Frida’s new recording – Morning Has Broken


  • My little girl, Isabella, only 4 years old, love´s ABBA music very much. I like especially Frida´s lovely songs.

  • I listen to Abba recordings a lot these days (so what’s new?) and they are nothing short of miracles. We all knew at the time that this was so but time (and age) has improved the ‘wine’. Some of those instrumental intros are pure magic and the blend of Agnetha and Frida’s voices utterly beautiful that remains unmatched. Listen to anything else and you have to come back to Abba and realise that it is musical purity. Roll over Mozart!!

    With Morning Has Broken, we need to realise how Frida feels and hs stated in the other article on this site:

    "When I married my husband Russo, who passed away ten years ago, we had "Morning Has Broken" as our ‘wish song’ in the church. So it represents a fine memory for me, not just a Cat Stevens song."


  • Thank you Frida
    What a lovely surprise to hear your lovely voice again. You along with Agnetha, Bjorn and Benny have brought so much joy to my life over the years and I never stop listening to your wonderful music.

    Hope you decide to record a new album soon.

    You are simply ‘Like An Angel Passing Through My Room’

    Love and respect

  • WOW! Bravo Frida! Wouldn’t a solo tour by Frida of concert halls be truly magnificent! Can never get tired of hearing her beautiful sass, sultry voice. I could listen to Frida’s voice for hours on end. Thanks Frida for another rare treat and thank goodness for the internet!

  • oh, and by the way Frida, you must come to Australia and sing….concert halls would be sure to sell out!

  • This is sweet!!! I liked it better after I listened to it again. Yes it is different than Cat Steven’s version, but it suits Frida well. The arrangements could have more of a punch to it, but the low key version is a nice change.

    Thanks Frida!!!

    Mike (Florida, USA)

  • Thank you so much, Frida, for sharing your voice with your fans once more. It is a rare gift that we all appreciate.

  • Still a fantastic voice at her age! A bit lower and deeper – a voice like no other! A great artist with dignity and lots and lots of style!
    We miss your voice Frida!

  • A wonderful treat! Thank you Frida! Still a beautiful voice to listen to. I am writing from Wisconsin,USA. I would love a jazz album from Frida. I recently had the pleasure of seeing Moira Brennan from Clannad here in WI and I kept thinking of similarities to Frida. They are both classy older ladies with incredible breathtaking voices. Moira is still touring as a soloist (even to America) Maybe Frida would entertain something similar to what Moira (Moya) does? Both very talented ladies! BTW Frida covered Clannads song I see Red. Maybe they know each other?

  • @ Michelle
    wasn’t it vice versa ie Clannad covering Frida’s song? I believe I See Red was written by Jim Rafferty on Frida and Phil’s special request and first recorded by Frida.

  • wunderful …frida love u 🙂

    abba – my love, my life

  • After all these years Frida can still make us all stand to attention when she sings. We all adore her. Since 1974 i have been her fan.

  • Frida has done some amazing Jazz in her early solo albums…i think its time she records a New Jazz album her voice is perfect now for this.

  • Wonderful to hear Fridas fantastic voice! Both girls were equally imnportant for the "ABBA sound" take one of them away – no ABBA sound! Frida has still got a great voice she should start singing again – I agree with the previous post a jazz album would be great!

  • Beautiful rendition of this undying Celtic song…

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