Björn as we’ve not seen him for a few years!

Mamma Mia! it's Björn! Photo: Christian Hagward
Mamma Mia! it's Björn! Photo: Christian Hagward

Björn was back in spandex for an appearance at yesterday’s Gaygalan (“Gay Awards”) at Cirkus in Stockholm.

He was the presenter of the prize for “Homo/Bi-sexual Person Of the Year” to the photographer Elisabeth Olsson-Wallin (who took the photographs of Benny for the feature in Vi magazine last year).

Björn made quite an impression on the Cirkus audience when he appeared wearing a Mamma Mia! type stage show costume!

He also, on behalf of all the ABBA members, thanked the gay audience for all their unwavering support through the time when it was really “not cool” to like ABBA.

Swedish gay magazine QX has many pictures from the evening and also this fantastic video (below) which has Björn’s speech to the Gay Gala awards translated into English:

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Aftonbladet also has footage of the event.


  • He looks great! A nice body for his age! 😉

  • Bjorn trying out the costume for the renunion then eh? he he!

  • Mamma Mia! It’s Bjorn Again! Genuine sophistication!!! (just joking)

  • Well done, Bjorn!

  • Bjorn is a great man.

    What a thing to do for his fans. Self-deprecating humour is the best.
    Sometimes i get the feeling that the former Abba members are really and truly overwhelmed that they are still loved so much – and whatever they say – they cannot say enough.

  • Woo woo …nice strong arms there!!! He always fitted his spandex very well indeed..;-))

  • To quote an Australian saying….`Good on ya …mate`, Bjorn may be in his 60`s,but this clip shows he is still a `sport`….Swedish or not,I dont mind admitting,i would have made the appearance,BUT not dressed like that,and as I said,if Bjorn reads this….`pat on the back,good on ya,our friend is a real `sport` for that one.
    As for the support of the `Gay` scene,an like all Abba members,im most definitely hetrosexual,I can say this,from contact through my business,with the Gay fraternity,most of them are very educated people,and know their music or what ever the interest is,and i can well see their support for Abba coming from an appreciation of `GOOD` music. Like all good things,it may go through lean times,and as Bjorn says,when it was `uncool` to like Abba,or any band for that matter, BUT,like anything from the likes of Strauss,Beethoven,Queen,Beatles,just to name 4…..good music never dies,it always comes back around,and so has Abba. Just the `Gay fraternity was quicker to pick up on it than the rest of us.
    Incidentally,`Dancing Queen` has taken on the mantel of a sort of `anthem` in our local `gay clubs`,in Newcastle,similar to `Never walk alone in Liverpool,so Abba can be proud of that.

  • This is fantastic …thanks Ice 🙂 And as Arina mentions, Björn’s got a really good bod! (I think it actually looks just that bit more toned than his svelt times during ABBA’s heyday! 😉
    Cheers 🙂

  • Omg,the same “old” Bjorn!!!Always cute and charming…He realy didn’t change!Him and Benny were always my favourites of ABBA…And i grew up with their songs…Well,in all honesty,it may sound funny to say this…but Bjorn was my childhood’s first crush!And after all these years,i look at him and i still love him…Ahhhh,age is just a number…!Bjorn you’re the best!!!

    Greetings from Portugal and UK!

  • I think its cute. Remindes me of their heyday!!!

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