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icethesite logoFirstly, I know that some of you were getting irritated with the re-captcha spam test that asked you to type the words shown to you into a box before your comment would be submitted.

I had to introduce something because the level of spam the site was attracting was making it impossible to moderate. However, I heard your cries!

I have now introduced another system which means there is nothing else to do, after you have made your comment, other than to press the ‘Submit comment’ button.

Modification number two means that on the ‘Comments’ (see image right), you can now see far more of previous comments which gives more of an indication as to what someone has said previously on a topic.

Modification number three means that you can now have your picture (ideally!)  on icethesite! All you need to do is submit your chosen image to Gravatar (Global avatar) and provided the email address you use to sign up (it’s free!) and the one you use to comment on icethesite is one and the same, your image will show when you make a comment.

Posts on the site have had over 5,700 comments since commenting was first introduced – I hope these changes will mean we’ll be at 6,000 in no time!

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9 Comments on "Commenting on icethesite just got better"

  • Thanks Ice. Better already. I will upload my Gravatar soon. It’ll be great to see who else is commenting. It will also be interesting to see if it retro-fits to this comment!

  • Never heard of Gravatar before, but their site seems easy to understand, so hopefully it will work. Fingers crossed! I’m looking forward to seeing all you beautiful people out there!

  • Thanks Ice, your site does get better and better all the time.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Thanks for the improvements. Your desire to make this site better and better is really appreciated.

  • Very cool! Hope the upload worked. Thanks Ice!

  • Excellent – the site just gets better and better. Always interesting to see who’s commenting 🙂

  • Just a quick note from Uk…..dont know how many people have heard the Chris de Burgh version of SOS.
    Ive just played it through on `you tube,and have to say its not bad.
    At least Chris hasnt attempted to jazz it up and destroy the song as many covers do.
    Have to say though that as well as Chris sings it,hes no match for Agnetha, but Chris has at least stuck to the original tune and lyrics,I have to give him credit for that.
    Yes I would buy it,although as I have it in original form,i wont be replacing it.
    Thanks for the space……..john from UK.

  • Is BAO not touring this summer? If not, why not? If so, is a schedule available?

    I would appreciate hearing from someone on this. Thanks.

    ps – I enjoy icethesite very much

  • Hi Jamie

    The band are busy with other projects this year, not least of all Benny who is producing a movie with his son Ludvig.


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