Björn is looking for a new manager…

He’s conducting his search through a magazine called Chef (which translates as “Managing Director” or simply “Boss”). There will also be an interview in an upcoming issue of the magazine.

You can see Björn talking about the specific requirements for the manager he is looking for in a YouTube video. One thing he says that he is counting on is that the successful applicant must be creative.

Chef magazine article with Björn


  • What an amazing oppertunity. If only I could speak Swedish !!

  • I look forward to hearing more about Björn’s venture into this enterprise; it sounds interesting (and another venue that we will all want to visit when it’s complete ;o)
    Cheers :o)

  • This sounds amazing! Björn, a very good musician, is going to build a big buildning with restaurants, conference rooms, etc.! Great!

    Ooh, I love ABBA! 😉

  • I speak Svenska, but, am not able to look at this opportunity at this time. If when I relocate to Sverige, I am interested in a position with that organization, then I’ll look at it then. I’m more into academia, being a corporate trainer, or a medical interpreter.

  • Why I wasn’t born in Sweden ?
    Oh my parents, why you were french ?

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