60 second interview: Benny Andersson exclusive

Happy Christmas from icethesite and thank you to each and every contributor to the website and of course, each and every visitor. By way of a Christmas gift, please enjoy this exclusive 60-second interview. Thank you Benny!

How did you first became interested in art and horses?

I was always, as long as I can remember, interested in art. The interest in thoroughbred horses started as a family thing, as Mona’s son, Johan’s father, is married to a racehorse trainer. I thought it to be good family politics to have a horse with her in order to have something more in common. In retrospect, a good decision, as our families have been very close friends for thirty years.

How did the building of a new recording studio come about?

I believe that Stockholm needs a state-of-the-art studio of some size and I need a place of my own, even if it will be available to anyone who likes a 64-channel vintage Neve console with everything that comes with it. It will be a great place!

Could you bring us up to speed with what Ludvig is up to at the moment?

Ludvig (and Mats) will soon release a new CD on the RMV (Riksmixningsverket) label, which is a subsidiary of Mono Music.

Do you ever do the cooking at home and do you have a speciality?!

I do the cooking every day. No specialities really.

What’s the latest with Kristina från Duvemåla in Helsinki and when can we get tickets?

The opening is planned for February 28, 2012. I have no idea when ticket sales start but a good guess would be 12 months ahead of the opening.

What about Kristina in English?

We will not do anything with an English version until after the Helsinki opening.

When do you start recording the new BAO album?

We will start recording January 10 in the new studio on Skeppsholmen! We will be the first band in, which is a good way to check that everything is ticking along nicely. The name of the studio is Rixmixningsverket (RMV)

Would you ever seriously consider doing a piano album?

I have thought about doing just that now and again, but it seems that time is the enemy.

I am grateful for the survey you did though, I’ll bear it in mind if the recording ever happens…

Have you managed to see the UK touring production of CHESS?

I haven’t seen the UK production yet but I intend to. I’ve heard a lot of good words about it.

What may come up in the future, is a remastering of the original CHESS recording with bonuses such as videos and TV specials etc. added. It’s 30 years soon, isn’t it?

What is the one question about your music that you wish you were asked? And then you could finally answer it!

I’ll have to come back to you on that!


  • BRILLIANT thanks a lot Ice and keep up the FANTASTIC WORK

  • Hi Ice,
    Great little interview. Nice direct questions on a variety of subjects. I like the fact that Benny is aware of your survey of solo piano selections. Maybe it helps to remind him of the desires of his loyal fans! I am very excited about the remastering of the original Chess. That is way overdue! It is the best version of the songs, I feel.
    Happy Holidays Ice!

  • What an excelent little interview! … a piano album and a 30th Anniversary Edition of Chess!, it would be SO great Benny!

    Chess from Chile 😉

  • Hey, Ice – great questions and not one about an ABBA reunion! 😉

    I’m sure that is one of the less boring interviews Benny has conducted!

    Thanks for everything you do for us.


  • Hallelujah! A remastered Chess! Would be great to have the videos or the In Concert Film or The Making Of Documentary but don’t leave off the 12″ versions! And a demo or two or an unreleased track would be wonderful of course….

  • haha the excitement I guess; I meant to say “Cheers” from Chile 😛 (it would be great to have a local version of Chess though… dreaming is free!). OK, I correct “exceLLent” too.

  • Please, Ice, can you put forward more information on the new studio facilities? Where are they and what about the old? And what is the new label Benny was talking about? That is really exciting…

  • What a great gift-Thank you Ice.

  • “I have thought about doing just that now and again, but it seems that time is the enemy.”

    Yay! He’s thinking about it. Do it, Benny! Do it, do it, do it!

  • Wow, this is all extraordinary…I loved the questions and answers…Thanks ICE and Benny!

  • Thanks Benny!

  • Thanks for the very nice interview Ice! I’m sure Benny was happy to get new and different questions at last… Happy you submitted the list of fans’ choice for a “solo” piano only album…

    Merry Christmas to you and all the fans

  • Great interview Ice. To echo a previous comment, great that Benny is aware of
    the survey you carried out. Who knows what might come of it.

    Have a great christmas and new year. Thanks for all you do,


  • Wishing everyone a wonderful new year with lots of great music to look forward to! Many thanks to Ice for this stylish site!

    Gerard, the Netherlands

  • Thanks Ice for that wonderful interview. It’s so refreshing to see/hear/read interviews made by fans for fans.
    Cheers :o)

  • What a great interview. Thanks so much for that and to Benny for taking the time to do it.

  • A re-release of the Original Chess album sounds great, they could include a documentary about the new touring production of Chess and interview the costume designer,I’m not sure where I sand on digital remarsters, its been suggested on another forum that the remstering process will reduce the dynamic range in some sort of loudness war, I think this may end up being a theological argument as cds are the compressed format anyway, and the digital master itself should be uncompressed,
    And I cant believe Benny and born would do anything to reduce the dynamic range. Of there music

  • How about a Blu-ray release of the RAH concert?

    Did the BBC broadcast it, BTW?


  • The BBC have not broadcast CHESS In Concert, Rolf. Just the PBS network in the United States so far, as far as I know.

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