.

    What a fantastic lady.

    And to you Ice, what a great bloke. Many thanks, again.


  • Frida and Agnetha were awesome in their solo careers, but when they sang together, it was a vocal sucker punch to listeners. It was magic, like no one has ever heard. They were ABBA. I hear Frida’s cover of "The Morning Has Broken" and I feel her velvet voice calling me to this story. I’m convinced she is an angel. And you know what they say about angels…you can’t silence their song. We’re ready for more Frida!

  • An amazing interview – it’s so exciting to hear her voice again.

    Frida – if you ever read this "PLEASE DO ANOTHER ALBUM" – you’re voice in amazing, your spirit is amazing, your humility is amazing, and your beauty is everlasting xxx

    Alan / Sydney Australia

  • An amazing interview – it’s so exciting to hear her voice again.

    Frida – if you ever read this "PLEASE DO ANOTHER ALBUM" – you’re voice in amazing, your spirit is amazing, your humility is amazing, and your beauty is everlasting xxx

    Alan / Sydney Australia

  • Hi Ice.

    Ta så mycket for your translation :o)

    I’ve always loved Frida’s sincerity, humour and genuine attitude… qualities that Agnetha, Benny and Björn also carry; and it’s these qualities that they have which add so much to their wonderful music :o)

    A wonderful article, a great translation, and as always, a fantastic website to visit.

    Cheers :o)

  • Frida is so special. I think this song is a gift for all of us who love her. Her voice is a voice of an angel. She´s in my heart, not only because of her voice, but because she is a wonderful person. Thank you Frida.

  • I like others that have read this wonderful interveiw am so moved by Frida’s humility and grace.I have always quietly hoped that she might rerecord her finest solo album Djupa Andetag in english for the millions of fans out there who have spent hours trying to decipher the lyrics.I have yet to hear a recording with songs that so suit her beautiful voice.In my fantasies i have also hoped someone might connect her with Burt Bacharach, a legendary songwriter and a man who knows how to write great songs for classy women.If you manage to read this Frida thanks for all the joy.I wish you love and success in all that you do.Craig /Melbourne

  • One of the wonderful things about this digital age is that low profile projects can be released often before the hype machine has had a chance to get hold of it. I hope that Agnetha and Frida do find a way to separate hype from their true creative expression which is always so pure and uplifting for others. Yes there is fascination, but there can be a wonderful journey in finding the new levels and forms of expression that come with having grown and changed over the years. Many thanks also for this very graceful and heart-warming interview.

  • Wow! thank you Frida for this interview. Like many people here, i am moved to hear your thoughts and hear your latest recording.

    Please sing some more for us. We love you!

  • Reading the interview was a real insight into how Frida feels and thinks today, It just melted my heart. I love you Frida.

  • What an incredible and charming woman. I am dreaming of that voice and the hopeful return of her beautiful lady. Cheers/Shawn/Las Vegas

  • GMan…

    Front page of The Express too! I guess it’s the same sort of thing…

  • A very interesting interview.
    What an incredible,great and a beautiful woman. Please Frida,try your best to motivate Agnetha,Bjorn & Benny and to release at least one single under the name ABBA.
    Trevine Bastians/Sri Lanka

  • I love to hear more new songs with Frida. Her voice always reach my heart. This is so great, I hope I will hear more from her:)

  • Love Frida but seeing Agnetha together with Bjorn has made me feel all gooey 🙂

  • What a wonderful lady! I love you, Frida!

  • Wonderful. She would like to be able to sing like Agnetha.

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