Kristina från Duvemåla press event footage

Yesterday, The Swedish Theatre uploaded footage from a press event held to introduce the Kristina cast. Benny and Björn along with Lars Rudolfsson were, of course also in attendance.

Twenty other members of the cast have now secured their places for the run which premieres on 29 February, 2012 in Helsinki. The show is presented by Finland’s Svenska Teatern. Tickets went on sale to the general public on 28 March.

Kristina från Duvemåla has only previously run in theatrical form in Benny and Björn’s native Sweden. The show opened in Malmö, Sweden on 7 October, 1995.


‘Kristina’ as it has become known, transferred from Malmö to Göteborg on the 13th April 1996 and from there, headed to a specially enlarged Cirkus (Theatre) in Stockholm. The musical opened in Stockholm on 14 February, 1998 and closed on 19 June, 1999. In all, it is reported than in a country of just over 9 million inhabitants, more than 1 million saw Kristina during its runs in Malmö, Göteborg and Stockholm.

An English version has been performed three times in concert. Two nights in Carnegie Hall, New York and one night at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

It is hoped that the version which launches in Finland next year will be the one that theatre companies in Eastern Europe and Russia and possibly further afield will go on to stage in the future.

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