BAO wins a Swedish Grammy

Benny Anderssons Orkester
Benny’s band Benny Anderssons Orkester (BAO) won the ‘Årets dansband’ (Best dance band) award at the 2012 Grammis held on 14 February.

The Grammis are Sweden’s oldest and biggest prizes in music. The purpose of the annual award ceremony is to recognise and reward those artists, musicians and creatives who have produced notable achievements in various types of music during the year.

BAO released O klang och jubeltid, their fourth studio album in June 2011 and followed this up with a Swedish tour. Two of the concerts were filmed by Swedish broadcaster SVT and highlights of the shows were televised in January 2012.

BAO rarely appear outside of Sweden, although they have performed concerts in Minnesota, Glasgow and London.


  • Congratulations Benny & BAO, well deserved!

  • It’s well deserved ! We were in Skansen this summer and had a great time. When I first listened to O Klang … I thought that Benny had left the area of catchy melodies, but after having listened a few times I have to admit that the songs stay in my head for days and weeks in a row. Watching the SVT documentaries online was very heart-warming; and I saw and heard so many details that I had missed in Skansen. I can hardly wait for the next tour/concert.

  • We were lucky enough to be in Minnesota for a 4 hour concert several years ago. I was also lucky enough to come away with signed original ABBA album in an auction they held…as well as purchasing the table centerpiece of flowers in a special urn a famous Swedish sculpter had designed. A great weekend for me & the wife. Of course Benny, Helen & Tommy weren’t too bad either! ;-))

  • Congratulations to Benny and BAO!!!
    So well deserved!

    Like Fred…I was lucky enough to also see Benny/BAO in Minnesota in 2006.

    Keep up the great work…and I am already looking forward to the next album. 😀

  • Congratulations Benny and BAO. They are a wonderful band. I already have two of there albums and I’am going to buy all there other albums. One day I would love to be able to see them live in concert.

  • Partially related to Benny and Bjorn is Kerry Ellis winning the what’s on stage award for her performance of Anthems at the Royal Albert hall last night, the title track of which was of course the Anthem from Chess,
    I voted for Kerry Ellis as I think it was a very good version of Anthem, and Kerry Ellis Blows everyone else out of the water when she steps on a stage.

  • Congratulations BAO!
    Benny has assembled some serious talent in BAO. My favorite was “Story of a Heart”. That song had the ABBA legend written all over it. Maybe the Mamma Mia “Dynamos” (Judy, Catherine and Phyllida) could thread that song into a sequel. 🙂

  • Hej,

    congratulations for B(enny:-))AO. – absolutely decerved…
    I will be with you in Uppsala 🙂 … I’m so looking forward for the concert.

    See you
    Petra from Germany

  • I’ve given a lot of thought as to why I chose “Story of a Heart” for my BAO favorite. It was Helen’s performance towards the end of the song when she broke chorus and took lead. That was chilling. It was like a canon, amazing.

  • I’m sorry ICE, you may choose not to post this and I understand. I’m one of those crazy lifelong ABBA fans. BAO, to me, has always been ABBA lite. The folk roots and dancing in the park. When BAO produced “Story of a Heart”, it was the album cover that took me back. I feel there is extreme significance to that cover. That story that needs to be shared. And I also believe it involves two other members of the fab4. Benny, will you ever disclose that part of the ABBA lore with us, your fans? Mamma Mia was VERY clever and only true ABBA fans saw another identity in that movie. You and Björn are brilliant.

  • At first, I thought “Story of a Heart” was “Super Troupers” cousin. As I play it over and over, listening to every word, I realized “Story of a Heart” is really “Story of Regret”. It now has more meaning to me. Genius!

  • Just read about Benny and his orchestra getting their `Grammy`, from what I`ve heard on `you tube`, may i offer my congratulations to all concerned.
    To Benny, I know you dont tour outside of Sweden, but you do have alot of fans who dont live in Sweden, Swedish or not……so can you let us know the label you go under,and the catalogue number,so we can get copies in Uk,and others….thanks, or should that be `Tack sa mycket. Again congratulations on the award.

  • You can order from Megastore:

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