From A Twinkling Star To A Passing Angel – Benny comments on the ABBA track

In a wider piece about Helsinki’s Kristina från Duvemåla production, Benny appears to downplay some of the media frenzy accompanying news of an ABBA demo medley.

Björn and Benny in Helsinki. Photo: Christian Westerback

Benny told Finnish news outlet Helsingin Sanomat that From A Twinkling Star To A Passing Angel the “previously unreleased” ABBA track on the forthcoming The Visitors Deluxe Edition CD is: “Just a demo of Like An Angel Passing Through My Room. It is a good illustration of the process, by which the song came about.” he says.

In the article, Benny also comments that neither he nor Björn could ever have imagined the success that ABBA has attained.

The interviewer also asks if there are any more unreleased tracks that will see the light of day. The response: “No, thank god.”

Thanks to Kaarin G for the news of the article.

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  • An un heard demo of like an angel passing through my room sounds soooooooooo exciting to me.
    I’l make an occasion of it ,and walk from the HMV shop to the Royal Opera House Covent garden and have tea inside the floral hall on the balcony overlooking the piazza, where I will unwrap the cellophane and visualy parus the contents ,then take in Landmarks Big Ben St Paul’s cathedral and Tower bridge,
    Before heading home to listen to it,
    I couldn’t disrespect it with headphones in the street, I pods or downloads heaven forbid.

  • “No, thank god” . I’m sure we heard that the last time at look what has happened. Still hope its the rumoured fast version. Michael Im also going to make an event of it, but have not planned it yet. But yes it will involve a proper shopping trip for an actual product! (as opposed to an online download – god everyone hasn’t that REALLY ruined music?!) We can all recount our listening stories lol. But will be listening to the whole CD in order and not skipping to the new track. I remember when the First 10 years album came out doing that, and then teasing myself for about a week before listening to new track Under Attack. Then, when the Under Attack single came out (by which time I think I sensed we not would not have got anything new for a while (!) I actually said to myself I was NEVER going to listen to You Owe Me One. For weeks I let the needle play the first four bars only! But did not last more than 2 months! (Did the same with Put On Your White Sombrero – I was moving house at that time and wanted it not to be played until it was the first new song played in my new house! (I’m mad aint I!)_

  • So it looks like, judging by Benny’s comments above, JLT will never be released. Not Happy!!

  • Like Andrew Massey says I am NOT happy either, the Abba version of JLT remains in the can, PLEASE release it, it’s a wasted ABBA gem, think of the work you put into it originally…the vocals of the girls, the production, we fans are CRAVING it. Please reconsider. Abba will live on I am sure. Sorry Benny, there’s just no getting away from it.

  • RE- JUST LIKE THAT: Do you think that maybe they have simply forgotten about it? Surely it’s not because they say the Gemini version is THE VERSION of the song. It was not a hit in the UK and most people wont know who Gemini are and will not have heard their version. The ABBA sax version and the na na version are the best. I really can’t see why these 2 tracks could not have been included or at last the full sax version. They recored 6 songs in 1982 and only 5 are on this deluxe edition. It is a terrible waste that they think JLT is not worthy of release when You Owe Me One and even Under Attack (nowhere near as stonge) are available.

  • Just a thought, the tracks Bronx refers to above – weren’t they in preparation for the next album new allegedly to be called ‘Opus 10’?

    After the Visitors came The First Ten Years, so what if there is to be a commemorative release of that? The tracks refered to – Just Like That etc
    may form a potential release to follow The First ten Years (if there is a comm version of The First Ten years) as what will be left to re release otherwise.

    Chronologically it would make sense. As I say, just a thought…..

  • Just imagine the news….ABBA RELEASE A NEW “FORGOTTEN” TRACK!!!! Number one without a doubt. You know when all is said and done, to coin a phrase, I can understand B&B’s views that the track has been reworked etc…..that they were never happy with the Abba version etc….though I remember reading in some official page that during the sessions for JLT the girls voices were stretched to capacity, with one of the guys saying, take after take, “OK let’s try that an octave higher” and they got what they wanted from the girls each and every time. It’s just such a shame and a waste that the world is being denied this “already finished and in the can” track. Sat gathering dust never to see the light of day. Other versions of JLT have been released with no effect, no one other than die hard fans will remember them. Sometimes it’s best to go back to the original – like the troubles with Summer Night City, I read it was never completed to satisfaction, but it was still released and became yet another world wide hit. Personally I think it’s just a complete waste of effort. Release it, and have done with it. I know the boys have moved on to other things, still, there is ALWAYS a “BUT”…… Sorry Guys, you were a part of a worldwide phenomenon you were paramount in creating that will simply NOT lay to rest. EVER! By the way and as a side line….. Dream World was released when parts of that had been used for another track, so why not JLT?

  • As another thread…..I was wondering….. ABBA GOLD. The whole Catalogue. The year is now 2012, the originals have been issued and reissued so many times. How about allowing a company like “Almighty Records” to have access to the tracks and re-work them to suit the times? In the late 70’s when 12″ singles arrived we all expected remixes that we never got. Thats what the original idea behind 12″ vinyl was all about. It’s just a thought guys….the originals will always remain the favourites and stand the test of time even when we 70’s fans are all dead and gone. The songs will remain forever, no getting away from that. I see many remixes on you tube, completed by fans for fans only, nothing saleable, but some of them are simply stunning and I have heard a few in hard core night clubs being danced away to. It’s just a thought……remix the catalogue to suit the times. Get yet another generation following Abba like they really should be doing and no doubt WILL do anyway. Give Almighty a chance, I know they would jump all over it and make a HUGE hit out of them. Something to ponder – perhaps?

  • ps, thanks for giving me, personally, the opportunity to say something direct to you both. Just my opinions here and thanks again. Means a lot. xxxx I breed pedigree chow chows as per my website and our pups are always named after Abba Tracks, our Girl Dancing Queen even took top honours at Crufts in 2008. Must be something in the name I think LOL. xxxxx

  • Response to Rob:

    There is a Dutch guy on YT called Matt Pop who has made incredible remixes of several ABBA-tracks. He started as an amateur but is now being commisioned to make more and more official remixes for several artists and record labels, among them Almighty Records. The difference between his remixes and those done by others, is his clear understanding and admiration of the original versions and a superb musical ear for rearranging the music to todays’ ‘sound’. Considering that those remixes are mostly based on the original released versions, imagine what they could sound like if he was allowed to use the separate tracks on the masters! Someone ought to play his remixes to B & B. Brgds. Tom in Bergen

  • Response to Tom: I agree entirely and yes I have heard his work many times over. I also agree that he stays as true to the originals as he can whilst giving them “that extra edge”. Hmmm, yes perhaps B&B could have a listen and see what they think. There would be no harm in arranging a one off to test the water so to speak. Nice one Tom, Thanks. xxxx

  • I just checked out Mat Pop’s channel on You Tube. Boy the man has talent alright and just imagine what he, or someone like him could do with the ORIGINALS….really bring those vocals and harmonies alive and right into the 21st century to suit music buyers of today. another generation of ABBA fans just waiting in the wings and us oldies from the 70’s dancing and bopping again. C’mon B&B, you allowed it for Mamma Mia and look at the phenomenon that created………The possibilities are endless.

  • Thanks Tom (Jensen). I just checked out Matt Pop too. WOW! The King Has Lost His Crown sounds FANTASTIC as does Dum Dum Diddle! The King….could easily be a single in today’s market. Can anyone tell me how I could download these tracks please? I haven’t had time to listen to any others yet. Would love to put them on my ipod…..

    Thanks again, Tom,


  • To Michael Salkeld

    You are not the only one. Until around 1978 I followed Abba but it wasn’t until 1979 that I became really fanatical. As a musician with perfect pitch I started to wonder how they constructed these songs. People used to say their songs grew on you and I didn’t really understand what they meant. I missed the 1979 tour but remember where I was the first time I heard Gimme Gimme Gimme. It was an event.
    Then there was a long silence until TWTIA all. A friend at school said, he’d heard it and it was ‘kind of slow and then gets faster’ I then heard it for the first time in France in the summer and that is when I understood the growing on you.
    The first time you got a feel, then the second you were getting to know where the song was going – hairs standing on end until you got it. And then you thought the song could not be any other way. Thereafter, I got the same experience: a sort of blur of ‘that sound’ some chords, a direction you wouldn’t expect and then it all gelled. Amazing. That happened for Super Trouper, one of Us, and the Day before you Came. I remember exactly where i was when i heard TDBYC. in October, in the garden, the sound eminating from our house – that unmistakable sound.

    And so it was when I bought the 4 cd collection and heard Put on Your White Sombrero. I waited for a moment to put it on. Rarely has any music had that effect on me before: perhaps the Police with Every Breath YOu take, Tina Turner with some of hers and Shirley Bassey’s last album. In fact that album,r the performance, was the closest to the experience of an Abba album for me. All great songs, that you can play and play.(Nb what do you think of SB doing TWTIA? Perfect song for her?) Why has SB not done Abba?

    Then your colour book. I just stopped in my car, unwrapped the CD and played. Magical.

  • To Russell Ham:

    There are several tools online for converting YT videos to MP3’s. Just google “Youtube to MP3 converter”. That is what you have to use, since none of Matt Pop’s ABBA-mixes are available for direct download (not quite legal, you know!). I am so fortunate that I own a CD recorder which I have connected to my PC so I have been able to record all mixes in high quality (480p-720p) and from those recordings I have assembled a magnificent “ABBA – The Remix Album”. I suppose I should ask B&B to sit down and have a listen over a cup of coffee! Good luck with your hunt for downloads! Brgds. Tom in Bergen, Norway.

  • Message to Russell Ham : if you are interested in the Matt Pop Remixes, I can let you know where you could find them. I’m on facebook :

  • Who would have thought I would ever be boppin to Dum Dum Diddle and My Mamma Said? Nice one Matt Pop…….MORE PLEASE!!!!!!

  • Hello Damo, SB covered TWTIA back in the 80’s I believe.

  • Message to Tom M. Jensen,

    Cheers Tom, I’m not brilliant on the computer, but I might see if I can find a CD recorder. The King Has Lost His Crown and My Mama Said, completely blew me away when I heard MP’s remixes.Many many thanks.


  • Message to Marc Van Opstal,

    I’m going to see if I can find you on Facebook. Cheers Marc.


  • I’m pretty sure JLT will appear some day on some next anniversary or next mega-ultra-deffinitely-etc.etc.-strictly limited edition. Dear fans, you really didn’t catch Abba releasing strategy? Who will buy the next reedition with the same songs? Maybe a few ones. So there must be something kept for the next sensational release. If all our desired Abba rarietes were released on one record, the whole bussiness soon could be ended. And what we would wait for year by year? They know very good that if there will be even half of unreleased track we will buy everything. We are ONLY fans and all we have to do is to be a faithfull doggy waiting patiently for piece after piece from our Masters.
    As you know another cake is prepared for us – 12″ V-V single! I’m quite surprised there are 4000 copies planned. Not too much?:)))) Comparing to latest 7″ it is a real Eldorado. So let’s not be sad and worry.. Let’s face 40th Abba anniversary can be good opportunity for another surprise.

  • have listened to these remixes and they are interesting. I do think My Mama said is brilliant. Anyway, i don’t want this to be about Matt Pop, but indeed a new idea, brought on by the “update” of My Mama said. Given all the recent special editions, and this years 40th anniversary, wouldn’t it be GREAT if B&B actually revisited the earlier albums, and then actually used the later albums sounds (the synths of Supertrouper etc) to make updates. This way we can hear the older stuff progressed to the way the later stuff sounded once they got all their “expertise” and fine tuning done in the much better later albums (Arrival onwards) . Heresy I hear you cry! Well, no. Its just doing a “George Lucas/Star Wars revisit” You can still enjoy the originals if you want. Then again though, I doubt if B&B want to visit 40 years ago. But then AGAIN…as I get middle aged I have recently started to revisit friends and events from the past, and can appreciate them in new light. Looking forward to hearing the new medley. One final point on the “JLT” issue! I, like everyone else would love to have the final version officially released. But I have recently been listening to all the various versions I have again. I have thought it before – but I wonder if the reason it is not being released is that Frida is not actually on it. I have puzzled about this for years. As hard as I try I cannot hear much of Frida, it just sounds like layers of Agnetha. And thus, maybe it would NOT be right to release it as an Abba track. Not that there are not solo tracks from each (e.g. Like an angel…!) but there is not to my knowledge that the chorus sounds like its two of them singing but in fact is only one. Maybe Frida is on it. After all, until I actually saw them live in 1979 in Glasgow, I had thought i was Frida who had always sang “I’m nothing special, in fact…” in TYFTM! Anyhoo, just my ramblings from my sick bed! Cant wait for The Visitors. Must go, I hear the doorbell ring….

  • That’s so funny you should say this Colin that you do not think Frida is on JLT as I said the same thing as well. To me it sounds like Agnetha only as well. If Frida is on it she is pushed way to the back, bit like One Of Us, which is very Agnetha also. When you listen to Head Over Heels you can hear Frida’s harmonies beautifully but on One Of Us and JLT…. well lets discuss…..

  • Ok, it’s really this simple. Get the ABBA girls back in the studio and finalize “Just Like That”. And bonus, the B side would be “Just a Notion”. Those two ABBA songs would blow the lid off the recording industry. It would be ABBA’s standing ovation! Remember ABBA never disbanded.

  • Dream time. Here’s to dreams coming true.

  • There are no 4000 copies of the vinyl Voulez Vous planned. 500 copies will be released, you can see that very clearly on Abba the site. It shows a copy of the 12″-marked 5/ of 500.

    I say let JLT rest for now. I respect their creative decision not to release material that they are not satisfied with. As an artist , why would you release a track, that you are just not happy with. I do understand the demand for it, because it really is a nice song, and I’m sure we will get more Abba treasures in the future, especially after the overwhelming and positive reactions the release of The demo on The Visitors has caused.

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