ABBA – The Visitors Deluxe Edition CD with previously unreleased demo medley

The Visitors - ABBA's last studio album

Wonderful news! ABBA’s last studio album The Visitors is to receive the ‘Deluxe Edition’ CD treatment. As with previous releases in the Deluxe Edition series, this version of ABBA’s final album offers a DVD of archive material along with CD bonus tracks.

Notably, it includes (what sounds like it could be a musical journey through the evolution of Like An Angel Passing Through My Room) a demo medley called From A Twinkling Star To A Passing Angel, the first previously unreleased ABBA recordings since 1994!

From the official ABBA site:

The Deluxe Edition of The Visitors, ABBA’s eighth and final studio album, will be released on April 23, 2012. Originally released in 1981, the album features single hits such as One Of Us, Head Over Heels and When All Is Said And Done, along with Slipping Through My Fingers, which is highlighted in one of the more poignant moments in the Mamma Mia!musical.

Like the previous Deluxe Editions of ABBA’s albums, The Visitors will feature several bonus selections along with a DVD of rare and previously unreleased material from the archives.

For ABBA fans, the most sensational inclusion in the package will be the previously unreleased track, ‘From A Twinkling Star To A Passing Angel (demos)’. This is the first time since the Thank You For The Music box set in 1994 that ABBA have opened the doors to the tape vaults to release previously unheard music from the group’s heyday.

The Visitors – Deluxe Edition (Tracklist):

CD: 1. The Visitors 2. Head Over Heels 3. When All Is Said And Done 4. Soldiers 5. I Let The Music Speak 6. One Of Us 7. Two For The Price Of One 8. Slipping Through My Fingers 9. Like An Angel Passing Through My Room

Bonus Tracks: 10. Should I Laugh Or Cry 11. I Am The City 12. You Owe Me One 13. Cassandra 14. Under Attack 15. The Day Before You Came

Extra Bonus Track: 16. From A Twinkling Star To A Passing Angel (demos)

DVD: 1. Two For The Price Of One (Dick Cavett Meets ABBA) 2. Slipping Through My Fingers (Dick Cavett Meets ABBA) 3. When All Is Said And Done (Original Promo Clip) 4. ABBA In London, November 1982 (The Late Late Breakfast Show, BBC) 5. ABBA In Stockholm, November 1982 (Nöjesmaskinen, SVT) 6. The Visitors TV commercial I (UK) 7. The Visitors TV commercial II (Australia) 8. The Singles – The First Ten Years TV commercial I (UK) 9. The Singles – The First Ten Years TV commercial II (Australia) 10. International Sleeve Gallery

Demo medley 'From A Twinkling Star To A Passing Angel' is coming to 'The Visitors'
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  • Wow. That’s really exciting!

    Were there ever Deluxe Editions released for Ring Ring, Waterloo, or ABBA? I don’t think they were in the U.S. Does anyone know?

  • I am lacking the 1982 Show express in the extras. Super trouper had it, why not The Visitors? It was, I gather, the last appearence of the group before a live audience (although they performed play back) and the only performance ever of Cassandra. Hopefully the track listing is still preliminary and some content is still waiting for the clearance.

    Happy to see Nöjesmaskinen included. I just watched it again today, and it really was a very relaxed discussion with some heavy and personal issues. Nice to get it in good quality.

  • Deluxe Editions released so far: Arrival, The Album, Voulez-Vous and Super Trouper and…on 23 April 2012 of course, The Visitors.

  • Not a deluxe edition as such, but Waterloo’s 30th anniversary Swedish digipack was almost up there – CD with bonus tracks plus DVD with TV performances, and lovely packaging!

  • Thanks! April can’t come soon enough.

  • i will buy it anyway but especially for Demo medley ‘From A Twinkling Star To A Passing Angel’ ABBA fans will deffo buy it as its something completely different still would have liked just like that why wont they let this go on a cd ?

  • I really hope that the LL Breakfast show includes the FULL Thank You for the Music at the end, which was unforgivably cut when broadcast – it DOES exist, as I’ve seen copies….. such a wonderful memory as I was there… !!

  • Finally some unreleased material. I wish B&B would release more of Abbas unreleased songs/demos, it’s like the holy grail for us true fans. Anyway I’m very happy and thankful for this! =)

  • I wonder…why now?! The “previously unreleased” thing I mean! And if going to that extent why no just like that!!!!!!!! Am expecting the like an angel to be the version that apparently started up tempo, supposedly like Lay all your love on me. Either that or the funny slow version with a simple beat that previously we have on, heard with the strange voice ( Tretow?) that was doing the rounds a few years ago. But as I said at the beginning why now? Benny has always said there was no more. And yes, what a pity the show express not included. That bit with the piano revolve with frida sitting on it to this day gives me shivers. (and I love out its dead obvious agnetha pronounces the b in “doubt” . Love that.

  • but where is Just like that? it was our last shot to get it.
    Come on Bjorn and Benny.PLEASE CHANGE YOUR MIND!

  • Great news!
    Now I am curious about how this ‘new’ old demo ended up on this release:
    The title “From A Twinkling Star To A Passing Angel”, with “(demos)” added to it, suggests it is recording session outtakes; probably the ‘evolution’ of how the song found its final recording and mix.
    But it also tells us someone has been sitting down with the old master demo tapes -the ones Carl Magnus Palm was listening to together with Tretow soon 20 years ago- .
    Did Benny do this?

    Because, Mr Andersson, if you did…

    The June 1982 recording sessions for the newly written ‘Just Like That’ no doubt was a similar process, with the tapes being put aside because you found the result unsatifying. I agree that the verses fit better in the next attempt at recording the composistion: the beautiful ‘When The Waves Roll Out To Sea’, ultimately recorded and released for the swedish staging of ‘Chess’ as ‘Glöm Mig Om Du Kan’. I agree, it was worth while to save it.
    I’m not so sure about the ‘Gemini’ version where the old chorus has new verses added, though…

    But a future ‘work-in-progress’ track could include all versions.

    You see, Agnethas vocals in the June 1982 verses and the girls’ harmonies in the chorus’es gives us old fans a real kick.

    Tell us about this song and the various versions, and tell us how you came about having Raphael Ravenscroft adding saxophone solo to it: did this amazing musician just drop by the Polar Studios, or did you seek him out?

    The Chess demo versions with different lyrics written for Elaine Paige and Tommy Körberg respectively, the Glenmark versions -all fascinating pieces in this puzzle. But don’t release ‘Just like That’ as a polished track: it sort of ends with the unfinished track, just like ABBA. The allegory of just that.
    But give it to us in a context.

    I mean, Agnetha said it herself back in the early 1990’s:

    “…I hope it is going to be released one day…”

    Her vote is in.

    ‘Just Like That’ was even suggested for ‘Mamma Mia!’ (the musical)

  • I think this is fantastic news about ABBA, my favourite band since the mid 70’s, when we were so fond of them in primary school and ever since. So I will absolutely buy this new album with previously unreleased demo medley!!! Will ABBA probably – maybe just for one occasion, a good cause – reunite on stage or in a clip or tv studio?! So I say: Tack så mycket for en underbart sång och musiker!

  • Sound just as disapointing as the Super trouper De Luxe ed. was.
    But i WILL buy it, just to get the (for me) long awaited demo versions of Like an Angel passing through my room.

  • I’m really happy they are doing a “deluxe” version of this album… I personally would love a commentary on the album art. Ice knows how much I rate this album compared to most…esp including “Should I Laugh or Cry”… and if it does mean demos of “angel”… well thats the best news.

  • Brilliant news! It’s great to hear that there is an unreleased demo medley out there that Benny & Bjorn think good enough for a release!

    I will be buying the deluxe edition for this and the dvd featuring Dick Cavett Meets ABBA and the Nojeskmaskinen performance.

    Perhaps the timely release of this now may have something to do with ABBA celebrating 40 yrs. since their first recording ( People Need Love – 1972) & 30 yrs. since their last ( Under Attack – 1982)…

    Whatever the reason it is good news! It even got a mention on BBC Radio 2!

  • This is exciting news, an even better version of the already even better Visitors.
    How much even better can one album get, for me it gets even better very time I listen to it.

  • I have never understood the reluctance to release ‘Just Like That’. There have been a multitude of reasons given but none seems to make that much sense to me. The snippets of the song I have heard all over the internet sound great but I think that it would dignify things if a more complete version were dredged up from the vaults as they have managed for this new ‘Angel’ release.
    I was so excited to see Just Like That listed on the programme for Mamma Mia I got at one of the previews in London in March 1999 but was gutted that it was omitted from the show. Why? Great song and the lyrics would have fitted perfectly in the show.
    The Visitors is my favourite album and this deluxe edition would be the perfect medium to finally present ‘Just Like That’. You never know, it could happen as the Abbasite announcement does hint that the vaults have been opened and watch this space for more information about the track listings!?!?!?

  • Can not believe Just Like That is not there!! When so so many Abba fans have been asking and asking for it – why?!?!

  • The demo title suggests to me that it might cover the entire album. I’m taking the “twinkling star” to mean the sound you hear in the opening bars of “The Visitors.” Whatever the case, I’m looking forward to it.

  • Hi ABBA fans around the world!!! This is really good news!!! I’m quite sure that the demo version “From A Twinkling Star To A Passing Angel” will have all the hallmarks of the ABBA SOUND, but, as we all know, we will only have the voice of FRIDA and it would have been fair, just to strike a balance, to have included a song with AGNETHA’s voice and that song would obviously be “Just Like That”.Remember the ABBA sound? It implies both AGNETHA & FRIDA!!! Then, you have guessed it right… I am a huge AGNETHA fan, but I love FRIDA as well, so I suppose I’m not the only one with mixed emotions. I’M THRILLED TO BITS to have this demo medley, but I’m TOTALLY DISAPPOINTED not to have the wonderfull voice of AGNETHA in a new ABBA released track. As for the DVD, I was expecting that the whole “Dick Cavett Meets ABBA” TV show to be included with the performances of all the songs, especially my favourite one “Summer Night City”, but that could be included in the deluxe edition of “ABBA LIVE”!!!
    Yes, honey. I’m expecting a deluxe edition of ABBA LIVE!!! You see, I’VE BEEN AN ABBA FAN SINCE 1978 living in ARGENTINA MY WHOLE LIFE. So I did not have the chance to see ABBA live in concert.The closest I was to that experience was when I went to see BJORN AGAIN IN BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA and a local ABBA tribute band “I LET THE MUSIC SPEAK”. Both of them where good but I don’t like to go for second best baby… ABBA SO FAR, IS NOT GETTING TOGETHER AGAIN, NOT EVEN FOR A BILLION DOLLARS!!! So I guess they owe us a big one, especially to the Southamerican fans. In ARGENTINA the live version of “Hole In Your Soul” was so popular that it was released in an Lp entitled “Por Siempre…ABBA” !(Forever…ABBA)…so it would be natural for us ABBA FANS TO HAVE A 2 CD VERSION OF ABBA LIVE with this track as well as the espectacular version of Summer Night City from the “Dick Cavett Meets ABBA” tv show besides “Why Did It Have to Be Me?” from the ABBADABBADOO tv show,not to mention Tiger from ABBA live in Australia(ABBA-THE MOVIE), etc,etc,etc… It could easily be a double cd of live versions with a DVD IN WHICH ALL THE ABBA LIVE VERSIONS ARE GATHERED TOGETHER JUST TO GIVE ALL OF US DIEHARD ABBA FANS THE ULTIMATE GIFT…THE LAST ABBA CONCERT THAT IT WOULD BE TREASURED IN OUR HEARTS, IN OUR SOULS, IN OURS EARS, IN OUR MINDS…AND TO GENERATIONS OF ABBA FANS TO COME AS WELL!!
    As for the “Show Express” performances of “The Day Before You Came”, “Cassandra” and “Under Attack” they could easily be included in a deluxed edition of “ABBA-THE SINGLES” KIND OF A RELOADED EDITION from the point of view of a global, and I mean worldwide perspective, with 2 cds of at least 80 minutes duration and a DVD OF ONLY TV APPAPEARANCES IN TOP QUALITY CONDITION. YES, we diehard ABBA fans are waiting for deluxe editions of THE SINGLES, GREATEST HITS ONE, GREATEST HITS VOL2, AND ESPECIALLY WE SPANISH SPEAKERS ABBA FANS and the SOUTHAMERICAN RECORD BUYER AS WELL A DELUXED EDITION OF GRACIAS POR LA MUSICA WITH THE ORIGINAL SLEEVE AND ALL THE VIDEOS IN SPANISH LIKE GRACIAS POR LA MUSICA(Thank You For The Music), CONOCIENDOME, CONOCIENDOTE (Knowing Me, Knowing You), CHIQUITITA, ESTOY SOÑANDO(I Have A Dream), FELICIDAD(Happy New Year), NO HAY A QUIEN CULPAR (When All Is Said And Done), ETC GATHERED TOGETHER IN 1 DVD, with the inclusion of all the Spanish tv performancesof their superhits in English as well, like “VOULEZ-VOUS”, “I HAVE A DREAM”, “HASTA MAÑANA”, “Does Your Mother Know, etc.
    In all the ABBA FORUMS and especially in ARGENTINA PEOPLE ARE COMPLAINING THAT THE DELUXE EDITIONS ARE NOT EDITED AND MARKETED HERE!!! MAMMA MIA! is coming soon to Buenos Aires, Argentina…in March to be more precise, so I humbly think it would be wise to give the SOUTHAMERICAN RECORD BUYER PUBLIC A DELUXE EDITION OF THE ONE AND ONLY RECORD OF ABBA SONGS IN SPANISH…”GRACIAS POR LA MUSICA DELUXE EDITION” WOULD SELL LIKE HOT CAKES IN HERE even grannies and grandpas would stand in line to get one..not to mention grandchildren!!!
    I’m not quite sure if the LATE,LATE BREAKFAST SHOW VIA SATELLITE FUNNY INTERVIEW is included in THE VISITORS DELUXE EDITON. It would be a pity not to have it…
    Well, of course I will be buying it from a local store here in Buenos Aires and paying an arm and a leg for it, just to see it in shop windows…so that more record buyers could be aware that there are deluxe editons of ABBA RECORDS OUT THERE waiting to be bought and enjoyed. UNIVERSAL STRATEGIC MARKETING ARGENTINA, CHILE AND URUGUAY as it now releases its cds and DVDs ,WAKE UP!!!! You could not claim there is not market for it …just check the, I GUESS, 2 dvd bootleg box “ABBA PLATINUM DELUXED EDITION” the second edition we have in ARGENTINA of the German TV Show KULTNACHT but now edited, and even including official ABBA videos like “One Of US”, “That’s Me”, “Bang-A-Boomerang”, etc!!!, so there are no more interviews or geman speakers cutting the magic flow of ABBA music, and it is worth mentioning that this is the first release of “Estoy Soñando” (I Have A Dream) and “No hay A quien Culpar” (When All Is Said And Done) videos in ARGENTINA. Yes,”ABBA THE DEFINITIVE COLLECTION DVD” WAS NOT RELEASED HERE IN ARGENTINA…THERE WAS A BRAZILIAN (IMPORT)EDITION THAT WAS VERY HARD TO GET…and that was disappointing…it did not include the booklet!!! It was better to get the American or much better the British sound and vision deluxe edition…
    I am grateful for all the material that Universal has, so far, released…But I guess I’m just the typical ABBA fan always expecting more…

  • This release is exciting, no doubt. Were the rights to JLT sold to Gemini? Is that the reason B&B won’t go there? I think it would be a great hit with BAO. Let Helen, Tommy and Kalle get their vocals wrapped around the ABBA Holy Grail! In the words of Helen…”hit it”. I love Gemini, but their rendition of JLT, IMO, the tempo was too slow. That song needs the energy the ABBA girls gave it. I’m really looking forward to this deluxe version of Visitors, even if JLT will remain a lust.

  • Sorry, when I wrote in my previous comment that the deluxe editions of ABBA original studio records are not “edited” I meant released in Argentina, false friend or false cognate in Spanish…Sometimes your mother tongue gets in the way… And strong emotions too..I still can’t believe that we don’t have a deluxe edition of GRACIAS POR LA MUSICA in the Spanish speaking countries!!! And the whole world, of course…ABBA IS QUINTESSENTIALLY UNIVERSAL…

  • The DVD disappoints but I put that down to having pretty much all that footage on internet and readily available so in a way DVDs now really do have to be extra special. It is rather annoying not having DIck Cavett in full, two clips? A bit lacking really. I do find it strange that Show Express isn’t included. Show Express is my all time favourite appearance on TV by ABBA so having it here would have made the DVD essential for me. Even thinking about it gives me goosepimples.

    Now the CD part. I dislike the Spanish tracks being left off, it annoys me as this is meant to be a Deluxe edition so omitting these dilutes the word deluxe in some way.

    Of course the real highlight is having the demo medley. I am simply buying this release for this alone. I cannot wait to hear this as I love how a song evolves and turns in to what gets released. What will be incredibly frustrating is if the snippets include something amazing and I want it in full!!!

    I understand that the 1982 tracks have no real home as such so they ‘have to’ appear here but in some ways it does jar with me. Having said that I am really pleased to see ‘You Owe Me One’ here, I do think it’s been neglected somewhat. Whilst it isn’t ABBA’s finest moment it is part of their recording history and should be included on releases and is a fun, if odd, little number.

    Of course it would have been the perfect opportunity for ‘Just Like That’ to be included as a bonus track but what with space issues I guess they’d have to release a three disc edition or kept the 1982 tracks and released them as a stand alone disc at a later date. Of course we may never get a full version of ‘Just Like That’ released….

    I have enjoyed the Deluxe versions and think that a lot of thought has gone in to them and of course Universal can only work with what they have, what they’re given and what they can obtain the rights for so I am grateful.

    PS. I would love a Deluxe version of ‘Gracias Por La Musica’ to end the series.

  • I had written to Görel Hanser via email last Wednesday (25th):
    “I have just seen the track listing for the forthcoming ‘ABBA The Visitors Deluxe Edition’.
    Did Björn and Benny have some influence over the bonus track listing? If so, many fans, like myself were a little disappointed that the track ‘Just Like That’ continues to be withheld in its entirety.
    Is there any chance whatsoever that you could ask both Björn and Benny to add their influence to Universal Sweden to release this track once and for all on the forthcoming Visitors Deluxe Edition package?
    I do understand that they both have reservations on releasing the track, but many fans such as myself would dearly love to have it finally released in its entirety (this is shown on many of the ABBA message boards on the internet).
    I do hope that you can in some way persuade them to finally release this wonderful track!”

    I have literally JUST received her reply:

    “Thanks for your email. We have taken note!”

    What about that then?!!! Might be too late for this release but we may get our way eventually!

  • I gave more thought to this release of Visitors after my last comment. What would happen to recording sales if B&B included the JLT demo on this Visitors release, but never mentioned it on the track listing. Let the fan base get that nibble to chew on. Just having some fun here… 🙂

  • Very happy to hear about this deluxe version of The Visitors. Great to hear there is something new (demo) on it. So why no Just Like That? Well I have always wondered if Frida was on the recording. I have listened so hard but I feel it’s all Agnetha….. Agnetha did her own harmonies on the verses in Slipping through my fingers and her vocal is very prominent in One of us. I have listened to JLT and always wondered. I could be way wrong. I dont know. Just strange they wont release it.
    Anyway looking forward to this release 🙂

  • Very disappointed JLT isn’t included. Such a good track. If only we could hear a polished version of this. It certainly had chart potential. I love the sax intro

  • ‘We have taken note’ means pretty much ‘fob off’ in Customer relations speak.

    I for one am upset JLT wasn’t included, but where we really expecting it to be? The demo medley is more than we could have ever hoped for. Lets all be grateful, we may never get anything else. Lets hope the tape vault is left unlocked.

    Bronx, Frida is on JLT. Her voice is quite prominent in the verses. The first and ‘nanana’ versions are the best to hear her.

  • Great to -somehow- confirm that there was an original uptempo version of “Like an Angel Passing Through My Room”.
    Thanks to the old forum to have brought that up to our knowledge for first time.

    Personally and as a DJ, I do know and value those very special -and rare- moments when one is able to be at the middle of a crowd-full dancefloor or alone at your house and take whatever sadness, solitude feeling, etc. and dance, dance it a little away.
    And help oneself to start transmuting, to live life a little deeper when there was little hope from one´s own view.
    It is probably similar to what musicians may do on hard times with the piano, guitar, etc…

  • As far as I know, Polygram wanted to include “Just Like That” on “More Abba Gold” in 1993, but it was left out in the last minute due to B&B. Then, a live version of “I Wonder (Departure)” was the chosen track to replace it, but Mike Tretow said that the sound wasn’t good, so the studio version was used instead.

    I like “Just Like That”, but I’m so keen about the verses and some sax bits… anyway, and as every ABBA fan beg, I want it released!!, it all depends if they change their mind someday or not…. “just like that”.

  • I mean, I’m NOT so keen…

  • Happy to have The Visitors with the same deluxe treatment as the previous albums. But, once again, the only disappoint is the esclusion of Just Like That. In 2012 I really don’t understand this decision not to put on proper record it. It’s on hundred of bootlegs records! If I think to see (and listen) You Owe Me One… But do Bjorn and Benny really think You Owe Me One is a better song compared to Just Like That?????? Please….

  • Oh well, another deluxe edition that I will just have to add to my collection. I love all the deluxe editions except The Album’s, awfull sound quality, but the rest did not dissappoint. The demo track was what sealed the deal for me. Hopefully Carl Magnus Palm will give us more info on his website soon. Very excited about this release.

  • This is so exciting. I will definitely buy The Visitors Deluxe Ed. Do we have any idea on how long the Abba in London, and Sweden Segments are ? Please include Just like that! I cannot wait to hear the new demos. I recently watched an old tv appearance of Abba, where Benny was asked why Abba has such a great appeal? He answered : I never quite understood why we seem to appeal to so many fans……..well Mr. Anderson, because you and your 3 friends have brought pure joy to many, many people. Such beautiful arrangements, melodies, instrumentation and of course voices ! Abba always gave people something to look forward to, in a crazy world sometimes, your songs just made people feel good, and I thank you for the music. Looking forward to many more releases from you, Agnetha , Bjoern and Frida, in whatever form that may be.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Markus Schmidt

  • I think that a polished version of Just Like That still has chart potential because ABBA’s music is timeless, besides the wonderful sax intro by Raphael Ravenscroft gets you hooked from the word go, and what can be said of Agnetha’s voice and the vocal harmonies of both Agnetha and Frida in the chorus…sheer heaven…
    Newspaper journalist here in Argentina are talking about a new ABBA track to be released. I even saw a news broadcast from America TV in which they were talking about how happy people were that a an artist that is worth listening to is releasing new material after such a long time…(while they were broadcasting S.OS live taken from MUSIK LADEN) I think the general record buyer public is expecting something with chart material potential…That’s how everyone remembers ABBA after all…All ABBA tracks were given the chart status treament…and certainly Just Like That has more potential to be a wordwide hit…it would be like going back to that wonderful period in which they were always raising standards in the worldwide music scene….

  • Very disappointed Just Like That isn’t included. Such a good track, excellent track…and well, the DVD is another dissapointed.
    From A Twinkling Star To A Passing Angel (demos) is the only best of the re-release…shame shame and disillusion for me.

  • Ok…….why don’t Agnetha and Frida go to Mono Music Studios and re-do the vocals for Just Like That with new lyris by Bjorn….? And perhaps the orchestra used for Chess and Kristina…..Easy….Agnetha is everywhere now … Elle, etc and Frida is only a plane ride away……..Or record The Story Of A Heat as a special…..:)

    Gorel….over to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I think that Universal/B&B have made the whole Just Like That debate relevant again.

    How many times in the last 18 years have we heard that there was nothing else left in the vaults that was fit to be released?

    And now, with The Visitors Deluxe we have something new.

    What gives?

  • Good strategy: As long as B&B hold back JLT there will always be the fire burning among fans. What else would fans wait for any longer? I tell you one day it will be available. But then I fear we can’t say Thank You to the four any longer. The fire will be gone.

  • I will indeed listen to the other versions of JLT for Frida’s harmonies. I always thought the sax version had the most gumph and never saw the problem with the verses fittiing with the chorus, but the sax version should defo be released. It showed such energy and proved that even at the end of the Abba story they could still put out catchy and energised music. I have never understood the problem with this track and have always seen the sax version as one of the standout tracks from the 82 sessions. So there is still room on the CD for more tracks and JLT should be there with the other 5 1982 recordings.
    Is there still time? How wonderful if both the sax vers and na na na vers were included to please all fans, afterall this deluxe edition is for the fans and it would be amazing. I remember JLT even got radio play when the Thank you for the music box was released, and that was just the snippet, can you imagine if they released the full sax version? OMG!!!! Well anyway, still 3 months to go so lets hope that B&B are listening 🙂

  • Whats to say that the new track isn’t a 20mins medley including JLT…and early versions of several songs

  • At least some demos will be on the CD and the Dick Cavett Show also.

    It would be amazing/surprising if they could put every demo/unreleased song onto a medley from around the session from when it was recorded (either the year or the studio album as the medley’s title), and then release it on an album. Anything that was after The Visitors, for example Just Like That, as undoubtedly the most popular of demos, could be used as a full track, not being in a medley.

    Just a suggestion/idea


  • And, dear Ice, can’t you collect a good bundle of the messages commented on the issue here and send it via e-mail to Mono Music? I think it’s time that we fans of the missing song JLT make clear that we have reached the point of absolute disappointment. There is no reasonable argument to say “No Just Like That because it is unfinished”… The main argument today, more than 30 years after its creation, is that at least a “demo version” track showing the stages of the creation of JLT might serve well as a document of the song that would never see the light of the world but that so many fans adore…

  • Hi Alexander – thanks for your suggestion. I’m afraid I won’t be collecting responses and forwarding them to Mono Music for the simple reason that I don’t feel strongly enough about it.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love ‘Just Like That’ but do not feel that my opinion on whether it should be released in its entirety is more important that those of the people who created and own it.

    If Benny and Björn choose not to release it, I am at peace with that, out of respect for their choice. I certainly do not feel that somehow I am owed this song or in some ways deserve this song.

    I know a lot of people do have opinions about Just Like That which are at odds with mine but I can’t help the way I feel.

    With respect.


  • Visitors Deluxe + JLT = must have instant ABBA collectors item 🙂

  • I agree with Ice. This is a decision Benny and Bjorn have to make. Also bonus tracks added to an existing album have to feel part of the original album. Who knows they may add Just like that to a deluxe edition of Chess?!

    In the meantime I’m trying to contain my excitement at the new version of The Visitors. With the demo medley which will be a spectacular insight into the creation of the album. It’s so exciting.

  • I am still of the opinion that ‘The Visitors’ is ABBA 1981, and that the ‘de luxe’ version of this album should centre around the recording sessions for this album:
    Just like ‘Crazy World’ belongs to the album ‘ABBA’ and ‘Fernando’ should be included onto ‘Arrival’, for ‘The Visitors’ it seems fitting to include ‘Should I Laugh Or Cry’, as it was scheduled to be included (but would have been the weakest track).
    To me, the 1982 recordings I feel should be given a release on its own.
    That, I know, will only make for a weak release, as none of the tracks recorded in 1982 became huge hits, and five tracks is not much to expect a ‘de luxe’ release from.
    However, if there were more to add, like demo’s and other treasures, the whole thing could materialize into a more commercially interesting release?
    None of the four ABBAs remember well; their memories from these recording sessions in the summer of 1982 are very few and thin. The interviews of the four individuals in the years following have not added much details to the session sheets notes.
    A shame noone has been able to have all four together to reminiscense about what the spirit was, what direction they were heading and how they all felt: -only together would it be possible to refresh memories truly.
    That interview is only a dream.
    Where were they heading? Listen to Anders and Karin Glenmark, brother and sister, and their 1985-86 recordings as ‘Gemini’, songs written and produced by Björn and Benny: ‘Just Like That’ and presumably other songs intended for ABBA was surfacing in their two albums. Could we hear ABBA in these songs?

    If the 1982 recordings could be put together in a new light, supported by demos and interviews, I think we would get a very interesting insight into how and why ABBA took a break in 1983.

    But, I still think Benny and Björn are wise in keeping ‘Just Like That’ in the tape reels unless it is in a ‘work in progress’ medley.

    The lyrical theme of that song was re-used in ‘The Day Before You Came’, and the verse found its better ‘home’ in ‘Where The Waves Roll Out To Sea’.

    And ‘The Visitors’ would stand alone without the 1982 songs.

  • Benny and Bjorn only seems to be interested in making money and more money
    I am a fan since “SUNNY GIRL” and I am still , But I don’t buy all those albums they release every year .
    Over and over again the same songs .
    There are so many songs left .
    Why not an album with EVERY GOOD MAN , JUST LIKE THAT , I’M STILL ALIVE
    MONSIEUR,MONSIEUR…….and so on .
    Just an album for the fans
    I am very pleased with visitors de luxe and will buy this one , because I have been waiting for this release and never bought the visitors on cd before

  • I had a look today at “The Complete Recording Sessions” Apparently they re-recorded Like An Angel for a second time under the name Twinke Twinkle. Could it be that the demo medley is the evolution of Like An Angel Passing Through My Room, from Twinkle Twinkle (From a twinkling star) to Like An Angel Passing Through My Room (to a passing angel) including the disco Lay All Your Love On Me-esque version they did? I’m very curious and excited by this. Never thought we would hear these demos so I’m happy. Maybe one day Benny and Björn would give in and release Just Like That. You never know.

  • Good point about B&B being entitled to release or not what they choose. That gives a perspective to those opinions “demanding” otherwise.

    That said, two different angles might be included in this conversation.

    One is that some of us might like to share our sensitivities about these songs, how we feel about and how our like might be affected… From that seems only natural to want to share with others, and to let B&B to know about it.

    This seems important because listeners from all times must have a very different emotional attachment compared with the four ABBA members. I do live very far and have very little information, but for what I know 1982 was a year that the four don’t want to remember, they found out that they needed to actually get into the business and financial area and rearrange their whole contractual and investment decisions. They had to painfully acknowledge the effect of an international economic crisis and had to separate from their manager and rearrange the complex structure he had built worldwide with multiple record companies and businesses… probably finding unpleasant details. And even deal with Tax related problems! “Under Attack” does speak at many levels.

    If we also consider their personal and familiar changes, I do wonder they were able to detach from all that and be actually able to have recording sessions!!

    The other angle is one that a few people might not like to listen about it…the fact that ABBA’s music has been growing up to be part of the Wolrd (to not use here the world universal) Art and Cultural heritage. And this raises difficult questions:

    To use an extreme example; would Van Gog be entitled to not release and ultimately to keep and destroy some of his paintings by his personal choice? In case one important music composer dies, would heirs be entitled to decide if certain or none of the unreleased material gets released?:

    And most importantly, there is a whole Conservation area (Academic and Institutional) where many more relevant questions spring from.

    Too many questions already. I do cling on them, particularly because I don’t see easy answer to them. I try to remain open to learn from different views and finally… put every level of this into the global perspective that tells me that hownothers and I feel IS very important.
    When I am about to act, I team those feelings with respect and openness, thus finding myself either sharing like here or dancing and attentively listen to this beloved MUSIC.

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