No early birthday present for Benny

Benny (who turns 65 on Friday) was among those working to put a stop to the planned renewal of Slussen, a project which has been debated in the Swedish capital for years, and which took on new life in 2009 when the city announced a new design for the busy transit and pedestrian link between Stockholm’s Old Town and the island of Södermalm.

Benny defeated in Battle of Slussen

“This is a historic decision that has been taken. I want Slussen to be a place where people want to spend more than ten minutes,” said Moderate council member Regina Kevius, deputy mayor for city planning and sports, to the TT news agency.

However, opposition members of the Stockholm council remained convinced the plan would be appealed.

Outside the city council’s meeting, more than one hundred people had gathered on Monday evening in a last ditch effort to halt plans to renovate Slussen, a central area of Stockholm named after the locks between Lake Mälaren and the Baltic Sea that was last made over in 1935.

The new design would remove many of the existing roads and create several new blocks of buildings close to the waterfront.Not even Andersson’s pledge to reunite his former Swedish super group was enough to sway enough politicians to defeat the measure authorizing the Slussen project to go forward.

“It didn’t go well at all,” Andersson told the Expressen newspaper of his attempts to bring Kevius around to his point of view on the issue.

“She didn’t want to listen to anything I had to say, but instead answered with a stock phrase, ‘I hear what you’re saying, but I’m going to vote for the existing proposal.’”

After several hours of debate, the council eventually voted in favour of the controversial plan to renovate Slussen.

The opposition attempted to stop the measure by submitting a motion requesting it be sent back for further debate, but the motion was voted down 51-48.

Construction on the “new Slussen” is expected to start in 2013 and by completed by 2020.

But Social Democrat vice mayor Tomas Rudin is convinced the plan will be appealed.“I already know of several groups that are going to appeal,” he told TT. He criticized the fact that such a major decision passed with such a slim majority.

ABBA to help save Slussen?

ABBA to help save Slussen?

At the weekend, Benny kind-of joked that an ABBA reunion might be on the cards if it will help ‘save’ Slussen from the proposed redevelopment.

“If I knew with 100 percent certainty that it would help, I would call the others and ask if we could do a gig. I’d try at least,” said a half-serious Benny to daily Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) on Saturday.

Benny vehemently opposed the proposed redevelopment but was late in realising the impact of the council’s plans.

One wonders what, if he had joined the debate earlier, may otherwise have happened?

However, if an appeal goes ahead, there may yet be a chance to revisit opportunities to overturn the plans.

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  • Need a few signatures for a petition Benny ? Just let us know. Would be happy to help.

  • Benny
    If you need a town planning consultant to run your case let me know.
    Happy Birthday tomorrow.


  • 7 year construction would be big even by London standards,
    Something tells me we haven’t heard the last of this.

  • As with the London Olympics build,many of the advantages we are told will happen,probably will……but only for the limited few.
    I live in NE England,and as usual we are told all the benefits we will see….most of us are very sceptiacl to say the least.
    I hope im wrong,and the Stockholm residents do see benefits,as and when the job is done,BUT….not having seen or heard of the plans,cant really comment more than to say I can see where Benny is coming from,and although I hope he`s wrong…something tells me he isnt.
    Where I live in Newcastle,NE England,we had the same handed out to us,about regeneration of the City`s east end.
    We were told the various views up and down the river Tyne,from various view points,would remain unspiolt….hihi…somebody must know `superman` on our council,as far as I know,he`s the only guy who can see through concrete and steel.
    We cant see the same parts of our river now,because of blocks of apartments or offices,most of which are now `to let`,or up for sale……see the parallel.
    All the Best to all at the site, a belated `happy birthday to Benny, would love to see Abba together again……but is this the right reason to do it….anyway good luck with your fight.
    God jul och ett gott och framgangsrikt nytt ar till alla.

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