ABBA Singbox – Official iPhone App

iPhone owners can download the 1st Offical ABBA smartphone app

The world’s first official ABBA app is now available for the iPhone. Sing along to the biggest ABBA hits, compete with your friends and other fans. Every track is accompanied by the original ABBA video.

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  • I would like that on windows mobile as well.

  • Well. At £1.79 for the app + DQ, and £1.19 for a track, it’s not exactly cheap. May as well go out and buy Singstar ABBA and be done with it…

  • Total rip off and waste of money. My recommendation is don’t buy it. Agree with the other comments. You get DQ whether you want it or not, then have to buy the others. Newsflash to Singbox – DQ is NOT everyone’s fave Abba song! In fact whilst I like MM and Winner my fave songs are not available on this app so Singstar would be a better option for me.

  • My sentiments exactly. In the US it’s $2.99 for the app itself. You only get Dancing Queen for free. In order to get Mamma Mia, Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie, and The Winner Takes It All it’s $1.99 for each. I went ahead and purchased them, but have yet to try them out. But the price does add up. Wish they had more songs.

  • The ABBA Singbox App was Reviewed in the UK
    ‘Paper, the ‘Daily Mail’, yesterday. (Friday 17/12).

    Here is the Review:,


    “In its favour; It’s the first official app from ABBA, but you’d
    expect them to invest more in this basic karaoke gizmo.
    ABBA Singbox (£1.19, from iTunes), gives you only one
    song, Dancing Queen’. The rest costs extra – and it’s
    not easy to sing along to Agnetha and Frida.”

  • Hello

    I miss the apps Abba Singbox. It was a good apps, and that is why i like to know why i cannot use it anymore. I have bought a lot of abba songs there.
    Please let me hear from you. I love to sing and learn how to sing with the apps.

    Sincerly from
    Susanne Andersen, Denmark

  • From Debbie Hansford: I live in the United States and have new Apple products and the ABBA Singbox app will not let me restore any of the songs I’ve purchased through the App. I have tried several things and nothing works. I am a HUGE ABBA fan and was so excited when the app came out. Now I can’t play or sing along with the songs. Does anyone have a solution? Debbie Hansford

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