Tonight’s the night…new ABBA programme on TV

If you live in the UK, you’ll be able to see “The Nation’s Favourite ABBA Song” tonight at 9PM on ITV1. Please do share your thoughts!

The Nation’s Favourite ABBA Song

From their debut Waterloo to the swansong Thank You For the Music, Abba released 25 singles in the UK between 1974 and 1983 – an amazing NINE of them reached number one! You’ve had YOUR say, and in December we’ll be unveiling The Nation’s Favourite Abba Song. 

The results of our poll will be revealed in a one-off, 90-minute special on ITV1, in which band members Bjorn and Frida tell all about how these 25 songs came about.

Frida said: “Discussing all of our singles for The Nation’s Favourite Abba Song was great fun. There are many fond memories – memories about writing the songs, recording and promoting and performing them.”

Bjorn said: “We’re all curious and excited to see which songs appear where in the countdown. The British people took us to their hearts, completely…and…made us their own, which we are very proud of.  It’s very nice to come to England because it’s like going home.”

This 90-minute special will be a landmark celebration of Abba’s incredible catalogue of hits – from Knowing Me Knowing You to The Day Before You Came, The Name of The Game to The Winner Takes It All.

Our celebration will feature fantastic archive clips of all 25 UK singles as well as revealing interviews with Bjorn and Frida, and we’ll hear from the famous faces who just love Abba.

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  • On his Radio 2 show this morning (5th December) Terry Wogan mentioned this programme after his house band played “if it wasn’t for the nights”. For people in the UK, the Wogan radio show should be on the iPlayer (and visuals can be seen via the red button on BBC TV) in the next day or so.

  • Can’t wait for this. Counting down the hours. The suspense is building, what will be the nations favourite abba song?

  • Really looking forward to seeing BJorn and Anni-Frid reminisce about how sone of the most well known music in the world was created and their memories.
    A whole hour and a half… Does it get any better than that!

  • Hmm, usual celebrity dross, but good to see Bjorn and Frida. Chris Tarrent couldn’t have sung along to Gimme gimme gimme in Birmingham, as they only came here in 1977, unless he is confused with Stafford Bingley Hall. I voted for Under attack, nice to see it higher than Money money money!

  • I am really angry that it isn’t being shown in Scotland – something all the TV magazines chose not to mention. People will have to tell me the result – I was looking forward to that!

  • Hmm… mixed feelings on this one. It was great to see some of the rarer ABBA performances being shown. It was lovely that they kept the “OMG, weren’t the clothes terrible?” comments to an absolute minimum. I loved the fact that they pointed out that the singing was incredible, rather than just sycophantically waxing lyrical (hoho) about the brilliance of the songwriting. I had to smile at the comment that with SOS, the first Agnetha “solo” on an ABBA single, the vocal made people sit up and think hey, this girl can really sing. 🙂

    But I could certainly have done without Ms Craymer going on about how Meryl “made the song her own”, whichever song it was now. (I was so incensed, I suppressed the memory!) She so did not! Those songs were and always will be ABBA’s. The MM! film is interesting, but the performances are *not* musically outstanding. And as for putting up that Walters performance of TACOM instead of the brilliant ABBA performance – well! Lunacy.

    All I can say is I’m glad the producers resisted the temptation to make it another MM! ad though, and actually emphasised the brillance of ABBA. And of all four of them, not just of B&B’s songwriting skills. It made a refreshing change to have Agnetha and Frida acknowledged as a very big part of the success. A shame Stikkan didn’t even rate a mention though…

    And was that the old ABBA Gold ad they showed at the 10:15 break? It looked very familiar.

  • Hi All, well i had my 2 hrs off work to watch the `Nations favourite Abba Special`,and as I thought I really enjoyed it,1 or 2 surprises,for position in the `Top 20` too.
    Very nice tributes from Pete Waterman, Sir Terrry Wogan.( our `Tell). Also a very nice tribute to Bjorn from Frida,that I dont think was in the script,let alone Bjorn was expecting. From Fridas comments I get the impression that the `press crap` about the Four not being friendly or staying in touch with each other,is just THAT….`Press Crap`,if we cant get a story then lets make one up.
    Was really pleased to hear some of the comments from other `stars`,both past and present… of `Sissor Sisters` i think it was that made the comment..`they do try,but they will never be as good as Abba`,from a realtively modern band,i thought that was quite a compliment.
    Also Pete Waterman who said it was obvious that Abba were no five minute wonders,and some other comment was passed that the music world realised Agnetha could sing as a result of Her taking lead vocal on SOS. Funny isnt it how sometimes the people who can make or break an artist`s career,can themselves be so slow to recognise a person with talent,and yet some `clown`,like we have had on X=Factor,with all the talent of a `sink plunger`,can go on for weeks before dying a death.
    Ulrika Jonnson,,a fellow Swede,spoke very warmly of Abba too,making the comment that she could tell the accents of `The Four`,but was stll a fan…..personally I love the Scandinavian accent,having met many Swedes and Norwegians in my line of work(taxi driver). Benny and Bjorn arent as broad,but definitely with Frida,and Agnetha,I love the accent. Incidentally,the area I live in in England,our accent(geordie) is bassed in Norwegian.
    All in all,a very good show,nice to see some of the vids again and nice to hear how some of our artists,producers,and others still hold Abba in high regard. Also,Bjorns comment that `WE the British`,took them to our hearts,and made them our own,and the Four were proud of that,…well Bjorn,my friend….all i`ll say to that is to quote Benny at the RRHF dinner……We British are deeply,deeply honoured that you think that,and We are honoured to have you,as our own,allbeit as `honoury Englishmen and women`.
    Thanks to all who put that show together,and I know this is naughty,but if anyone out there recorded it on DVD,i`d love a copy,my player only plays discs,i cant record as well…..thanks guys..

  • Well….I enjoyed it,I didnt expect an indepth, comphrehensive show and so wasnt disapointed. Im sure there were a couple of quick clips I havent seen before, but I could be wrong here.
    There were no major suprprises, the celebs that spoke were interesting, even if most of them were still just wishfull thinking when ABBA happened. Some of the placings were a little surprising , especially number 3, but as I love that track, it didnt bother me.
    A few innacuracies and errors but thats expected with ITV so no harm done and it was lovely to see Frida and Bjorn, obviously enjoying each others company and enjoying talking about ABBA. That final comment from Bjorn about the four of them, stood together, the last time they met, was sweet and gave me a warm feeling, which in this weather isnt easy.All in all…..enjoyable.

  • Looks like I’m the first to post, post show as it were.

    First, I have to say, I couldn’t believe when it had finished, that an hour and a half had passed!! I’m a publican, so had to watch it when I closed up. I thought I’d probably watch half, and need to go to bed, then watch the other half this morning. It flew by. I really enjoyed it.

    I have to say, I was expecting something a bit more documentary style – not so ‘light’. I would have liked a bit more thought and substance around the comments/recollections on the making of each song.

    I was really surprised to see where TDBYC was placed – and I think this great song deserves it.

    I also thought that Bjorn’s comment towards the end of the prog, when he was talking about thier all meeting up for the MM premiere – something about finding themselves together again – just them and no one else, (in a hotel lobby I think ), was terrfic. That, after all this time, just as soon as the four of them were there together, just like that, the old feeling of what it used to feel like when it was the four of them together, was there, straight away.

    I’ll watch it again today, and maybe come back with some other views.

    I’ve looked forward to this prog for ages. Frida could read the weather all night long, and I’m sure I would sit there listening – mesmerised by her voice.

    A big THANK YOU both, for doing the programme. I really appreciate it.

  • I just watched it on the ITV player
    It was compulsive viewing , I to thought I might watch half then come back to it later , but once it started I had to watch it till the end.
    As I suspected The day before you came was close to the top, it deserves to be a lot higher than its chart position at the time of its release , but it would have been unsatisfactory if it had come top.

    It would be interesting to see a similar count down that included songs form Chess as well.
    I think I know him so well would have landed in the top 10.

  • I thought it was fantastic. I wish we could have had more of Frida but when she winked at Bjorn when she’d complimented him on being one of the best men with women was really touching – and for Bjorn. She really is a class lady 30 yrs on.

    I also loved the bit about just the four of them being together in the lobby at MM premier. I guess they were agreeing not to stand together!

    Trying to fit 25 songs into 90 minutes was inevitably going to mean some abridged versions of the songs.

    My top 4 were in the top 5. I was kind of hoping TWTIA would be top as it really cements them as being a totally credible class act. Of course DQ was going to be up there but it’s fitting that songs from both ends of their career took the top 2 spots. and not far behind were Fernando, TACOM, and Name of the Game, other favourites of mine.

    I like Julie Walters but found her rendition of TACOM embarrassing. As for Judy CRaymer, she is richer than than at least one of the Abba women. Is that right? I think she is a bit too full of herself.

    All in all, a lovely programme and I loved the surprise of TDCYC coming 3rd.

  • It was great to watch and so glad the No1 wasn’t a given! Seems Chris Tarrent and Björn both couldn’t remember Stafford’s Bingley Hall! Yes, Abba played B’ham Odeon in ’77 pre Gimme gimme gimme and the only ‘north’ of England ’79 gig was Stafford. Sort of stuck in my memory as I got front row seats in the lottery for tickets. Lucky me saw Abba live 3 times total on their UK tour visits. Wonderful.
    Seems the programme producer has a thing for the single that never was (in the UK)…namely When All is said and done…as it was played as an intro to each segment. That would be my No1 Abba song. Thank goodness though it wasn’t a single here otherwise they’d probably have shown the MM film debacle instead of Frida’s beautiful version and the wonderful views of the Swedish coast. I was hoping for a bit of the Swedish version of Fernando but sadly no.
    I like the ads ITV are currently running for the Abba Gold re release being done as an advent calendar so each day a different song is played I assume in reverse order so No1 gets played at Christmas as today (7.12.10) was Gimme x3.
    Enjoyed the clips of Frida and Björn chatting. Just love listening to Frida’s voice whether speaking or singing and that gorgeous Swedish accent! Yes even on the songs it comes through and we don’t need another Swede (Ulrika) to tell us. It’s what makes Abba so unique and adds to their appeal.
    Brill early Christmas pressie for UK Abba fans.
    God Jul och Gött Nytt År.

  • Hi! Well fantastic to see The Day Before You Csame at no.3 , and Dancing Queen NOT winning!! The Winner Takes It All is a fav of mine, but as it does not showcase both girls singimng, I voted for The Name Of The Gamne…coming in a respectable ninth!!
    I loved the chat between Frida & lovely to see..and how lovely too when she said to Bjorn how respectful he is to women..interesting!
    Would love to see all 4 sitting together looking back on their lives sometime..
    God Jul
    Terry 😉

  • For Scottish ABBA Fans – it will be shown in
    Scotland. STV, (Scottish TV), are showing it
    on Monday 20th December, from 8.30pm to

  • Can anyone tell me if this show will be broadcast in the U.S., if so when and where? Thank you so much!

  • Thank you to whoever put the whole show in eight different parts on Youtube “The Nation´s Favourite ABBA song” and also two different clips with only the interview with Frida and Björn! Great for all of us who cannot see BBC TV from abroad!

    Wonderful that Frida and Björn agreed to be interviewed! Sometimes I think they must be so TIRED of talking about ABBA…ha ha !!

    I wish Sweden would also show their appreciation and love for ABBA the way other countries do (especially the UK)!

    Regards from Stockholm

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