Benny fights back in ‘Battle of Slussen’

Benny Andersson

I reported on Monday that Benny Andersson had taken to writing an open letter to Swedish publication Dagens nyheter in order to question many aspects of the plans to redevelop Stockholm’s Slussen area.

Sten Nordin wrote a reply to Benny that was published in DN on Tuesday (22 November) and was joined in print by the Project Manager for Nya Slussen (New Slussen) suggesting that Benny had misunderstood certain things about the plans.

Nordin’s response appears to have prompted a far stronger retort from Benny in a new letter published in DN entitled “An incredibly cynical statement, Sten Nordin”. In it, Benny asks that Nordin tell Stockholm residents exactly what to expect if the proposed plans go through, however Benny believes that as Nordin did not answer at least one of the questions he raised in his letter of 21 November, that there is not much hope of that.

Benny continues: “It occurs to me that you may not actually know what it will be like. And given your Project Manager Andreas Burghauser’s lax attitude to the truth, I see this as quite possible.”

Benny with fellow 'Nya Slussen' opponents. Foto: Dan Hansson

Benny draws attention again to the impact on residents, traffic, business owners and visitors and suggests that Nordin will end up eating his own words.

If that wasn’t enough, yesterday a meeting was held at Benny’s hotel Rival in Södermalm for fifty opponents of Nordin’s redevelopment plans. Along with Benny himself, were Niklas Strömstedt, Stellan Skarsgård, Kristina Lugn and many other famous Swedes, who stood shoulder to shoulder with high profile Social Democrats in Stockholm.

At one point in the proceedings, Benny was asked why only now, a couple of weeks before a decision is due to be made by Stockholm council on the plans for redeveloping Slussen, has he decided to speak out in opposition. He responded:

I do this for Stockholmers. It was only a couple of weeks ago that I really understood what Nya Slussen meant for this city

A decision on the proposals – there are four in total – is due on 12 December.

If you are unsure as to where Slussen is, please see the map below on which the district is pinpointed. You can zoom in and switch to Bird’s Eye view.
[bingMap location=”Slussen, Stockholm” width=”560″ height=”560″]

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  • I think Benny Anderson is right to be concerned Norman fosters developments in London while not without merit also have a lot of negative impacts, and some are simply bad full stop. the foster partnerships design of external public space tends to be good , but his buildings are often no more than walls of grey glass and steel, that integrate badly in to there historic context. Existing buildings are left looking like they have been retained under sufferance rother than considered as part of the overall scheme.

  • It is sad to gaze the possibility of changes against tranquility in Sweden.
    Sweden is recognized as a peaceful and non-stress life country where the government always put that as a priority.
    I live in Mexico, Guadalajara actually, and we used to live happy like in Sweden but these developments have changed our way of life, the behaviour of its citizens and the peace we used to enjoy.
    I truely hope this person reconsider to think more of the people that elected him than of money matters.

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