Super Trouper Deluxe Edition CD (+DVD) – Updated with tracklist


Super Trouper Deluxe Edition with DVD on the way

The Official ABBA website has announced the release on 9 May 2011 of the Super Trouper Deluxe Edition CD/DVD.

Originally released in 1980, Super Trouper features classic hits such as the title track, ‘The Winner Takes It All’ and ‘Lay All Your Love On Me’, along with the original version of one of the more poignant songs in the Mamma Mia! musical, ‘Our Last Summer’.

Super Trouper Deluxe Edition is a 2-disc release, featuring a CD with a remastered version of the original album along with relevant bonus tracks, plus a DVD of rare television performances and interviews from the archives, including previously unseen footage.

Disc 01: CD

01 Super Trouper
02 The Winner Takes It All
03 On And On And On
04 Andante, Andante
05 Me And I
06 Happy New Year
07 Our Last Summer
08 The Piper
09 Lay All Your Love On Me
10 The Way Old Friends Do

Bonus tracks

11 Elaine
12 On And On And On (Full length version, stereo mix)
13 Put On Your White Sombrero
14 Andante, Andante (Spanish Version)
15 Felicidad (Spanish Version of Happy New Year)

Disc 02: DVD

01 ABBA On German TV (SHOW EXPRESS, ZDF) – Songs performed: The Winner Takes It All, Super Trouper, On And On And On
02 Happy New Year (SVT)
03 Words And Music (DOCUMENTARY)
04 Somewhere In The Crowd There’s You – On Location With ABBA
05 Super Trouper (Remastered promo clip)
06 Happy New Year (Remastered promo clip)
07 Super Trouper TV commercial I (UK)
08 Super Trouper TV commercial II (UK)
09 International Sleeve Gallery

A few comments on the track list:
The original album and the bonus tracks have been remastered especially for this release, sounding better than ever. As for the bonus tracks, an exciting discovery was the stereo mix of the original, full length version of On And On And On, previously only available in mono. We are very happy to be able to include it on this Deluxe Edition of Super Trouper.

The DVD contains a number of television performances of tracks from the Super Trouper album, none of which have been released on DVD before. The same goes for the vintage documentary Words And Music, produced by Polar Music International, which features the group talking specifically about the Super Trouper album in the immediate aftermath of the album’s completion.

We are especially thrilled to be able to include a brand new featurette, entitled Somewhere In The Crowd There’s You – On Location With ABBA. This featurette is a brand new production, compiling footage that was shot on the night when ABBA and their album designer, Rune Söderqvist, assembled a crowd of friends and circus performers to create the spectacular photograph featured on the Super Trouper album sleeve. This archive footage has been gathering dust in the archives for three decades without ever being made public – until now.

As a bonus, we have included the original promo clips for ‘Super Trouper’ and ‘Happy New Year’ – both of which feature footage shot on the “album sleeve night” – to give the viewer further glimpses of what took place that night. The sequences included in the promo clips, shot by director Lasse Hallström, are completely different to the footage in the featurette, filmed by a separate film crew. The promo clips are the newly restored and remastered versions, out of which only ‘Super Trouper’ has been released before (on last year’s ABBA Gold CD/DVD Special Edition); the restored ‘Happy New Year’ is seen for the first time.

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  • Can’t wait! Probably one of my favourite ABBA albums although i like The Album, Voulez-Vous, Arrival, The Visitors…!!!

  • Can’t wait. Hope the remaster will be as good as Voulez-Vous deluxe edition. All previous remasters of Super Trouper sounds a bit hollow to me. Something to look forward to.

  • Great news, didn’t expected it so soon!

  • Aw. I’m a bit disappointed. I had always hoped this would be released around my own personal favorite abba day- 13 November. 13/11/79 saw them perform live, 13/11/80 pretty sure the original super trouper was released, then most surprising 13/11/81 I bought the visitors. That one caught me by surprise-the only time I ever never knew an album was going to be released. (no Internet back then of course!) don’t think I’ll be able to hold off til November though if it’s released now. I do wonder why it’s a year late. Should have been 2010 for more significance. Ah well. Same old tracks again I suppose. The original vinyl still sounds the best. I do wish they’d leave things alone.

  • Indeed this is great news. As has been said already, the mastering will have to be better than the absolutely dire job that was done with the latest Gold CD/DVD compilation. The LP mastering is very good – head and shoulders above many other releases of the time, and should be looked to as the reference benchmark. Although it’s a bit pointless me saying this now – they will have already done it!

    Greater news would be if they were to release a complete live gig! Either the 77 or 79 tour set would be just fine!

  • Was so excited when I bought this LP “way back when”!! Such a terrific album!!

  • Looking forward to this release.
    I’m more interested in the dvd part.
    I hope it contains some rare clips or at least the Words and music tv show.

  • This is my very favourite ABBA Album..bit strange it coming out in the Spring when it’s very much a Winter album..but it will be great still..unseen footage on the dvd eh?? Interesting!!! Lets hope it really is new! 😉

  • unseen footage on the DVD!!!! Don’t hold your breath, probably a 30 second commercial, and then we’ll get Dick Cavett again I suppose, and the 2 versions of Happy New Year and the usual stuff. Still I suppose I am a FOOL and I will still BUY IT, idiot that I am

  • Ahh, Super Trouper, the cover remains a mystery to this day among fans. Is that Mona in the shoot? hmm… Great album, champing at the bit. -Robb

  • I saw words and music for the first time yesterday on youtube. I dont know how I have never come across this before. Call myself a hardcore fan?! The DVD will be interesting to see what is on there. Abba didnt do much in 1980. kidnap threats etc. Probably Show express and happy new year round the piano. Hopefully ‘The Visitors’ next year. That one really excites me. Hopefully Super Trouper will have a new version in Stereo of the full ‘On and on and on’.

  • lets hope the dvd is remastered with the full way old friends do on . also more live unreleased footage. lets hope the cd is correctly remastered lets hope some one takes careful time to make sure the cd/dvd is correct before release
    bring it on

  • This is exciting news. I love the deluxe editions and look forward to hearing what gems they have managed to include on the DVD. I really hope Words & Music is here. But I will be happy no matter what. I love the TV adverts as well. A real piece of history. Looking forward to reading more about this.


    The tape selection and mastering here will be interesting. A lot of us suspected that the Voulez-Vous deluxe used mixdown tapes, but in this case to retain the original applause between Lay All Your Love On Me and The Way Old Friends Do they would have to go back to the LP cutting tapes. Also I wonder about the fade out of applause at the end of The Way Old Friends Do. Most CD versions have the applause fading out very quickly, whereas the Atlantic CD version has the fade out taking around 15 seconds or so.

    I’m guessing that they could do three things 1) Use the LP cutters for the two tracks in question at least, or god forbid the entire album 2) Use the mixdowns for all the tracks and create a new crossfade 3) Use the mixdown tapes and not to create a crossfade (1997 and 2001 remasters were like that)

    Personally I would like to see that the applause between LAYLOM and TWOFD is retained, and having future remasters of ABBA Gold and More ABBA Gold having clean versions of these tracks sourced from the mixdown tapes.

    I am hoping that they will use even less limiting than what they used on the Voulez-Vous Deluxe edition. I sent an email to UMG asking if they could limit the audio to TYFTM remaster levels at most, but I doubt that this will happen 🙁 I even suggested that they use no limiter (like the 1980s CDs) but this I think will definitely not happen.

    From an EQ standpoint I am hoping for a good EQed versions of the Spanish tracks. Mas ORO is just too bright for my taste. Indeed the more I listen to the Tretow remasters the more annoyed I am at the excessive brightness, and the more I listen to the CSR remasters the more annoyed I am at the compression :S

    On and On and On will be quite interesting. While the stereo mixdown of the full version may be lost, I have a suspicion that the multitrack tapes still exist. Perhaps they will not remaster On and On and On, but create a new stereo remix. (Remastering and remixing are two different things) Unlikely but could happen.

    We will see what will happen

    (LOL I am such a nerd)


  • The tracklist is on the ABBASITE official site.I’m happy with the dvd 😉

  • So Abbasite have confirmed the track listing today!

    All the usual suspects on the DVD,
    Show Express
    Happy new year round the piano
    Words and music
    2 UK TV commercials
    Remastered Super Trouper and happy new year videos. (would have been nice to have all the remastered film clips though)

    Exciting is the previously unseen ‘somewhere in the crowd there’s you’. A collection of footage from the ‘Super trouper’ album sleeve cover and ST/HNY videos. Filmed by someone else (not Lasse).

    Nice to see the full length STEREO version of On and on and on.

    All in all, seems to be a good Deluxe version!


  • Sounds like it will be worth it. I’ve never seen Words and Music before nor Happy New Year round the piano so I’m very excited about this release.

  • If I was Universal Music I would have held off this release until Christmas. With a television & internet ad campaign we might have seen ‘Super Trouper’ back in the Album charts 31 years after it’s original release…..Looking like a number 1.

  • Really looking forward to this one – still remember the day that the Super Trouper album was released. Track listing is as expected and loking forward to the DVD – cant wait!


  • would of liked the way old friends do where they run back on to the stage

  • The more I think about this, the more I wonder why ABBA does not want to be filmed side by side to this day. It’s ABBA’s history, no matter how their lives turned out. Remember the fans, those crazy people who loved all four of you for your music. You must get back to the studio and deliver a standing ovation before the lights turn out. Oh. and please reveal the Super Trouper cover, is that Mona, Agnetha is looking at? -Robb

  • Really looking forward to hearing the full On and On and On.
    I don’t know which live version I’ve seen of this song, I am hoping it was the one to be released as listed above – ABBA on German TV – but in my opinion it was the best I have ever heard this song sounding. Really rocky – and I think the song benefited greatly from this arrangement/production.

    Also the ‘Somewhere in the crowd’ sounds promising.

    It’s my birthday on May 10th – so I shall be treating my self to this purchase on the 9th, which I shall keep under wraps ” ’til the night has gone ” when I shall get up the next morning and sit in front of the TV and wallow…….

    Can’t wait!

  • Sounds really good. Brings back so many memories. I can still remember the day they showed Words and Music-it was Good Friday. I still have the massive card board window display for Super Trouper which I begged HMV to give me-1980-I was 15 and totally obsessed.

    cant wait to get my copy

  • I’m a bit disappointed. Hoped for Stars & Sur Son from France.
    The German performances are allready in HQ been on Kultnacht.
    But looking forward to Words And Music & Somewhere In The Crowd There’s You – On Location With ABBA!!!!
    So will i buy it? Ofcourse!!!!

    Now let’s hope for the deluxe edition of The Visitors with the complete ‘Dick Cavet show ” & the deluxe edition of “the first ten years” with a dvd of rare performance 1973-1982!

  • I have loved Abba since I was aged 12 years old. I am really happy about this new release. Lisa

  • Sounds really good! I remember getting the Super Trouper album for Christmas 1980 from my aunt!

    On and On and On full length version, Words and Music and Somewhere In The Crowd… are all exciting stuff!

    Would have liked to have seen live footage of TWOFD at Wembley as a previous post mentioned but I suppose you can’t have everything…

    Roll on May 9th!

  • I know this is nit picking but I’m wondering why The Winner Takes It All & Felicidad video clips haven’t been included? That aside I think it sounds excellent. I cannot wait to blast out the longer version of On And On And On!

  • Tony 03 Mar, 2011 at 9:58 PM #

    If I was Universal Music I would have held off this release until Christmas. With a television & internet ad campaign we might have seen ‘Super Trouper’ back in the Album charts 31 years after it’s original release…..Looking like a number 1.

    Looks like Universal are going for the publicity accociated with Eurovision Song Contest 12 May??

    Surprised TWTIA is not on it.

  • From the official write-up:

    “…we have included the original promo clips for ‘Super Trouper’ and ‘Happy New Year’ – both of which feature footage shot on the “album sleeve night” – to give the viewer further glimpses of what took place that night. The sequences included in the promo clips, shot by director Lasse Hallström, are completely different to the footage in the featurette, filmed by a separate film crew.”

    It does seem rather odd not to include all the promo clips, but at least there appears to be an actual rationale behind this, rather than some sneaky “you still have to buy The Definitive Collection DVD” ploy.

  • I’m really happy with this dvd selection…they have included all they can from this fabulous time in ABBA’s career..cannot wait!!! 😉

  • Hey Tim you said “Would have liked to have seen live footage of TWOFD at Wembley as a previous post mentioned but I suppose you can’t have everything…” Well Tim this was included in the Words and Music special so you should get your wish. It is also included on the DVD Abba Live In Concert…

    As for this release….just one word…..SUPER!!! Love that they have something totally new on the DVd and to finally have the W&M special is great. Loving these deluxe editions!!

  • Hi,

    some already mentioned that it is nit picking to state that the TWTIA video is not included in this package…

    I don’t think so! I think it was simply thoughtless of Universal Music to not have compiled all videos on the bonus DVD. So again, important parts for the story of the “Super Trouper” Album are missing, because in my opinion especially the TWTIA video was a milestone and a special highlight in the groups video biography.

    Also, concerning the stereo Mix of “On and On”, I wonder why it previously was only available in mono and now, all of a sudden, Universal pulls it like a rabbit out of a hat.

    What else will be found in the vaults within the next 20 years ( and in fact has already being found but will not be published) to keep the Abba Fans buying the 10th and 20th re-release of the back catalogue??

    Still money grabbing


  • Stefan, couldn’t agree with you more. I long lost respect for Universal and never buy any of these releases.

  • Yes there are unreleased mixes and demo versions of all Abba tracks. Yes we would love to see them released, but it is up to Benny and Bjorn.

  • I underdstand that we would like more…as fans we always want more. But the fact that these deluxe editions are coming out after the group split 29 years ago is still great. ABBA are still a force in pop music and these releases are beautifully done and the DVD’s included always contain some great stuff. So I for one am happy for these re-releases 🙂

  • I listen to Abba nearly every day in the car on the way to work and back. I compiled my own CD based on the Abba fan club top 20. It’s fantastic. This is the work of a happy foursome set of geniuses. All of them. Not just Benny or B&B but ABBA. It was a labour of love and, I guess, they must have had a load of stuff they thought was ‘trash’ along the way and discarded, but each album was the best they thought they could produce at the time. And now, 30+ years later, we are still in awe. So they did the right thing.

    I would love to have magical hidden songs from the vaults like anyone else but as far as B&B or ABBA are concerned, they don’t exist. And why do they need to?

    Aren’t we satisfied with the wealth of musical material they have already provided?


  • Thanks, Universal; this will be fun! I for one would have loved to hear demo versions and song-in-progress of all of these classic tracks, but the essence of the album is well covered with this tracklisting and the additional dvd gems. Save something for a future release of studio session material (it has to come one day!).

  • For me having a previously unreleased track means I can enjoy their work on a new level. I love what we already have and think ABBA have a wonderful legacy which is still rich and vibrant and exciting. Hearing an alternative mix, a demo or unreleased song isn’t about being unhappy with what we already have it’s simply about learning more about the way B&B wrote/produced and about how A&F used their voices in different ways. Other artists have done it and from reading comments on various forums those ‘new’ tracks give new pleasure to the listener.

  • I keep coming back to this Super Trouper nibble. I can’t wait, but what of the visitors. ABBA could deliver a knockout punch to the industry with a studio release of all four of them in chorus. What are the chances… My favorite would be to hear “Story of a Heart” performed by ABBA.

  • I am in complete agreement with Steve and Robb’s comments.
    No need for any public performances, but to hear the four voices together one more time, would be fantastic. Personally, I always wanted to hear ‘I know him so well’, done by the four. Perhaps a double A side with SOAH – were it still vinyl!

    So looking forward to hearing On and On and On, and seeing the ‘Somewhere in the crowd’ feature. Roll on May 9th.

  • We can’t even get “Our last summer” with Agnetha’s lead vocal on this 30th anniversary release. It would be a perfect time to release it here on this CD as a bonus.

  • @Andrew As far as I’m aware, there isn’t an Agnetha version of ‘Our last summer’. Judging my Carl Magnus Palms book ‘Abba – The complete recording sessions’ there is little said about the early days of this song, and no working title is mentioned either. Admittedly it would be nice to here her singing it, in fact on her ‘ABBAWorld’ interview she does sing the first line of the chorus!

  • There were a couple of internet rumours years ago that both girls recorded vocals on every ABBA song to see who it suited best. Probably true when rehearsing, but there’s no evidence that they recorded every song this way. Strongest rumour was a Frida version of The Day Before You Came. Probably just wishful thinking, or another example of fans trying to impress others with made-up “insider knowledge”..

  • from

    The forthcoming Super Trouper Deluxe Edition is an exciting double disc package of a classic ABBA album, in the vein of previous Deluxe Editions of Arrival, ABBA – The Album and Voulez-Vous. We have already revealed the track listing of the CD and the DVD included in this package, the latter of which features previously unreleased television performances. We would also like to share some information on the work that has gone into the remastering of the original album.

    On Super Trouper Deluxe Edition, all tracks on the CD have been remastered especially for this release. All of the recordings used in this process have been taken from the original master tapes of each individual track on the original album. In other words, these tapes are as close to the original recording as they could possibly be, making for the pure, unadulterated sound of ABBA in the studio. The same is also true of the bonus tracks.

    The philosophy behind the CD mastering, made by Erik Broheden at Masters Of Audio in Stockholm, Sweden, was to remain as close to the original tapes as possible, retaining the original dynamics. Any enhancements have only been made to further bring out the sound as originally produced by ABBA’s Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus in collaboration with their invaluable sound engineer Michael B. Tretow.

    Super Trouper Deluxe Edition is released May 9, 2011.

  • Rudolf,

    I was there the first time round. I can’t believe it is 30 years. Possibly the best album. But then they all were.

    On and On and On …


  • Hi my name is Ana Carolina Serapião, well I’m 18 and young fan of ABBA. I saw the ABBA World in irternet OMG is sooooo perfect. I wonder how ABBA World will come to Brazil. Brazilian fans have too much of ABBA World =0 we will cry when we know that will come to our country. *o* So please We want #ABBAWorldnoBrasil *-* I’m sending to twitter every time it.

  • Just seen the promo clip! Honestly, it feels just as it did when I was waiting for the next new ABBA release as a 14 yr old. Mostly because of the stuff I/we haven’t seen or heard before. Thanks for getting hold of this promo clip Ice. I’m ready to burst. Can’t wait for May 9th!!


  • The DVD looks to be such fantastic quality, and good value.
    Needless to say, I’m looking forward to it 🙂

  • I’m going to be away at the time of release, so I’ve ordered my copy with Amazon, to be posted to the address where I’ll be staying. I’ll be gutted if it’s late getting there as I’ll be coming back home on the 11th! Looking forward to the comments here.

  • My copy just arrived this morning 🙂 The only small crit I have is it does not have the plastic see through cover the others had. Liked that as it protected the covers. But opened it up and looks sensational as always. The booklet is beautifully put together with some great pics. So will be checking the DVD out later today. These deluxe editions have been a great idea and they are so well put together.

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