O klang och jubeltid – tracklist and hear Kära Syster in full!

These are the songs we’ll come to love, I’m sure. I’m already convinced by Kära Syster, the single, which I can’t stop humming!

1. O Klang Och Jubeltid – Helen Sjöholm, Tommy Körberg & Kalle Moraeus
2. Kära Syster – Helen Sjöholm
3. Månstrålar Klara – Trad., text Arvid Ödmann – Tommy Körberg
4. Midsommarpolka
5. Allt Syns När Man Är Naken – Helen Sjöholm, Tommy Körberg & Kalle Moraeus
6. Alla Goda Ting
7. En Dag I Sänder – Helen Sjöholm
8. Flickornas Rum
9. De Ljuva Drömmarnas Orkester – Helen Sjöholm, Tommy Körberg & Kalle Moraeus
10. Jag Hör… – Tommy Körberg
11. Sorgmarsch
12. Vilar Glad. I Din Famn – text Kristina Lugn – Helen Sjöholm
13. Brudmarsch

Hear Kära Syster in full:

Lyssna: Kära Syster – Helene Sjöholm & Benny Anderssons Orkester

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  • Whoa! Helen singing “Vilar glad. I din famn”?! Awesome!

    Also: I wonder if the “Brudmarsch” is the one from the wedding that (I’m told) was an arrangement of “Duvemala hage”…

  • I love the artwork for the cd-cover, I wonder who did the embroidering? Benny or Helen? 🙂

  • Dear BAO friends, definitely an exciting time waiting for the new album. And hearing so much praise for the new single “Kära Syster” I wonder if there is anyone out there who feels the same: This is a nice tune, but sort of disappointing in terms of the usual quality level of Benny’s music. It’s catchy, no doubt, it’s lovely to sing and dance along, but the production feels weak, the sounds of the strings too artificial, and it doesn’t sound “old” like it is meant to be. Rather it reminds me on a German “Schlagersinger” and this provides me with some sort of stomach ache, and this is the first time in my more than 30 years of B&B-fandom. I just hope the other 12 songs – another one of which we already know, though not in this version – will make me happier, and this is what I truly believe.

  • I am sure the new version of Vilar Glad. I Din Famn with Helen is a master piece of the album

  • Hmmm. I hate to put a fly in the ointment, but Kara Syster isn’t doing it for me.

  • Sounds like something he could have written even before ABBA. Really someting for the folkparks. 🙂

  • Kära Syster is absolutely wonderful. I expect this to be a huge dancefloor filler among BAO’s audiences in Sweden this Summer.

    Such a top tune! Love it.

  • ..I LOVE it!..Beautiful melody…I live in Germany ,and this is a higher level than schlager!! (Regarding one of the comments )..Anyway to each his own..I actually prefer this to the wedding thing….found that well…a tad bit forgettable..

  • I think it would help us non-Swedish speakers to have some English translations but I have this in my head a lot anyway. once you get under ‘the skin’ it becomes infectious …

    2 weeks to go yay!


  • I love it! If this is any indication of what the album as a whole will be like I can’t wait.
    Every time I hear Helen sing I just want to cry – she is a truly amazing talent.

  • Here’s my Translation:

    Dearest Sister, you can choose any man that you’d want
    You enter the room like a Queen, a goddess, smiling
    That’s what the men see
    And I feel helpless and foolish

    Dearest Sister, it’s not your fault that you are radiant
    Like a star – The success is yours
    You can have any man
    The one one you take might be the one that I will lose
    Because, Dearest Sister
    One of them IS mine

    Dearest Sister, it must feel great to be worshipped
    Tell me, how does it feel?
    Does it make you aroused with power
    It pains me inside
    Seeing men strut around
    You command, and it will be as you desire.

    Dearest Sister, tell me, what does Love mean to you deep inside
    Did you ever experience it, truly?
    You can have any man
    The one you choose to take might be the one I will lose
    Because Dearest Sister
    One of them IS mine

    Dearest Sister, when I see him,
    Standing there beside you like a little puppy,
    I really should turn and walk away
    But still I remain here
    All the pride that I have
    is withering away, that’s just the way it is.

    Dearest Sister, he is everything to me, I want you to know
    But he can all too easily be yours
    You can have any man
    The one you choose to take might be the one I will lose
    Because Dearest Sister
    One of them IS mine

    One of these men that you see
    have I already ‘taken’ as mine with his faults and shortcomings
    Yes, Dearest Sister
    One of them IS mine

  • Hello!
    This is great! I already get chills, what will be when the album comes out 🙂
    The single is great, it has some melancholy feeling and its a happy tune, joyfull and sweet…

    I especially like the begining of the song, typical Benny Andersson 🙂
    And the Helens voice is amazing, full of joy and with no mistakes.

    Oh, I alredy listening to the song 5 times in a row, its great, and I think the album will be the best…

  • John, now that we know the full tracklist of the album, can you please translate all the titles of the songs?


  • Thaks; I guess something like this:

    1. O Klang Och Jubeltid – Times of Joy and Chiming (resounding?) harmonies (?)
    2. Kära Syster – Dearest Sister
    3. Månstrålar Klara – Bright Moonbeams
    4. Midsommarpolka – Mid Summer Polka
    5. Allt Syns När Man Är Naken – When You Are Naked, Everything Shows
    6. Alla Goda Ting – All Good Things
    7. En Dag I Sänder – As One Day Passes (`?) / One day At The Time
    8. Flickornas Rum – The Girls’ Room
    9. De Ljuva Drömmarnas Orkester – The Orchestra of Sweet Dreams
    10. Jag Hör… – I Hear…
    11. Sorgmarsch – March of Sorrow
    12. Vilar Glad. I Din Famn – Resting Happily In Your Arms
    13. Brudmarsch – Bridal March

  • A good tune, but not one of Benny’s best. I agree with Alexander, there is just something to it that I don’t feel as I do with his other works. Usually a Benny song will start off and then a surprise melodically or sound wise will jump out. This tune is just plain. It’s nice and I’m not saying it’s a bad song, but the fans I think know that Benny is a master of his craft and to me this is too simple. Compare this song to songs from Chess, Kristina, Story Of A Heart, or even You Are My Man, and maybe you can see where I’m coming from. Cheers.

  • Can´t wait to get my copy of that cd.
    I love the way Helen is singing!

  • Funny old world! You Are My Man is one of the few songs I usually skip and it was a huge hit in Sweden!


  • OK, so I finally listened to “Kara syster” in full! Perhaps not the most original B&B song ever, but man is it powerful! For me, what really took the cake was the use of countermelody, which I’m crazy about and which Benny does so well. Listen to the soaring strings and the chimes in the last few verses. Stunning.

    Side note: many thanks to John for the translations. I can feel my Swedish improving! 😉

  • Also, a fun observation: the phrase “hjälplös och dum” (first verse) also appears in “A Sunday in Battery Park”…

  • Nope! A week on and I still don’t like it. Still disappointed.

  • Yup! A week on and I still love it! Still love it!

  • En dag I sander, I feel will become a big favourite of many! Great to know that Benny can still write a good pop song!

  • @Gareth: yes, I fear that is the ‘Du Är Min Man’ on this album: a song I didn’t see the hit potential in, but it did 278 weeks (!!) in the listeners charts ‘Svensktoppen’. I admit it is catchy today.
    The little snippets we can hear now (Amazon) is veeery promising: The vocalists are having a ball with what -as I can hear- quite beautiful melodies and [sigh!] Björns melancholic -and nostalgic now- pen.
    What excites me a little more is the delightful piano on ‘Flickornas rum’: yes, Benny, I miss your piano touch!
    Just happened to listen to a handful of YouTube clips of live bootleg snippets of 1979 live recordings of ‘I Have A Dream’ -and I’m in awe over Bennys synth piano intro: he plays different on all recordings, and toys around behind Fridas vocal, and on ‘Money…’ there are fun snippets of surprise melody lines.
    All in all, I’m in for a treat when this is released; BAO soon beats ABBA in years, and I like this band for what they are.
    But please, Benny and Helen: could you please make a ‘cover’ of ‘Dance /while the music still goes on) live this summer? Re-arrange it, and I’ll stand by the dance floor and find meself a partner! It’ll fit superb as an intro to ‘Our Last Dance’ and ‘Kära Syster’.
    It can be a waltz for all I care; Helens voice would carry that away with me dancing to it!
    Take care, friends!

  • I’m in love with this already (has the release date slipped by a week?).

    Wow. Track 5 is going to be brilliant. I feel so honoured that Benny has timed this release for a couple of weeks prior to my birthday … and a ‘big’ one too (I was 15 in 1976) … LOL 🙂 and Helen singing ‘Vilar glad i din famn’ … oooohhh, I had better stop now.



  • Howya,

    Benny (& Björn) I love you! Thank you so much for the music. I just downloaded by amazon the new BAO…. It is so beautiful, amazing – I’m happy to be your fan.
    Please may I ask where can I get the lyrics.

    Many love from Germany

  • I downloaded the album from Nokia music store and I love it! My favourite song is En Dag I Sänder. I just love it. Månstrålar Klara reminds me a lot of ABBAs Cassandra, especially the base line. Great album. Will listen to it over and over again.

  • Funny how I did not like the original Vilar Glad, but Helen’s solo version has transformed that song for me – this is the perfect version. I agree with people’s comments about the wonderful and moving Brudmarsch. It is one long counter-melody to the previous track. Try singing Vilar Glad (in exactly the same format as Helen and Benny do it) on top of Brudmarsch, at exactly the same tempo but up a 4th, and it fits exactly. The heavenly choir will join you before the end! It takes a lot of breath control (especially for the long notes which are now long AND high) but with all that oxygen to the brain you feel like you’ve gone to heaven in more ways then one when it’s all over 🙂

  • just received the new bao cd and I LOVE IT. And Helen is, as usual, very very good. Love the first single. Benny, Bjorn and everybody else did a great job. I’m proud to be a fan of them.

  • I’d like somehow to get the lyrics to all the songs off this album. I have the album but on download only so I have no booklet if the words are inside the booklet I don’t have this. Can someone help me please???

  • What is the best way to order the CD from the US?

  • This is just one more proof of this man’s incredible talents! Great CD.

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