Benny at Stadtsteatern’s 50th anniversary

Stadsteatern event to mark its 50 year anniversary
Benny at Stockholm's Stadsteatern

Benny attended the event at the Stadsteatern on 21 October and gave a short interview.

The anniversary celebration coincided with the opening of a new play called Aniara, which stars Helen Sjöholm and is directed by Lars Rudolfsson. As you can see from the picture, Helen takes on a very different look from the one we are used to.

The play runs until 31 December 2010.

Helen in Aniara
Helen in Aniara

Helen Sjöholm fans will also to be interested to know that she is releasing a new album on the 17 November called Euforia which will feature her interpretations of the songs of Billy Joel. It is available to pre-order now from CDON and Bengans.

Benny appears in the video on the Stadtsteatern website, embedded below, at around the 01m 45s mark and there also some brief glimpses of Aniara.


  • I was there for the premiere (and the two subsequent shows). I loved both the premiere evening and the actual play.
    And Helen managed again to knock me out completely with her songs (especially the first one: )!!
    But watch out – those who are tempted to see Aniara – it is NOT a Helen Sjöholm musical! She is one out of many actors on stage, even though the importance of her character becomes clearer in time. Her performance is fantasic. And when she sings she is outstanding and outshines everyone. But the play does certainly not only concentrate on her figure, the blind poetess.
    But still, I liked Aniara A LOT!

  • This woman can sing anything!
    Very impressive!!!

  • I just watched the video of Helen singing in the rehearsal for Ariana. I started to get all emotional, and I have no idea what she is singing about. She is an amazing talent. That voice is a treasure. Can you tell me what arian a is about, and what this song in particular is about?

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