Björn and Agnetha attend Mamma Mia! Copenhagen première (Updated with new picture)

Together. In public. Arm in arm. Björn and Agnetha. We thought it might never happen again BUT see below for some amazing footage from the Danish première of Mamma Mia!. This article has now been updated with details of an article by Expressen who spoke to Björn and Agnetha.

This is the entirety of the footage featuring Björn and Agnetha that appeared on Danish TV news last night. I suspect more will surface, not least of all from fans.

16 October 2010: The web page to see the original feature is here and it is the very last item of the news programme after the weather forecast.

Agnetha and Björn onstage together in Copenhagen

Before we went on stage Agnetha said to me: “Do you recall that in 1974 when we did Waterloo, at that time we thought that it would last at most a couple of years?” says Björn Ulvaeus after the success of the première of the Danish production of Mamma Mia! which premiered in Tivoli Concert Hall in Copenhagen yesterday evening. The crowd rejoiced loud and long when Björn and Agnetha had their magical on-stage reunion after the performance by the Danish cast.

“It was very spontaneous, not planned. I thought I would go alone to Copenhagen for the première. But at the last minute Agnetha said that she also wanted to be there.” After the show, the crowd stood up and rejoiced. Then Björn and Agnetha appeared on stage there was a rapturous welcome. “We have not been on stage together since 1981 and our last concert in Japan [Ice: For reference, the last Japanese concert was in 1980],” says Björn, who like Agnetha was mightily impressed by the Danish Mamma Mia!.

Thanks to Jan Bach and Sara Russell.

Björn and Agnetha on stage. Image kindly submitted by photographer: Wybe Douma

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68 Comments on "Björn and Agnetha attend Mamma Mia! Copenhagen première (Updated with new picture)"

  • Hey, the question is…
    how did Agnetha GET THERE… thought she never flew? took a boat? does anyone know???

    finesse, you forgot that Frida and Benny were at the Rock n Roll hall of fame awards, and Frida and Aggie were at that Rockbjornen TV show together…
    we now need the FOUR of them to be together…

  • Hi Aron – Agnetha travelled by car. You can cross between Sweden and Denmark via the Öresund Bridge these days.

  • Ok, that’s it then, when are the tickets going on sale for the reunion tour?!

  • Benny once said he prefers the four of them not to join at different events as this causes rumours for a possible reunion… so I think they prefer these different constellations of members and this time it´s Björn and Agnetha! GREAT! All of them just as classy as always!
    Regards from Stockholm

  • I agree that this is wonderful, and probably the most unexpected pairing. How wonderful they look and I am so glad to see Agnetha embracing her legacy so much these days.

    Isn’t it amazing that in a single year (and it’s not over yet !), we have had all possible pairings appear in public :

    Agnetha + Frida – Rockbjorn
    Agnetha + Benngy – Abbaworld greeting
    Agnetha + Bjorn – MM Copenhagen
    Frida + Benny – Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
    Frida + Bjorn – Abbaworld London
    Benny + Bjorn – Kristina (to name one)

    What with ABBAWorld, Kristina and various releases both on CD and in print, what a great year it has been for us !

  • thanx Ice – didn’t know about the bridge!!!

    now Aggie has a way to get to the reunion tour,
    all they need is a bus

    first stop – Wembley

    ok, now all we need is a bridge to Canada so she can come here…

  • Sorry to sound like such a damp squib guys – but the R word might be one bridge too far. I’m so please just to see them all out and about and enjoying themselves. Never had this occur to me before, but, it might be enough, never to have another ABBA album now, knowing that they’re all happy and enjoying life at last.

    I think,when they weren’t all happy, it seemed like getting back together might be a sort of antidote.

    Now, I don’t think that’s the case anymore. I think maybe, deep down, all I wanted all along was to see them all happy again.As they used to appear to be. God bless them. After the joy and happiness they brought us, all the luck in the world to them.

  • So nice to see Agnetha and Bjorn together, I wonder who will come to the Mamma Mia premiere in France, the 28th october in Paris?

  • Thanks Russell, your words do express my feelings. We Abba fans are so cherished by their music and their legacy. best to keep it that way (not that i wish to hear Agnetha and Frida singing I know him so well 🙂 )

  • Wow, Agnetha really looks good. Very happy to be out. Hope to see more pics of her out and about.

  • Very happy that its gets ABBA stars out in public but am I the only one still amazed that Mamma Mia still has any countries left to premiere in?
    Are there any forthcoming events other than the French opening that may see another outing of two of them.

  • I for one have not seen Agnetha looking Soooo well in years, whats with the weight issue? She has always suited looking alttle fuller in the face. I think she looks 10 years younger than she did say three years back. Its really good to see her happy.

  • So wonderful to see – what a joy to see Agnetha look so happy. So many great comments have already been made and I agree with so many of them. This truly was a great sight!

  • Great to see them both together in harmony. They have clearly moved on. Agnetha looks great perhaps a bit heavier but stunning as she is. Natural beauty exudes from every pore. She is and always will be my favourite out of the girls , lookswise. Voice wise they are the ultimate combination. Without doubt Agnetha is the most enigmatic and mysterious member of the band. Family first for Agnetha, fame later, she really had her priorities right. Would love her and Frida to do something together before they are much older.She is a star and always will be , so gladthat she is finally embracing the legacy that she was a massive part of in creating. Love them all.

  • Hey guys great to see all your projects around the world, but I have a question concerning Latin America
    Since I was a kid was interested to learn everything about ABBA, do you think we can have some ABBA World on this side of the planet, Hope to see it in my country , land of nature and peace Costa Rica

    Best regards

  • I have just checked on Swedish news (the Local) that Agnetha is open to a reunion with Abba. She has not checked with Benny, Bjorn and Frida yet though. It also states if ABBA do reform, then they won’t tour. As I have phased in my previous comment, Agnetha is getting more public now. George.

  • Hello everyone
    I’m Pepe from Argentina and ABBA fan for a long time ago
    I have read the other day that the musical Mamma Mia! would be presented soon in my country. I hope to see it and like other members of ABBA opportunities can come to my country to premiere this was the first time someone come here!
    Greetings from Argentina Pepe

  • I’ve read so many things about Agnetha and Bjorn not talking to each others for years that I was thinking it was true and always feel so sad for Agnetha.
    But seeing this video prove that rumors was wrong and it’s so good to see them together and Agnetha’s smile is wonderful !
    Can’t wait to hear Agnetha’s new album in may cause I really love the 2 new songs with her perfect voice still intact after all theses years.

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