Björn and Lena buy another home

From Expressen: Bjorn Ulvaeus, 65, has bought a farm on Hölö in the Stockholm archipelago for SEK 26 million and found paradise.

This summer, he and his wife will enjoy the view of Nämndöfjärden from his new house in the Stockholm archipelago. The farm cost in the region of SEK 26 million, but also contains everything the ABBA-magnate could wish for.

The main house has six rooms and a kitchen of 143 square feet and for guests there is also a small house next to the corner of 63 square meters, according to the drawings Expressen has seen.

14 912 of the property’s total 27 564 square metre-age consists of water.

The house purchase has also been covered in another Swedish publication (see below). The couple have retained their home in Djursholm. The new property is expected to be a summer residence.

Björn and Lena's house purchase has made the Swedish media

Björn and Lena's house purchase has made the Swedish media

Thank you to Niclas for the news and the scan.

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9 Comments on "Björn and Lena buy another home"

  • Sounds Idylic. My concern is how is he going to afford the mortgage ? 😉 Best wishes Bjorn & Lena.

  • Thankyou so much Ice, for continually bringing us this up-to-date news! We fans are lucky to have you!

  • Congrats to Bjorn and Lena! I’m happy to see them both happy and healthy. Does anyone else see a quick resemblance to Agnetha in this pic of Lena?
    Thanks for the story, ICE!
    -Jim in San Francisco

  • Did we ever find out who purchased the cabin where B&B composed?

  • Hi Gerry.
    The article says that it was paid in cash so there are no mortgages.
    It also says that it is meant as a “love gift” to Lena and they have a joint ownership of the property. I suppose I should start looking for something similar for my wife who will celebrate her 40th next week!
    Brgds. Tom in Bergen

  • Hi Tom. Thanks for your comment and details. Gerry, was only joking about the mortgage I’m certain!

  • The kitchen area seems a bit small (12×12) for such a huge property. It has to be an error, right? Anyway its always exciting to get a new home, or new to them at least. Cheer’s to Lena and Björn. -Robb

  • Wow!! What a huge purchase!! I wonder if they will rent it out in the winter months, if this is just a “summer home” ? We could all chip in and go there for Christmas, then and have a huge A8BA Christmas!! Woo Woo!!

  • What a lovely romantic gesture, a real “pearl” of an anniversary present!
    I wish them both many congratulations.
    I’d say it puts Benny under a bit of pressure to come up with something equally special for Mona in December though. Ha Ha!

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