Out today! ABBA Gold Special Edition and ABBA The Vinyl Collection

On the back of UK ITV1’s programme, ‘The Nation’s Favourite ABBA Song’ comes today’s release of ABBA Gold Special Edition and ABBA The Vinyl Collection.

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The Nation’s Favourite ABBA Song

And here is the full list of songs with their position in the final voting:

The final chart:

1. The Winner Takes It All
2. Dancing Queen
3. The Day Before You Came
4. Thank You For The Music
5. Knowing Me, Knowing You
6. Mamma Mia
7. Fernando
8. One Of Us
9. The Name Of The Game
10. Chiquitita
11. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
12. Take A Chance On Me
13. I Have A Dream
14. Lay All Your Love On Me
15. SOS
16. Super Trouper
17. Waterloo
18. Summer Night City
19. Does Your Mother Know
20. Voulez-Vous
21. Under Attack
22. Money Money Money
23. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
24. Head Over Heels
25. Ring Ring

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  • A good mix overall, the only surprises being Head Over Heels & Under Attack placing at all and The Day Before You Came at No. 3. I love these tracks myself, though; perhaps a lot of real ABBA vans voted? Can’t wait for the vinyl set to arrive!

  • I totally forgot about the Vinyl Collection so what a lovely surprise to come home and find it waiting for me… and I made the book so I am over the moon. Its wierd having an “album” in your hands after CD’s etc. It seems huge but its so much nicer to see the artwork properly. Wont listen to it until I have a new cartridge in the record player as dont want to chew up the vinyl!!!

  • Being a fussy sort, I just listened to some of my original album tracks (where I know there are problems on the CD remasters_ and compared them with the new masters. Now is it just me, or are the new masters all slightly too fast?? I played the new versions first and thought I needed to adjust the fine pitch, but no… the originals all sounded just right.

    In any case, Put On Your White Sombrero is absolutely breathtaking when mastered for vinyl. It was great on CD, but on vinyl it’s knock-your-socks-off amazing. Worth buying the set for that alone!

  • It sure was a nice watch, especially the new interviews with Björn and Frida, but they’d also interviewed Lasse Hallström, Carl Magnus Palm and of course quite a few people from the UK music business.

    And to have The Day Before You Came on number 3, fantastic!

  • I was quite surprised that The Day Before You Came (Abba’s 24th single) got to number 3. It is a sombre song and is very sad and has a haunting melody. Bjorn and Frida were funny and very informative about the songs. I would of expected Money Money Money and Super Trouper to be higher, but overall a good show.

    (I love Frida)

  • Hi everyone just to let you know i was in asda this morning and bought Abba gold and it was no 10 in their chart,does anyone know where it might be in the chart this sunday?? all the best


  • Dave – ‘Gold’ entered this Week’s, (Week Ending
    18th December), UK Top 75 at No.31. It is its 215th
    Top 40 Week – an ‘All Time Record’ for a ‘Hits’ Album,
    in the UK Top 40. It was previously 1st= with ‘Greatest
    Hits’, by Simon & Garfunkel – both on 214 Weeks.
    ABBA also have the 6th ‘Most Top 40 Weeks’,
    ‘Hits’ Album. The 1976 ‘Greatest Hits’ Album is
    on 114 Top 40 Weeks, to be there.

    To go to No.31, it sold 27,388 copies. It brings
    the Total UK Sales of ‘Gold’, to 4,834,564. It is still
    the 3rd ‘All Time Best Selling Album’, in the UK.
    In 1st place, is ‘Greatest Hits’, by Queen – 5,794,486.
    In 2nd place is ‘Sgt Pepper…’ by The Beatles – 5,019,206.

    And, the ABBA TV Show got 5.4 Million UK Viewers, on
    Sunday 12th December. In the past, UK ABBA TV Shows
    have had as many as 10 Million to 11 Million Viewers, but
    there are far more Channels for people to watch now, &
    many people feel that there is nothing new to see in these
    ABBA TV Shows.

  • nothing to do with his music,just to wish Benny a happy 64th birthday. Couldnt find anywhere else on the site,so here it is….`happy birthday Benny,have a good one my friend. I know you don`t drink,`nor do I`,but i`d raise a glass of coke or lemonade to you…..hope you have many more…….as Mr Spock on Star Trek would say….`Live Long and Prosper`….heres to you sir…….

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