icethesite – an update!

18 November 2011 – UPDATE: Now on Google+ too!

What with one thing and another, it has been hard recently to find time to update the site quite as frequently as people have been used to. Thank goodness it has been relatively quiet in Benny and Björn’s world! BAO’s Swedish summer tour and Kristina från Duvemåla opening in Finland in February 2012 notwithstanding.

The last few years in particular on icethesite have been pretty manic in terms of keeping up with everything and so I have been taking it a bit easy in terms of updating the main site over the last few months. It wasn’t planned…it just sort of happened…

icethesite on 'social media' sites Twitter and Facebook

However, there have been pretty regular updates on icethesite‘s Facebook and Twitter pages with most of the news that has come in over the last few months. I know that not everyone is a fan of these social media sites but rest assured that membership of either is not necessary in order to view icethesite‘s pages on them.

These are the links that will take you directly there:

There is still much to look forward to both on icethesite and also in the musical world of Ulvaeus and Andersson.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support!



  • Thanks, Ice, for your information. I thought that we’ve lost you! Good news, and thanks for being so passionate to bring to us all that useful stuff that we fans want to know. Keep on!

  • Thanx Ice for the update and for all the information on B&B!
    We’ll keep following U on the world wide web 🙂
    Have a nice day!

  • Well I would just like to say thank you Ice (your real name??) for a great website. Keep up the good work!
    Thank you also to Benny & Bjoern, Frida & Neta .

    Markus & Elvis

  • I’d like to give my thanks too, Ice 😀

    I understand what you mean about things getting to be manic, the last year has been particularly manic for my partner and I too.

    I always appreciate your work, both here, and on Facebook (I’m not on Twitter).


    Tony 🙂

  • Thanks very much for the encouragement guys 🙂

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