BAO 2011 tour dates

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Benny Anderssons Orkester with guest singers Tommy Körberg and Helen Sjöholm will be back on the road in Sweden next year.

Eight venues will play host to the band celebrating their 10th anniversary next year.

Tickets went on sale on 25 November 2010.

  • Thursday 21  July 19.00 Örnsköldsvik, Parken
  • Friday 22 July 19.00 Järvsö, Stenegård
  • Saturday 23 July 19.00 Leksand, Sammilsdalsgropen
  • Sunday 24 July 18.00 Karlstad, Sandgrundsudden
  • Wednesday 27  July 19.00 Helsingborg, Sofiero Slott
  • Thursday 28 July 19.00 Göteborg, Trädgårdsföreningen
  • Friday 29 July 19.00 Mariefred, Gripsholms Slott
  • Saturday 30 July 19.00 Stockholm, Galejan Skansen
BAO tour dates for 2011 have now been announced
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  • are they coming to England?

  • Fans in Australia would love a visit too …I’m sure that it would be a sell-out wherever BAO played in Oz; with the perpetual ABBA/Mamma-Mia revival that’s been ebbing-and-flowing here since about 1989, I feel safe that I could assume that he would find a new slab of BAO fans from our shores if they could come here. Sigh. :o)

  • I would like to see them dressed like the actor-musicians in Craig Revel Horwood’s new Chess production! 😉

  • Come to Denmark and play 🙂

  • Hey folks!
    Why don´t you come to Sweden if you have the possibility? The atmosphere is great and everybody sings along and dances to the music.
    Very Swedish indeed!
    It´s jus wonderful can´t wait to get tickets!

  • Don’t be lazy to go to Sweden, if you have possibility! I was at one concert in 2007 and at two in 2009. Absolutely fantastic. EVERYTHING !

  • I definitely recommend going to one of these concerts if you can, the atmosphere is fantastic and I don’t think I have ever seen a band enjoy themselves as much as they do. However, if you’re visiting Stockholm I’d suggest that the Skansen date is a much better bet than Mariefred – although the castle setting is lovely, it’s not that easy to reach by public transport, and we had to leave early last year to be sure of getting the last bus and train.

  • In Stockholm they will be playing at the same small arena – Galejan – where they played when the band started touring ten years ago just to celebrate that the band has existed for ten years!.

    So for this reason you shouldn´t wait to get tickets if you want to go to see the Benny Andersson Band in Stockholm as the arena is very small (compared to the amount of people at their last concert!)

    They will be recording a new album this month so there will be some more great music!

    There are still tickets left….so hurry up! You won´t regret it!

  • Please come to Salt Lake City!

  • Question about Galejan. Is this the place where also Allsang Pa Skansen is every year?

  • Hi Martien – it is in Skansen but is a smaller, more intimate venue than that which hosts Alsång på Skansen.


  • Ice thanks for answering. This will be our first time to a concert like this. How will the setting will be. We heard things like the swedes are bringing there picnic with them. Can you a liitle describe what we can expect. And do you think that skansen is better than at Mariefred.

    Thanks for the answers.

  • They are quite different environments Martien. Galejan is largely a paved area with tables and chairs. Around the edge of where the public gather are stalls selling food and drink. Although, as you say, many people will bring their own refreshments. There is no large grassy area for a sit-on-the-ground picnic. At least not as far as I recall.

    The actual stage is quite small and in front of that there is a dancefloor. Both of these areas are covered.

    Hopefully someone will come along with first-hand recent experience of Mariefred to help you make your decision!

  • Hi, very excited, just booked to travel from the UK to Goteborg in July for the BAO concert. Does anyone have any first hand experience of previous concerts at Trädgårdsföreningen? What’s the set-up? A dance floor in front of the stage, I guess? And space for picnics, too? Any tips to help us make the most of the experience would be much appreciated. Anyone else going to Goteborg?

  • There is always a dancefloor at the BAO concerts as Benny and the band want people to dance and the Swedish audience DO dance! Thanks to BAO there is a small revival of dancing to folk music. They also normally include some other contemporary music for the dancing.
    Yes the Swedes bring their picknick!
    At the Galejan in Stockholm (which is a part of the outdoor museum Skansen) There are a few tables where you can sit but otherwise you stand so please queue up in plenty of time to get a good “position”.
    If I remember right they also sell refreshments in the concert area like sausages and so forth.

    The Mariefred concerts has a wonderful setting in the park of the castle. You can rent chairs at the entrance. Again you haveto que up in plenty of time. Refreshments are sold in the concert area. I think all concerts have the same arrangements!
    I think Benny once said they want their concerts to resemble the way it used to be at the “Folk parks” when people danced, had picknicks and brought their own “booze”.
    Before Abba Agnetha and Björn with the Hootenanny singers used to perform at these kinds of events which were very common then and very typical for a Swedish summer!
    So if you haven´t bought tickets yet…

  • Hi everyone,
    when i was in stockholm in december i got some tickets for the BAO-concert in Gelejan. I can´t wait any longer to feel the music. i count the days and hope BAO will play songs from their new album. hope to meet a lot guys like you that evening. so we wann have a lot of fun.
    Greetings from Germany where we wait of BAO too. Make it real.

  • Just in from the amazing gig in Göteborg tonight. 4 hours of pure heaven: watching, listening, seeing Benny enjoying himself so much… Who’d have thought we’d ever get the chance to see Benny playing and singing along to Kisses of Fire? Helen did a great job and the crowd just went wild. Loved the new intro to Why Did It Have To Be Me?, a kind of mash with the Happy Hawaii version. Lots of songs off the new album worked really well live, En Dag I Sander, Allt Syns Nar Man Ar Naken and De Ljuva Drommarnas Orkester especially. And Tommy did a spine-tingling rendition of Jag Hor.

  • BTW Meant to say how much Benny was enjoying playing Lottis Schottis – and singing along in English with the Hamlet lyrics, ‘…and rain fell softly on your face…’, but sadly without a microphone nearby.

  • Please,BAO,come to Italy!!!

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