Benny Anderssons Orkester news – updated 20 May

O klang och jubeltid cover
O klang och jubeltid - CD cover
A short press release from Mono Music gives us some further details of promotion for the new album O klang och jubeltid, the name of the first single and a look at the album cover.

It has been ten years of resounding since BAO was formed in early 2001 in conjunction with the recording of the first CD “Benny Andersson’s Orkester”, which was then followed by another four CDs BAO, BAO på turné, BAO 3 and Story Of A Heart. Hits such as Vår sista dans, Du är min man and Fait accompli have become modern classics!

The new CD contains 13 tracks, eight of which have vocals. Helen Sjöholm sings vocals on three tracks, two feature Tommy Körberg plus three tracks feature Helen Sjöholm, Tommy Körberg and Kalle Moraeus.

O klang och jubeltid is released on 8 June, and the single Kära Syster is to be released 16 May.

Update 20 May: Tracklist now made public.

During the summer, BAO will participate in two major television productions as well as going out on tour. In eight towns, the audience will experience an evening filled with music, joy and dance…

Tour dates

Thursday 21 July 19.00 Parken – Örnsköldsvik
Friday 22 July 19.00 Stenegården – Järvsö
Saturday 23 July 19.00 Sammilsdalsgropen – Leksand
Sunday 24 July 18.00 Sandgrundsudden – Karlstad
Wednesday 27 July 19.00 Sofiero Slott – Helsingborg
Thursday 28 July 19.00 Trädgårdsföreningen – Göteborg
Friday 29 July 19.00 Gripsholms Slott – Mariefred
Saturday 30 July 19.00 Galejan Skansen – Stockholm

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  • Music, joy and dance … wonderful. Will the single be available on UK iTunes?


  • Please publish information about availability in the U.S.

  • Looking forward to this. I love the cover 🙂

  • There are currently no plans for an international release as far as I know. The usual stores such as and will stock the product but don’t always ship world wide.

    Someone that does though, is the Official International ABBA Fan Club and you can visit their store here:

  • Can’t wait! More of the wonderful Ms Sjoholm & Mr Korberg plus the music of Mr Andersson and the lyrics of Mr Ulvaeus. What more could one ask for?

  • you can hear a snippet of the songe at amazon :

  • Good news – I’ll look forward to hearing this collection of songs. Its been a while since i seen BAO in Glasgow but who can say maybe they will play Edinburgh at some point in time ! – you never know.

    All the best

  • For a limited time, if you go here:

    and look in the right-hand column for the section entitled ‘Lysnna’ and select ‘Senaste sändningen’ and then scroll to 45 mins, 20 seconds, you’ll hear Benny’s daughter-in-law Nanne Grönvall and Kalle Moraeus introduce Kära Syster and play it in full 🙂


  • Thanks Ice for the radio play tip off – what a cool song. Another classic.

  • “Take it easy, with me please…”

    Hmmm. No Story of a Heart. Got a bit bored actually. Still, will buy. But could (wishful thinking) hear Frida singing it if it was you know who…

  • Nice to hear a new song from BAO with Helen.Thanks Ice for the link.
    Perhaps it’s just me but the last minute or so of the song sounds very slightly like Put on your white sombrero in the tune.

  • @Darren – It’s not just you, I actually thought that too from the very first listen…!
    Lovely song and lyrics, perhaps not my favourite BAO song, but Helen’s vocals are wonderful.

  • I’m confused; Amazon now lists the download for May 23rd…

  • Last friday I’ve hear’d the new single from BAO in the radioprogam from Nanne in Sweden. The new song is superb. Loved it from the first note.

  • Bittersweet lyrics and a wall of sound (Riksmixningsverket Studios have a lot of fun old instruments and toys); the soul of ‘BAO!’ is there in every note! Helen, you sing safe and sound as ever before: beautiful!
    Yes, it IS a nod to ‘Andante Andante’, but it is SO BAO: I come to think of one of my all time ABBA favorites, which also takes place on a dance floor: “…don’t you hear them play our song…”, and of its immediate twin “…if this is our last dance…”. For those of us who’s been out dancing, watching past partners, old flirts, missed opportunities and new desires swirling by, Björns words have a true meaning: please take me dancing! Yes, I’ve had best friends who’s had a better chance than me, and overshadowing my presence (curse them ‘brothers’!), and I’ve danced with my exes. ‘Dear Sister’ will appeal to us all: thank You, Benny!

  • I´ve downloaded the track today from itunes while sitting in the rival hotel…..!

  • Just downloaded the “Kara Syster” single from iTunes.
    Many thanks to Benny Andersson, you simply rock ! May you long continue producing such uplifting music.

  • Got my iTunes download yesterday and I love it! Looking forward to the album!

  • The song is available for listening free on Spotify in some territories.

  • Can´t wait for the other songs and for the concert i will visit in Stockholm in July.
    Hope to meet everyone in a good mood. Let’s celebrate the new album together.

  • What happened to the recording session video, Ice?


  • It hasn’t seen the light of day yet Lee!

    I did only state on Facebook, that we “may” be seeing the footage (as far as I know, it is the plan for it to be seen by the public) but bear in mind that there is still time for it to be seen and still be counted as promotion.


  • Fair enough, Ice, we’ll take anything as it comes, as you know.

    You continue to do a great job here. Just looking forward to the CD now, better, I think, that no international ‘hoo-hah’ has been made.


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