Royal Swedish Opera wants Benny Andersson to write a new musical

Royal Swedish Opera in Stockholm

In yesterday’s Dagens Nyheter newspaper there is a story outlining the fact that the Royal Swedish Opera will start staging musicals, after a fashion.

They haven’t done that before, partly because there are so many other theatres in Stockholm that take care of that repertoire. This is in marked contrast to the Gothenburg opera house, which stages musicals from time to time.

The head of the Royal Swedish Opera, Birgitta Svendén, says the following about what kind of musical might be staged at the opera and who the writers might be:

“I’m prepared to go on bended knee for Benny Andersson to write a musical exclusively for us. I tell him every time I meet him.”


  • Let’s start writing guys! 🙂

  • I also hope! Down on your knees folks! 🙂

  • Benny ? Your thoughts…….

  • Oh I AM down on my knees! Benny, pleeeeease!!!

  • That would be fantastic! Please, Benny, write it! Please!

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